Brick wall waterproof structure can not avoid falling off

Although the brick wall structure is considered to be quite resistant to corrosion, extreme weather may have a negative impact over time. However, the brick wall waterproof structure helps the material retain moisture for as long as possible. Building brick veneers and solid masonry can benefit from waterproofing.

It is convenient to consider that all buildings contain some moisture that needs to be lost in the material. Brick waterproofing also helps to resist the accumulation of dust, so keep a building looking for new, clean as possible, and increase the use of brick sealant. A major problem is that brick seals can help avoid weathering, which is a white pollution often observed on brick structures.
Peeling is another potential problem with brick construction. When it happens, the brick begins to peel off at it, due to water freezing. This will result in swelling and eventual flaking. Silicone, epoxy, polyester or acrylic materials from sealants generally do not prevent spalling.

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