Beautiful origami house

This is a village, located in the mountains, belonging to Mie Prefecture, Japan. The village has a long history. The foundation of the village is made up of the fathers of grandfathers or grandfathers, and generations of people live here. The young couple who came back from the city in recent years have built this beautiful house like origami on the foundation of their ancestral home. They have both modern life elements and memories of their ancestors.

In the design, the designers decided to retain the foundation of the ancestral home and reconstruct the roof on the basis of the foundation. The roof is built into the shape of an origami, and it seems that the house and the earth blend into one. The triangular shape of the roof tilting from the tip to both sides is very strange. From the front, it looks like a palm shape; from the back, it looks like a mountain.
The house is like a big tent, sheltering the entire family. In addition, the origami-type roof has a variety of functions that block direct sunlight, ensure ventilation, and create a semi-outdoor grey space.

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