Myanmar’s H1N1 flu has killed 31 people

Xinhua News Agency, Yangon, July 10 (Reporter Che Hongliang Zhuang Beining) According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar, since June this year, 180 people in Myanmar have confirmed the infection of influenza A H1N1 virus. Among them, 31 people died.

The Ministry of Health and Sports reported that the H1N1 flu epidemic affected several provinces in Myanmar. From June 1 to July 9, 180 cases of infection have been reported, including Yangon. The province has the largest number of cases, reaching 108 people and killing 25 people.

Since 2009, the H1N1 flu epidemic has occurred in Myanmar many times. In 2017, more than 400 people in Myanmar were infected with this type of flu virus, killing dozens of people.

Chinese tourists’ Spring Festival drove sales of Korean merchants, sales increased by 3 digits

China News Service February 11th According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on the 11th, in China’s largest festival & mdash; & mdash; during the Spring Festival, South Korea’s major department stores benefited from the influx of Chinese tourists, sales have achieved three figures increase.

Lotte Department Store said on the 11th that from January 31 to February 9 during the Spring Festival, from the perspective of UnionPay card transactions, sales to Chinese people increased by 125% year-on-year, achieving three consecutive years. Number growth. Lotte Department Store said that sales to Chinese tourists during the Spring Festival accounted for 80% of foreign sales and 25% of total store sales.

From January 31st to February 6th, the sales of Hyundai Department Store from UnionPay cards increased by 165% year-on-year, especially for customers aged 20-30. According to the modern department store, due to the influence of the Korean boom, the sales of costumes worn by actresses in TV dramas and movies are gratifying. Since the implementation of the new “Tourism Law” in China, the number of individual passengers has increased, and the young Chinese who visited the Jiangnan area have shown an increasing trend.

New World Department Store’s sales to Chinese from February 1st to 6th increased by 173.8% year-on-year. The number of visitors has also increased. The number of Chinese people in the head office of the New World Department Store in Myeongdong is 2.5-3 times higher than usual, and there are more than 2,300 weekend visitors with the Spring Festival holiday. Brand-name sales for Chinese have doubled compared to last year, and sales of gemstones and watches have also increased 2.5 times over last year. Per capita sales range from 30 million won (about 169,558 yuan) to 100 million won.

On the other hand, the major duty-free shops also ushered in the sales season due to the “increasing demand in China”. During the Spring Festival (January 31 to February 6), the sales of Lotte Duty Free Shop to Chinese tourists increased by about 70% compared to last year. Sales of the Silla Duty Free Shop for Chinese tourists increased by 80% year-on-year.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Travel to the Amazon region during the summer, pay attention to these matters!

During the summer vacation, the Chinese Embassy in Brazil wished Chinese citizens traveling to the Amazon region of Brazil to travel smoothly and travel safely, and would like to remind you of the following:

1. Before you go abroad, you are advised to log in to China. Consular Service Network and the website of the Chinese Embassy in Brazil ( for relevant information, including relevant regulations for entry and exit of Brazilian customs. Pay attention to the entry and exit restrictions on food, medicine, animal and plant products, foreign exchange, etc. Special attention must be paid to the completion of visas and checking relevant information to avoid obstruction of entry and exit.

Second, during the period of Pakistan, it is necessary to raise awareness of safety precautions, take safety precautions, and pay attention to anti-theft, anti-fraud, and anti-grab. Pay special attention to:

Nepali Party Chairman Koirala was elected Prime Minister

Xinhuanet Kathmandu, February 10th The Nepalese Second Constitutional Convention (Parliament) announced the results of the 10th Prime Minister’s election. The only candidate, Nepali Party Chairman Susir · Koirala was successfully elected.

A total of 553 members participated in the elections held at the Kathmandu Parliament Building. Koirala won 405 votes in favor and won by more than two-thirds of the majority.

The current Constitutional Convention was directly elected in the national elections held on November 19, 2013. The largest party, the Nepali Congress Party and the second largest party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Joint Marxist-Leninist), took a total of 367 seats.

