Cabinet color selection needs to be cautious

Cabinet color should be cautious:

First we must know that the kitchen five elements are fire, according to the principle of the five elements, the cabinet should Choose five lines of fire or wood color.

Water: Blue, Black, Gray Fire: Pink, Orange, Red Gold: White, Gold, Silver: Green, Green Earth: Yellow, Brown, Coffee

Cabinet The choice of color is particular: cabinets can choose green, because the green five elements are wood, and the kitchen five lines are fire, in line with the wood fire.

The five rows of red cabinets are fire, and the kitchen five lines are also fire, in line with the help of fire.

The five-wood wood of the log color, and the kitchen five elements are fire, in line with the feng shui way of wood fire.

The yellow five elements belong to the earth, and the kitchen five elements are fire. Because of the principle of fire and earth, the soil is fired and the fire is drained by the earth. Then the yellow cabinets are draining the fire kitchen. So it is unwise to choose a yellow cabinet or a yellow tile to decorate the kitchen.

Black, blue, and gray are all water, and the kitchen is a fire. It is well known that water is fire. Then choose a blue, black cabinet is a murder.

White, metallic, silver-gray five elements are gold, kitchen five elements are fire, fire grams of gold, grams of cabinets, not a wealth of symbols of the kitchen, so it is a moderate theory, not a sinister theory, It is not a good one.

Black and blue are the color of water and gas, which seriously destroys the fire of the stove, which may lead to the lack of prosperity. Generally, light and bright colors such as white and green should be used. The kitchen floor should be deep and heavy.
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