Carpet decoration to make the home more elegant

Cold winter is coming. If you want to bring more warmth to your home, it is not a carpet. It looks beautiful and can improve the decoration of the whole room and make the home more elegant. So how do you buy a carpet? The following small series introduces you from the aspects of size, material and so on, I hope to help everyone.

First, how to choose the carpet – material

1, blended carpet

There are many carpet materials on the market, among which the blend is the most A common type is a carpet made of wool blended fibers. It has the elegance of a wool blanket and the durability of a fiber carpet. The overall cost performance is very popular among modern consumers.

2, wool carpet

The price of wool carpet is the most expensive of many carpets, and the biggest advantage is that wool has the function of moisture absorption when the indoor air is dry. The wool carpet will automatically release moisture, and when the air humidity is high, it can also absorb moisture. This is very special.

3, acrylic carpet

The legendary artificial wool, his material is soft, and will not dye, good anti-slip effect, can also fight bacteria, etc. Very suitable for laying in the living room.

Second, how to choose the carpet – size

1, bathroom, kitchen

After determining the material of the carpet, it is necessary to follow the area For purchase, for example, the bathroom, kitchen, and porch carpets should be made of durable, moisture-resistant and wear-resistant materials. The commonly used sizes are generally 60cm*120cm or 90cm*150cm.

2, sofa area

The sofa area and the coffee table area are also the focus of the decoration in the living room. The general coffee table carpet size is about 120cm*180cm, depending on the family coffee table. The size is adjusted. In addition, the common size of the sofa area is 1.5m*2.4m, and there are also several sizes of 1.8m*2.7m, 1.5m*2.4m and 2.1m*3m.

3, living room area

If the part is laid, you can refer to the above size from the above coffee table, sofa and other areas, but if you want to lay a larger area, you can Refer to 2.4m*3m, or 2.7m*3.6m. If it is a large living room or a double hall, please refer to 3m*4.2m. Of course, the specific size is still subject to actual adjustment according to the layout of each family or the placement of furniture.
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