Before you install, you have to know what kind of cabinet you want.

When you are ready to install the cabinet, do you know enough about the entire kitchen layout and the size of the cabinet? If you don’t know it, it will easily cause the cabinet to fail. Now let me introduce you to the ten tips you need to know before installing the cabinet.

   Tip 1: Know which one of your overall cabinet layouts, and understand the layout of your entire cabinet to help you plan properly and store more items.

   Tip 2: Know the five areas in the overall cabinet: storage area, storage area, cleaning area, preparation area, cooking area, and then make reasonable planning separately, using the principle of triangular work area, Save more energy.

   Tip 3: Prevent the door of the cabinet from being humming when it is switched, so it is necessary to add a damping or anti-collision strip to the door before designing. There will be noise.

   Tip 4: Carefully consider the height of the countertop. If the table is too high or too low, it will increase the burden on the back. Calculating a reasonable height will improve the overall cabinet comfort.

   Tip 5: Unlike the cabinet door, the cabinet door of the cabinet is easy to be touched, so choose the height suitable for your family in the opening method of the cabinet doors. The door of the cabinet increases the pleasure of the whole cabinet.

   Tip 6: When you take the items in the floor cabinet, you don’t need to bend down. If you design a full pull drawer, it will greatly reduce the number of squats and reduce labor.

   Tip 7: The corners of the whole cabinet should be handled ingeniously. The overall cabinet area is small, and each space should be carefully designed to increase the use area.

   Tip 8: The scattered items in the whole cabinet are like the scoop, the condiment bottle, the cleaning cloth, etc., which should be placed in the right place. It can be very good through various hardware pendants. Achieve space-saving storage.

   Tip 9: If you want to make the whole cabinet more human, only the countertops and plates are not enough. The food waste disposer and other products that are comfortable and convenient to configure are also very considerate. important.

   Tip 10: The basket in the whole cabinet is not only a kind of ultra-narrow basket, but also can be designed under the stove, under the hood, or even next to the refrigerator. The overall cabinet design is more appropriate.
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