A small plane crashed into a residential area in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two people on board were killed and many others were injured.

China News Service, Sao Paulo, November 30 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) On the afternoon of November 30, local time, a small plane crashed in the northern part of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. The accident killed two people on board and injured many people on the ground. .

The São Paulo Fire Department informed that at 3:55 pm, a single-engined C-210 aircraft took off from Campo de Marte airport in São Paulo. That was, it crashed into a nearby residential area, and the fire burned down a three-story house on the ground and several cars on the street.

After the incident, 16 local fire engines and 56 firefighters were put into rescue work. Firefighters rescued five people from the crashed houses and they were not injured. Subsequently, two victims were found from the wreckage of the aircraft. The identity of the victims is still unknown.

North Korean media condemns Abe for the issue of labor judgment in World War II: “shameless words”

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] The Japanese Supreme Court has said that the Korean Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has previously stated that the South Korean Supreme Court has said that the South Korean Supreme Court has said that the South Korean Supreme Court has said that the South Korean Supreme Court has said that the South Korean Supreme Court Meet the requirements of international law & rdquo;. North Korea’s international radio station “Pyongyang Radio” confessed to Abe on the evening of November 6th, saying that its remarks “disregarding the compensation claims made by victims suffering from great pains, completely shameless words that challenged from the front” .

According to a report by NHK TV on November 7, Pyongyang Radio also said that the Japanese side “does not accept the verdict and tries to prevent other forced laborers or their survivors from bringing the Japanese government and enterprises to the scene.” court. We will persist in the struggle until the Japanese government apologizes and compensates for crimes such as the expropriation of labor and sexual slavery.

The report said that this was the first time that North Korea made an official comment after the Supreme Court of South Korea made a judgment on the original labor issue. In response to the Japanese government intending to hold a summit meeting with the DPRK, the DPRK leadership reiterated its position on requesting liquidation of historical issues, and in the context of the game between the parties on the DPRK nuclear issue, it showed a posture of simultaneous adjustment with the Korean Public Opinion Association. NHK TV analysis believes that the move by the DPRK is intended to disrupt the Japanese and Korean positions.

The 72-year-old man insisted on buying the same group lottery number for 8 years.

China News Service, November 29, according to Taiwan’s “Joint News Network” reported that a 72-year-old grandmother in Wayne County, Michigan, USA, continued to buy an 8-year lottery ticket, accidentally using the same set of numbers. In the two awards, the prize money totaled $500,000.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the 72-year-old lucky grandmother in Wayne County will buy a “KENO” lottery ticket every month, with her birthday, Based on the anniversary, starting from November 2011, the purchase of “04, 08, 11, 12, 29, 31, 45, 46, 69, 75”; this group of numbers in the 250,000 bonus, has not changed since then Over the numbers.

After eight consecutive years of buying, on October 31 this year, she again won a prize of 250,000 yuan, two times totaling up to 500,000 dollars.

Italy will ban bearer passbooks from 2019, and will be fined for overdue use.

China News Service, November 9th, according to the European Network, quoted by the European Union News Agency, a few days ago, the Italian Central Bank issued a notice based on the EU’s legislation on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing on May 25, 2017, from January 2019. Beginning on the 1st, Italian financial institutions will completely ban the use of anonymous deposit slips.

According to reports from the Bank of Italy, holders of unregistered bank deposits must change the unnamed deposit to a real-name bank savings account or transfer to another bank’s real-name account and before December 31, 2018. cash.

The notice emphasizes that holders of anonymous deposits will be fined between 250 and 500 euros if they fail to go through the formalities or continue to use them. A fine of 10% to 40% of the unregistered deposit amount is collected.

Desperate work is still poor? Japanese documentary “Poor Busy People” attracts netizens

(NHK Video Screenshot))

Overseas Network November 21st, 12 years ago, NHK TV station in Japan filmed a documentary called “Poor Busy Family”. Recently, it was turned over by Chinese netizens, causing a hot debate.

& ldquo;Poor busy family" refers to such a group of people: work every day, the salary has not increased correspondingly, not only unable to buy a house, but even worry about pensions. Japanese media said that the annual income of “poor and busy” is generally below 2 million yen (about RMB 120,000).

Working Corporate Employees (Visual China)

Recently, the NHK program group said that when the documentary was broadcast, it was called “Poor Busy Family” The number of people living in poverty has expanded dramatically, and families living below the basic standard of living account for almost one-tenth of Japanese households, with more than 4 million households. Moreover, in the big cities, the number of young people without stable careers has soared, and they are desperately doing the work of the knot, tired and poor.

