Behind the custom-made “fast and slow” theory, the back-end system first acts in substance

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Home in the Red Sea The melee enterprises have their own development logic, and they enter the battlefield with the confidence of one hit, but they return to the defeat of too many people. In fact, no matter whether it is a new or cross-border brand, you can’t blindly decide on a one-minded mentality. Customizing home production, technology, software and marketing, etc. “The comprehensive establishment of system engineering is the cornerstone of healthy development in the industry.

The custom industry is very classic. The theory of speed and slowness is not necessarily understood by marketers who have not settled in this industry. It is called “slow” and “slow”. What is this reason, can’t understand, how to understand?

“ Quick is slow, slow is fast

When a domestic cross-border brand is just listed Adopting a unique marketing strategy, the brand has been segmented and positioned, and the concept of “big home” has been proposed, and the terminal has expanded rapidly at an average rate of 100 per year. After two years, there are nearly 300 specialty stores nationwide, but The good times are not long, the rapid expansion of brand marketing potential does not have the benign support of the factory backstage, a series of problems such as delay in supply, declining quality, product error, etc., and the dealers complained, and they lost their confidence and replaced the brand. Or find another business.

And another new B brand, after entering the market, was unusually low-key, spent half a year on market research, industry characteristics, and market segmentation, and then spent a whole year preparing for the market. Factory and team. After the steady growth of sales and the expected sales per month, it was only a big step to enter the domestic market and replicate the exhibition hall and sales model. Obtaining an extremely high sales performance, almost a store to succeed in a store, quickly set off a boom in the country, the brand has grown geometrically. The brand has spent nearly three years from the establishment of the brand to the market. In the past three years, the company has been practicing basic management, order and service back-office, external marketing mode, and the entire store output model has achieved rapid expansion.

Cross-border custom brand performance is particularly evident

This rapid expansion of mentality is very evident in cross-border custom brands. In summary, cross-border customization is on the horizon. The project has a mentality of quick success and instant benefit. It is not uncommon to ask for 100 stores a year and 5 billion for three years.

It is even more regrettable that, to this day, there are still many cross-border squadrons who are repeating the same mistakes. Once they have launched the project, they have not been straightened out. They are desperately participating in the exhibition, and there are high-altitude advertisements everywhere. Digging people around, but few cross-border brands calmly look at the important significance of the industry back-end, technology system, product system and these cornerstones for brand expansion.

The so-called speed and slow theory is essentially enough attention to the background. At the beginning of the project, it is devoted to research products, software docking systems, production systems, order processes, terminal model innovations, etc., entering the second half of the competition era. If it is still “slap the head”, take it for granted, it will definitely die very badly!

Cross-border marching into the custom home brand is strong, often facing today’s customized market based on past successful experience. It is believed that large-scale investment in the regional market, rapid construction of large stores, construction of multiple stores, and tree models can quickly break through the regional market.

“ This idea is correct, we used to use this routine often, and tried it out! The general manager of a cross-border brand seems to win the custom home market. Building a large store, and quickly opening more stores, expanding influence, and establishing the influence of the regional market, with one belt and three, this model is very powerful, which is typical of Mao Zedong’s “model power and “the fire of the stars” Can be based on the theory, this is no problem in the marketing model, but the failure of all cross-border brands to enter the custom industry is not to master the custom furniture industry “production determines sales, the background determines the characteristics of the front desk, in other words, custom furniture The speed of brand expansion is determined by profound industry characteristics.

Cross-border brands believe that the advantages of industry and brand before replication can be successful. This is a typical marketing “myopia”. The great success in his industry has made decision-makers confident in their own self and believe that they are successful. It is “all in one place, it can be copied successfully.”

The custom industry is not appreciated. Midea Group enters the cabinet industry “three in and three out, now it has become “rubbery; Haier Group launched the cabinet project more than 10 years ago, and did not expect to fall into the situation of merger and acquisition by Japanese enterprises today; Nature Floor, Shuaikang Electric, etc. The cross-border brand scenery is no longer…

The essence of custom home speed is the background system first

Behind the rapid expansion must be supported by a strong system. Customized home production, technology, software and marketing are very complicated. “System engineering, all of which are professional and can’t be done overnight. Without 2-3 years of industry precipitation and basic system support, it is impossible to expand steadily. This systematic performance of the custom furniture industry is:

1. A strong production system that provides good products and services; the custom home industry has the saying that production determines sales and the background determines the front desk. A good internal production supply system will directly lead to slow loading of the terminal, slow ordering, resulting in a long production cycle, custom products do wrong goods, no shipments, delays, and common occurrences, all of which will directly lead to terminal dissatisfaction, customers are extremely Complaint.

2, product performance is expressed in the form of exhibition halls in the terminal, is the direct * sense of the consumer *. Display system is productThe shape of the card, the product performance is the soul. The exhibition hall is the consumer’s initial understanding of the brand, and is a complete display of brand positioning and style.

3. The terminal training system is the source of brand development. As a specialized and sophisticated home furnishing industry, the manufacturers realized the importance of the training system early. Through the closed basic training for nearly one month, the dealers were fully recognized and the manufacturers needed Through training, it conveys a series of guiding systems such as brand positioning, corporate culture, core appeals, terminal language caliber, service standards, etc., and these can never be achieved overnight. It takes half a year or even one to two years to run-in-combat-summary-improvement To be done. It is the crystallization of collective wisdom and the key to the long-lasting brand tree, which is not valued or even ignored in the industrial finished product industry.

4, the manufacturer’s internal and external service system for dealers is the core essence of franchise. Customized home is essentially a service-oriented industry, and the franchise industry requires manufacturers to standardize, standardize and process. Very high, this service-oriented platform industry, for the system of the factory headquarters, mode output is particularly prominent and important.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to customize the home industry “three-point product, seven-point service”. Under the large-scale production system of the finished products, the OEM can complete the initial products, but in the custom industry, there is no perfect production and order service, no order support, matching quotation, customer service, after-sales, technical and production support. The faster the initial store is built, the higher the requirements for the company’s back-office operations support. On the surface, it seems to be developing very fast, but behind the bustling, there may be hidden reefs.

In traditional industries such as sheet metal, the strength of the brand lies in the control of channel resources, while the custom home industry is the standardization of headquarters output. “The theory of speed and slowness belongs to the characteristics of the custom industry. This is also an important reason why many cross-border brands have become unacceptable after entering the custom industry. Only by grasping this feature can we truly achieve the goal of “fast, rather than the early “slow, the party is late”. (*This article has been marked with the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us.)

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