Bathroom cleaning tips

  Bathroom is an important function space for home life. It will inevitably produce stains after long-term use, but bathroom cleaning is indeed a headache for many people. Below, Xiaobian will share with you a few tips on how to clean the bathroom. Come and see!

  1, washing spirit Mirror anti-fog
  Clean up objects: mirror

  Coup Key: Washing Spirit

  Smooth mirrors and windows will be watermarked and blurred due to long-term intimate contact with water. Apply a proper amount of cleansing cloth to the mirror with a dry rag and spread evenly. The active ingredient contained in the detergent can effectively prevent the water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface and can play a good anti-fog effect.

  2, use vinegar to clean the toilet
  Clean up: toilet

  Coup Key: Vinegar

  The toilet is in use After the time, some dirt and dirt will inevitably appear. Pour the mixture of vinegar and water into the toilet. After soaking for half a day, the scale will be brushed off. If it is difficult to clean with a brush, you can attach the used nylon stockings to the end of the stick and brush it with a foaming detergent. Keep it clean for 1 month.

  3, lemon slice bathtub “whitening”
  Clean up: bathtub

  Coup Key: Lemon Slices

  The bathtub has been used for a long time The inner wall is prone to yellow spots. Simply slice the lemon and cover the yellow trace to make the yellow trace disappear.

  4, drill hole rescue shower door
  Cleaning objects: shower doors

  Coup Key: Drilling Holes

  Shower Doors Is there a swing or slip? Regularly check the water on the base or track along the door. If water accumulates, the drainage system in the track assembly will not work properly. The holes should be drilled at an angle into the track to allow water to flow back to the shower. This will help reduce the growth of mold along the track and keep the door working properly.

  5, toothpaste clean shower
  Clean up: Shower

  Coup Key: Toothpaste

  When the shower is cleaned, gently wipe the surface with a cotton damp cloth coated with toothpaste and soap, then use Clean waterRemember that every time you clean it, be sure to dry the water stains, otherwise water stains may appear on the surface of the pendant.

  6,Flour cleaning faucet

  Clean up: faucet

  Coup Key: Flour

   first dry the flour with a dry cloth, wipe the blackened faucet several times, then wipe it with a damp cloth 2~3 times. Finally, dry the faucet with a dry cloth. The blackened faucet will re-light. If it does not work once, it can be repeated several times.

  7, white vinegar lemon peel clean tile
  Clean up objects: Tiles

  Coup Key: White vinegar, lemon Peel

   There is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean tiles, using white vinegar and lemon peel. First wipe the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware, then wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth and a little white vinegar or wipe it with lemon peel. In just a little while, the sanitary ware will be bright and fresh, and it will also emit fragrance.

  8, bathroom deodorization
  Cleaning Object: Air

  Coup Key: Cooling Oil

   The easiest way to purify the air in the bathroom Yes: Put a box of cool oil in the bathroom and the odor will disappear naturally.

  The above is a small series of bathroom cleaning tips for everyone to share, everyone try it in practice Let’s go!

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