On the 9th of this month, the two parties reached an agreement: the Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist-Leninist) supported Koirala’s election as prime minister to lead the new coalition government; in return, the Nepali Congress Party supported the Communist Party of Nepal (Joint Marxism) The candidate is running for the position of chairman of the Constitutional Convention.

Koirala was born in Nepal in 1939 to the famous Koirala family. It is the fourth prime minister of the family since 1950 and the sixth in the Democratic Republic of Nepal, born in 2008. Prime Minister.

According to the procedure, Koirala will be sworn in on the evening of the 10th. After that, he will form a small cabinet that includes several key ministers. If the decentralization negotiations are successful, all 26 ministers will be born in a week.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Indian media: Singapore fighter jet overflew Indonesian airspace without permission

China News Service February 10, according to the Central News Agency, citing local media reports in Indonesia, the airport traffic control department of Riau Province, Indonesia announced that a number of Singapore fighters had been detected flying over the airspace without Indian permission. In order to carry out monitoring tasks, the Indonesian aviation management department is concerned that this will pose a threat to the safety of civilian flights.

Indah Irwansyah, head of security at Hang Nadim International Airport in Riau province, said that several Singapore fighters were scouted and flew over Indonesian airspace without Indian approval.

She said that a Singaporean F-16 fighter jet (or F-4 fighter jet) flew over Indonesian airspace on the 7th. The aircraft took off from Singapore and flew over the Shakupan district of Riau province ( Sekupang), heading to Nipah Island near the border between Indonesia and Singapore, but because the aircraft is flying very fast, and the Hanedin Airport does not have advanced radar equipment, it is difficult to detect it in real time.

For this incident, Indah believes that the Singapore military should inform the Indonesian Ministry of Communications about the activities of the fighters, so that the Ministry of Communications can notify the local airport in Riau, and the local airport can also notify the area. The passenger flight noticed that there were fighters flying over, but the Hanedin Airport did not receive any information and could not inform the relevant parties in real time.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

China: Successfully completed the third batch of Syrian chemical weapons escort

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying introduced the latest situation of Syrian chemical weapons destruction at a regular press conference on February 11.

According to Hua Chunying, on February 10th, the third batch of Syrian chemical weapons had successfully completed the loading and transportation to the Syrian border. According to the escort plan agreed by the countries, the Yancheng Shipyard of China completed the escort mission together with the warships of Russia and other countries. At present, Yancheng Ship will continue to stand by and wait for the next escort mission.

Hua Chunying said that China welcomes all parties to continue their efforts to effectively advance the destruction process of the Syrian chemical weapons, and is willing to continue to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties to ensure the safety and smoothness of the Syrian-Wuhai maritime transport.

(Original title: China: has successfully completed the third batch of Syrian chemical weapons escort)

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

German media said that Canada’s frozen immigration project has been applied too much by Chinese rich

Original title: German media said that Canada’s frozen immigration project was too many applications for Chinese riches

In order to send assets and family safety abroad, China’s super-rich have opened more than one back door. The latest news on the disclosure of huge capital migration routes shows this. This time, the information disclosed was from Hong Kong.

In the past few years, the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong has received too many investment immigration applications from the richest people in mainland China, so that the Canadian government has to freeze this project to attract investment immigrants. The relevant departments responsible for hosting the immigration application should be overwhelmed by the large number of application documents.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said that the details of the Canadian Immigration Appeal’s immigration application data came from Canadian immigration lawyer Richard. Kuran. The investment immigration application received by the Consulate General in Hong Kong in 2011 accounted for 8606 of the total number of such applications received by Canada in the world that year.

In addition, 99% of applications submitted in Hong Kong are from the mainland. The Canadian authorities have been completely overwhelmed. In 2012 it approved 3,643 investor visas, and it was originally intended to approve more.