The documentary deeply investigates the new generation of impoverished people in Japanese society and demonstrates the grim current situation of “poor and busy people”, which has caused great social repercussions. And to this day, the problem of “poor busy family” has still not been resolved.

Weibo users screenshots

“Poor busy family> The documentary has caused heated discussion on social media in China. Netizens have expressed that they are such a “small busy family”. Someone left a message and said, “Don’t worry about the Japanese, we are now poor and busy” & ldquo; “Busy is more tired than a dog, as poor as 乞丐”, “I am on the job, suddenly a heartache”.

Some netizens also pointed out that the poor busy people are like middle-class students in the class. The biggest feature of this group is that high is not low. Studying in accordance with the rules, can not mix good results, but also barely exceed the passing line. Medium-sized students are safe and have little sense of existence. This is where the poor and busy people like you and me are really embarrassed and sad: on the road from survival to life, they are always struggling and unable to change. (Overseas network Wang Shanning)

Bizarre anecdotes tragedy: Australian men were killed by their own cars

[Global Reporter Zhang Wei] was crushed by his own car? This is hard to imagine. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on such a bizarre tragedy on the outskirts of Newcastle on November 13.

According to reports, at the beginning of the year, 54-year-old Giovanni · Valañoro loaned his sports car to neighbor Ivan & Bull; Gail. On New Year’s Eve, when he walked home after the celebration, he heard the unique sound of his car engine on the road. He saw Gay driving his car and waved to him.

At the time, Gail was passing through the residential area at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. He was “eager to go home to drink” and tried to smoke for himself when he reached the street intersection.

NASA: American Dragon Spacecraft will travel to the International Space Station in January 2019

China News Service, November 22, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency, on the 21st local time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released a message that the space exploration technology company (SpaceX) manned dragon spacecraft traveled to the International Space Station for the first time. The unmanned test flight will take place on January 7, 2019.

Data Map: Local Time November 15th, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, Space Exploration has completed the 18th rocket launch mission this year, using the “ used & rdquo; Falcon 9 rocket to send satellites Track and achieve sea recycling of the first stage rocket.

NASA pointed out: “SpaceX’s Falcon 9 carrier rocket is equipped with a dragon spacecraft scheduled to be launched on January 7, 2019 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, Florida, USA. air. ”

NASA’s press release shows that the test flight will be conducted in an unmanned mode.

“Vibration mode” is on. Thousands of aftershocks have occurred after the Alaska earthquake.

Chinanews.com, December 3 According to foreign media reports on the 3rd, the US Geological Survey (USGS) released a message that since December 30, Alaska has had thousands of aftershocks.

A series of earthquakes occurred in Alaska on November 30. According to various agencies, the magnitude of the earthquake is between 6.6 and 7.2. No news of casualties and damage to buildings has yet been received.

Earlier reports said that there were 230 aftershocks in the Alaska earthquake zone. According to reports, most of the aftershocks have a magnitude of 2.5, but more than 350 aftershocks have reached 2.5.

Cambodia’s three-day “Water Festival” carnival killed 16 people in a car accident

Zhongxin.com Phnom Penh, Nov. 24 (Reporter Huang Yaohui) The Cambodian police released data on the 24th that the national three days “Water Festival”, 16 people were killed and 60 injured due to traffic accidents, of which 38 Seriously injured, 22 people were slightly injured.

According to police data, the most common accident in a car accident was in Phnom Penh. The causes of the accident included drunk driving, illegal road occupation, overtaking and other illegal factors.

The police said that compared with last year, the number of deaths has decreased, but the number of injured has increased.

On the same day, the data released by the Cambodian National and International Celebration Committee showed that during the traditional three-day “Water Festival”, a total of 4.5 million domestic and foreign tourists were gathered to gather in Phnom Penh to participate in and watch the dragon boat and light boat. , eating flat rice, worshiping the moon and other folk traditional activities.

A man in Colorado, pleaded guilty, confessed to killing a pregnant wife and two daughters

[Global Network] According to a report by Reuters on November 7, a 33-year-old man from Colorado in the United States pleaded guilty at 6th in court, acknowledging that he had killed his pregnant wife and two daughters.

The man’s name is Christopher & Bull; Watts. He pleaded guilty when he appeared in court that day. The police said that after Watts killed his wife and two daughters in August, he threw the body in the oil field he was working at. The police later arrested him after receiving the alarm. His two daughters were four and three years old, and his wife was pregnant for 15 weeks when he was killed.

According to Fox News, the man will be able to escape the death penalty by pleading guilty. He faced a total of nine counts of crimes, in addition to murder, illegal termination of his wife’s pregnancy, etc., and may face life imprisonment.