Brick cabinet, what do you think?

The cabinet is standard in the kitchen, it is convenient and practical, and it can make the kitchen more clean and tidy. According to the material and manufacturing process of the cabinet, we can divide the cabinet into the whole cabinet and brick cabinet. Some owners choose brick cabinets to save money. However, many owners have expressed regret that they are brick cabinets. The reason is from Where is it? Let’s take a closer look at the small series below.

What are the advantages of brick cabinets

1, environmental protection

Materials used in brick cabinets, yellow sand, etc. are environmentally friendly raw materials Don’t worry that it will release harmful substances, so it is safe to use.

2, firm

The interior structure of the brick cabinet is firm and the support is strong. The frequent cooking in daily life is not easy to damage. It is made of cement bricks and so on. Rugged and long lasting. Daily cleaning is also convenient.

3, Affordable

Brick cabinets are affordable, if you calculate by cabinet, the average price of labor and materials is 300-350 yuan / meter, The aluminum alloy can be assembled by itself, and the total cost of pouring the countertop is about 500-600 yuan/meter.

Repented to be a brick cabinet – reason

Cause 1. High skill requirements for the master

Design of brick cabinets And the construction is done by the mud master, which is a test of the master’s ability, and the details that need attention are also more. It is very difficult to find a good master now. If the master’s skills are not good, it will be difficult to make it. It will be difficult to dismantle it later.

Cause 2, not necessarily environmentally friendly

Some people think that brick cabinets are the most environmentally friendly. In fact, this view is very one-sided. Although the brick cabinets use marble or ceramic tiles, but the wood alloy aluminum alloy glue and other materials are used in the production process, it is not absolutely safe to say that the brick cabinets are environmentally friendly.

Cause 3, single color

When you go to the mall for a circle, you will find that there are many styles of the whole cabinet, and the color is also very rich. Brick cabinets are inferior. People usually use a shade of marble or ceramic tiles to make brick cabinets, so that not only the color is very monotonous, but also the touch is very cold, it is difficult to bring a warm feeling.

Cause 4, the price is not cheap

Many people prefer brick cabinets, mainly because of their lower prices. In fact, the price of building a brick cabinet is not cheap. On the one hand, Master’s price is very high. On the other hand, the quality of marble and ceramic tile is very expensive. You only need to find a brick if you count it. The price of the cabinet is almost the same as the overall cabinet.

Cause 5, difficult to change, after-sales insecure

Everyone knows that the whole cabinet is generally provided by the merchants for after-sales protection, while the brick cabinets are generally provided by the guerrillas. To build, “play a shot and change places”, simply can not talk about after-sales. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the cabinet design, it is difficult to change it, and you must knock the existing brick cabinet.
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