By the end of 2012, Chinese people’s investment commitments based on visa applications have reached 7.5 billion Canadian dollars (1 Canadian dollar is about 5.52 yuan). The Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong has a total of 53,580 investment immigration applications. Under Canadian policy, applicants must have a net worth of at least $1.6 million and a $80,000 interest-free loan for a five-year period. Kuran criticized that the Canadian visa was “sold out”.

China’s super rich are also waiting in line for investment visas in the US, New Zealand or Australia. Since 2007, the United States has become the preferred immigrant country for Chinese.

Polls show that 58% of immigrant applicants in China want to get their children to receive better education abroad, while 32% are preparing for retirement.

In China, this is already an open secret: no country in the world like China, individuals can quickly make a fortune.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

UN rescue team attacked in Homs, Syria

People’s Daily, February 9 According to Lianhe Zaobao, vehicles of United Nations officials and Red Cross staff were attacked by guns and mortars during humanitarian relief in Homs, Syria.

The BBC reported that Syrian Red Cross officials said that the agency’s seven staff members and about the same number of UN officials are currently trapped in the crossfire between the rebel-controlled areas, and their A driver was injured.

They discarded two vehicles that were damaged, but they were shot again when they were evacuated.

As part of the three-day ceasefire agreement that began last Friday, the team traveled to Homs Old Town to deliver humanitarian aid.

A BBC correspondent said that there were reports that the attack came from the direction of government forces, which threatened the ceasefire agreement.

The United Nations is implementing a humanitarian relief plan to coordinate the delivery of food, water and medicine to 3,000 civilians in the area occupied by the Holmes rebel army.

Earlier on Saturday (February 8), the United Nations rescue operation was postponed because of mortar attacks. The Syrian government and the opposition accused each other of disrupting the ceasefire.

On Friday, on the first day of the ceasefire, Holmes withdrew more than 80 children, women and the elderly.

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

Obama talks about his relationship with Putin: often joking, exchanging opinions from time to time

ChinaNet February 9 According to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda website reported on February 7, US President Barack Obama talked about his relationship with Putin. American leaders do not think their relationship is “cold” and points out that Russia is very “respectful to him”. “According to Obama, they often make jokes and exchange opinions from time to time.”

Obama said: “Putin has always respected me very much. I think he understands how it is important for Belarus to work together with the United States in areas of mutual interest. In fact, when we meet at the meeting, we can reach full awareness. We often make jokes and exchange ideas and information. ”

Obama also pointed out that Russian and American military and intelligence personnel are also constantly in contact with the Sochi Winter Olympics. In an interview with the National Television Corporation of the United States, he said that for Russia, many of the terrorist acts or acts of violence that have occurred in the prevention of stadiums have been invested. In order to prevent accidents, they have invested huge resources.

Earlier, Obama said he could not visit the 2014 Winter Olympics due to a lot of ongoing work.

At the same time, the European Commission and the Chairman of the Eurasian Chamber of Commerce and Republican Congressman Rolla Bakdena said that the absence of the US leader’s absence from the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics was a mistake.

Obama said: “This decision makes me regret that it is not correct and has political motives. & rdquo;

Rollabac also pointed out that all calls for a boycott of the Olympics are like politicizing the Olympics. (Internship Compilation: Zhao Fen)

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

U.S.-European Diplomatic Dark War Upgrades US Assistant Secretary of State Rough Words Lead to Confusion

US-European Diplomacy Dark War escalates US Assistant Secretary of State vulgar language confusing

Data Map: US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria · Newland

China News Service February 9th According to The New York Times The Chinese website reported that the serious newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” published an editorial on Friday: Berlin & mdash; — “It’s really stupid”, describing the recent sudden war of words between the United States and Europe, this The focus of one time is on who should play a leadership role and how to play it in trying to calm the Ukrainian crisis.

The report pointed out that the title shows the tension that occurred this week due to the announcement of a recording. In the recording, a senior US diplomat denounced some efforts made by the EU in Ukraine. On Friday, the second recording appeared, and European diplomats complained about the Americans in the recording.

