Cambodia’s three-day “Water Festival” carnival killed 16 people in a car accident Phnom Penh, Nov. 24 (Reporter Huang Yaohui) The Cambodian police released data on the 24th that the national three days “Water Festival”, 16 people were killed and 60 injured due to traffic accidents, of which 38 Seriously injured, 22 people were slightly injured.

According to police data, the most common accident in a car accident was in Phnom Penh. The causes of the accident included drunk driving, illegal road occupation, overtaking and other illegal factors.

The police said that compared with last year, the number of deaths has decreased, but the number of injured has increased.

On the same day, the data released by the Cambodian National and International Celebration Committee showed that during the traditional three-day “Water Festival”, a total of 4.5 million domestic and foreign tourists were gathered to gather in Phnom Penh to participate in and watch the dragon boat and light boat. , eating flat rice, worshiping the moon and other folk traditional activities.

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