Since the end of November last year, Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych refused to sign an agreement with the European Union, many exchanges between the West and Ukraine have appeared. The characteristics of the order, and this title also reflects this state. Yanukovych then turned to Russia and accepted the $15 billion (about 91 billion yuan) aid plan provided by the latter. However, due to ongoing anti-government protests in Kiev, the Russian capital, Russia has temporarily suspended the plan.

According to the report, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States and Europe had different purposes for Ukraine. This country with a population of 45 million, a vast territory and a problem-ridden country literally means “on the verge ”.

The US foreign policy is strategically considered as the highest goal. For example, the United States helped Ukraine destroy the nuclear weapons of the former Soviet Union. At the same time, Europe saw opportunities to trade.

With the EU’s eastward expansion, including Poland and Romania, there is a growing belief that neighboring Ukraine needs to establish formal relations with the EU to regulate domestic commercial and judicial systems and promote cross-border The development of trade. In 2012, Poland and Ukraine even jointly hosted the top sports events in Europe & mdash; — European Football Championship.

Russia and Ukraine have a history of centuries. Under the rule of Vladimir V. Putin, Russia is even more painfully aware that the Soviet Empire has No longer exists, Russia is watching the situation in Ukraine with deepening doubts. Now, it seems determined to use the Western chaos in dealing with the Ukrainian issue.

The announcement of the recording made the situation further confusing. In the first video uploaded anonymously on YouTube, US Assistant Secretary of State for Victoria Affairs Victoria · Victoria Nuland blamed Europe for its weak efforts in Ukraine in a disrespectful manner, not enough to deal with Russia’s challenge.

On Friday, the second recording was uploaded to the Internet, in which German senior diplomat Helga · Helga Schmid complained to the EU special envoy in Kiev in his native language, saying that the United States is facing European diplomacy. The accusation of policy is "unfair".

The envoy, Poles · Jan Tombinski retorted, “We are not participating in the strongest game.” & rdquo; In the handling of the crisis, “we are a good means”.

Schmidt replied, yes, but the reporters are telling European officials that the Americans are preaching everywhere, saying that Europeans are very weak. So she suggested that Tumbinski talk to the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey · Geoffrey Pyatt, who was talking to Newland on the recording.

Although the Obama administration accused the Russians of recording first and then uploading Newland’s talks to confess, the EU or Germany did not blame Russia for the second recording.

German Chancellor Angela · Angela Merkel issued a very harshly worded statement saying that Newland’s words were “unacceptable” and that her statement showed Germany and The relationship in the United States has become so rash. Earlier, Merkel’s cell phone was the object of US surveillance.

The EU has been deeply involved in the crisis management in Ukraine, which is consistent with its status as Europe’s largest economy and its history of how many centuries it has with its eastern neighbors. In a speech to the German parliament on November 18 last year, Merkel, who grew up in the communist East Germany, stressed that for all countries, the Cold War should have ended, including those who have A country that is allied by Russia but is now independent. She provided a strong reason for Ukraine to sign the European agreement.

US Vice President Joseph &middotR· former national security assistant to Joseph R. Biden Jr., now Julian &middot, who is now at the Center for a New American Security, said that the EU and the United States There is a fundamental tension between the Americans because Americans can express their unified views, but they have no patience to wait for the EU to make decisions.

She said, “European Union countries have different sovereignty issues, different threat concepts, and different priorities. As a result, no matter what the issue of the day will be, the US will not be able to get answers and responses quickly. It is always impossible to reach a certain agreement between the United States and the European Union. The United States has been deeply frustrated for this. ”

This week, your confrontation with me has explained how much interest the Ukrainian issue involves, and on this issue, Western diplomats seem to be unable to put an end to differences.

In the editorial entitled “It’s really stupid”, the newspaper’s international news editor, Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger, pointed out How did it last month for Washington’s “bad feelings” how to provoke recent problems. “Of course, you can blame Europe for some policies against Ukraine. However, this is not to say that it seems that the US foreign policy has found it. In fact, apart from a few small sanctions against the current regime in Kiev, they couldn’t think of anything else. ”

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang