How should the floor year-end promotion be innovative? Attracting consumers

Many industry insiders said that under the premise of not predicting the market situation next year, all wood flooring businesses would like to have a year-end, preferential and new products, how to innovate the floor promotion during this period is crucial . As is known to all, due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials, the price of wood flooring has risen and then risen, and the momentum, magnitude and frequency of price increases are unprecedented. However, under the gradual downturn of the flooring market, various wood flooring brands are planning to launch large-scale promotions.

Year-end promotion efforts have been greatly upgraded

‘From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, various promotions have not stopped. But by the end of the year, everyone is rushing to promote, this time the promotion is the most worth seeing. ‘A wooden floor dealer said, ‘The usual promotion is mostly to attract people and keep customers’ attention to the brand. By the end of the year, it is time for the real knife to compete for customers. ‘

According to the author’s understanding, for example, the living house Baroque floor will carry out the 6th anniversary promotion in November, combining wood flooring, cabinets and ceramic tiles, and buying wooden flooring will send a designated series of gold cabinets and golden ceramic tiles. The pleasant floor also introduced several special effects of diamond plate and antique solid wood floor at the end of the year… After visiting a number of building materials decoration stores, the author learned that the floor merchants who are going to hold various activities at this stage are known. Not a few, but some of the brand merchants who have not yet done activities told the author that they have always had the idea of ​​engaging in activities.

‘More than once, the promotion of the pattern and specifications are upgraded’, the fierce competition allows the merchants to practice in the marketing, and the internal training of the employees, such as what problems consumers will ask, encounter How to deal with emergencies, how to place pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales on-site signs, all of which must be considered.

Personalized high-end products become a new favorite

In Fuzhou, solid wood flooring has always been the mainstay of the market. In the overall downturn of the overall market, sales of high-end solid wood flooring are still stable, and some series have even risen. Therefore, many brand merchants launch many high-end products in a timely manner according to the tastes of consumers, ensuring market share.

In the solid wood flooring, this season’s pleasant floor has launched a series of bosses designed for villas, using rare wood such as Burmese teak, wenge, red sandalwood, and a single floor length of 4.8 meters. In addition, the boss series is also tailored to the appropriate type of wood according to the owner’s type and decoration style. The natural floor is made of novel wood with a hard and stable texture, elegant boat-shaped wood, and a leafhopper.

In terms of consumers’ consumption habits, the pleasant floor is brewing to introduce 80-story laminate flooring. For the post-80s consumption characteristics, the floor color is more diverse and the price is more affordable. The living baroque floor is launched with an impression series of solid wood multi-layered floors. It uses artificial brushing and rubbing techniques to create a natural bumpy texture on the floor, making the floor a presenter of the interior decoration.

Floor promotion methods need to be innovated

However, despite the frequent activities in the wood flooring market, the promotion of the gimmicks is varied, it seems that all the incentives are very strong, but industry insiders reminded how the wood floor merchants can take their own activities. Making new ideas is the key to their consideration this year.

‘This is just as consumers say, every time it is a special price, the money is the lowest, when is it really low?’ Mr. Yu, the person in charge of the pleasant floor, said that as consumers become more rational, The usual simple ‘promotional low-cost wars’ have been difficult to provoke their interest in buying. ‘How to make the activities new and let consumers get real benefits is the key to the current floor manufacturers should seriously think about. ‘

‘The annual promotion of the gimmicks are ‘super low price’, ‘vendor special supply’, etc., consumers can easily produce ‘aesthetic fatigue’. ‘Industry person Mr. Lin said that in response to the sluggish floor market, since this year, manufacturers have used a variety of opportunities to promote activities. From ‘May 1′ to ’11’, from all kinds of ‘cultural festivals’ to ‘anniversary celebrations’, the methods that can be used have almost been used.

Release date: 2011/12/5 10:03:30

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Intense market competition How should domestic flooring companies compete with foreign brands?

At present, with the gradual development of the international market, foreign flooring brands are constantly pouring into the domestic market. At the same time, the long history of foreign flooring brands has also won the favor of many domestic floor consumers. In this case, the market space of domestic flooring companies has been squeezed. In the increasingly fierce market competition, how should domestic flooring companies compete with foreign brands?

The competition in the domestic flooring market is intensifying

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From the perspective of the entire home building industry, the domestic furniture market faces two major problems: one is the largest in the world, but the competitiveness However, China is a big country in the world of furniture production and a major exporter. As a global home production center, the output value of China’s furniture industry has jumped to the top in the world as early as 2006. However, from the perspective of the flooring industry, domestic flooring is becoming more and more difficult. On the ‘Da Ya Zhi Tang’, because with the fierce competition, the product homogeneity is exposed, and the competition method is also full of ‘pediatrics’.

The other is that foreign brands began to traverse the domestic high-end market, local Under the influence of these two major problems, the domestic flooring enterprises are dying, and the market discourse is like a hairspring. In order to narrow the gap between domestic and foreign flooring brands, domestic flooring companies must reorganize their resources for reorganization. The potential is transformed into an industrial advantage. In this way, the domestic flooring can get rid of the pressure caused by the serious excess capacity.

The domestic flooring enterprises need to start from the quality and service aspects

for the domestic flooring enterprises In terms of the front floor market, the market is in a serious form. If you want to break through the key points, you must first cultivate your own high-quality products and high-quality services to win the good reputation of consumers. Faced with the increasing proportion of foreign brands in the market. In the heavy situation, domestic flooring companies can’t panic, but they should be on the rise, but they should face difficulties and see the move.

Although the influence of foreign brands is expanding, the domestic flooring companies produce grounding. Products that are qi and have high practical value may be more attractive to consumers and change the situation of ‘one-sided’. The process is painful, but as long as you don’t give up and don’t give up, you can withstand the predicaments in front of you and continue to grind in the hardships. Domestic flooring companies must be able to make a blockbuster and occupy a place in the market.

Intensified market competition is urging domestic flooring companies to make adjustments, and the pressures inside and outside are constantly intertwined. Field atmosphere, flooring companies only from their own departure, and many other products and services to enhance the strength of the floor in order to usher in a more long-term business development

Date: 2015/11/25 14:52:26

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How to buy wooden flooring?

1. The appearance quality of the floor 1) The surface of the floor is selected. The floor is placed in a bright place, and the surface is exposed for defects such as cracking, dead knot, pinhole, knot hole, mildew, etc., but it is not too demanding for small slip knots and chromatic aberrations, because this It is a natural property of wood. 2) The quality of the surface paint is selected. Take the paint plate and place it on the bright side. Check whether the paint film is full and even from the end face of the plate, and whether there are wave shape indentations. 3) Floor processing precision Select the floor processing quality, which directly affects the laying quality. Usually, more than 5 floors are placed on the glass table or flat ground in the same package, and the hand groove is used to match the groove. Touch it by hand, feel flat, and then use the eye to see if the joint is not tight, because if it is too tight, the humidity will increase slightly during installation, and it will be difficult to match when the groove is combined. 2. The intrinsic quality of the floor The intrinsic quality is a key indicator of the parquet. It is generally difficult to determine by the sense of view and often with test data. 1) Moisture content Moisture content is the main condition for floor deformation. Therefore, the selection must be close to the local moisture content, which is best measured with a meter. If you can’t measure it, you can also touch it with your hand. If the hand feels cool, uncomfortable and sticky, the moisture content will be high. 2) Formaldehyde emission This indicator is a relatively important indicator, which can usually be determined experimentally. Therefore, the test data can be obtained from the operator. It can also be opened in a simple and rough way to remove the floor and remove the floor. The nose is close to the floor, smelling its smell. If you smell a strong pungent smell of formaldehyde, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air has exceeded the standard. In addition to the above several technical indicators, the purchase of solid wood composite flooring also needs to refer to indicators such as gluing properties, elastic modulus and static bending strength (you can ask the merchant to provide relevant inspection certificate to view). Second, the product style 1) product specifications, types of choices Currently on the market generally have ordinary specifications of solid wood composite flooring and large-size solid wood composite flooring. The general specification is 910×127×15mm, which is mainly composed of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring. The large size is 1836×190×15mm, which is mainly composed of three-layer solid wood composite flooring. You can choose different sizes of flooring according to the size of the apartment and the intensity of daylighting. Product surface treatment style Parquet is different from solid wood flooring, and he can handle a lot of surface styles. There are two types of common flat series and retro series in the market. The ordinary flat series is the same as the solid wood floor, starting from simplicity. The retro series has a lot of styles. There are brushed styles, embossed styles, landscape painting styles, hand-grabbing styles, and flat chamfering styles. It can be selected according to individual preferences and decoration styles. Selection of texture styles The same kind of tree species or different tree species on the same surface of the parquet can be made into two patterns, large patterns and regular patterns, which can also be selected according to their own personal preferences. Third, the color tone 1) choose the species name: solid wood composite flooring is not the same, the color of the floor will be different, the price will be very different. For example, Canadian Maple is only suitable for light-tone floors, the price is around 260 (2mm on the surface); and the red rosewood in the redwoods is darker in color, and the price is generally more than 500 yuan under the same specifications. At the same time, different tree species will also be suitable for different climates. Different solid wood composite trees can be selected according to individual economic strength, texture preference and environment. 2) Select the color of the floor: the color of the floor should be determined according to the size of the home decoration area, the color of the furniture, the style of the overall decoration, etc. The room with large area or good lighting can match the color of the floor, and the area is small and poor. The room is recommended to use a light-colored floor, which is visually open and makes the room look brighter. When the furniture is dark, the neutral color can be adjusted. When the furniture is light, some warm colors can be used. After comprehensive consideration of the above three aspects of the floor, combined with the brand awareness, packaging logo and after-sales service specifications of the floor, I believe that you will be able to choose a solid wood laminate flooring. Factors to be considered when purchasing and installing 1. Purchase according to economic strength 2. Inspect product packaging, manufacturers, trademarks and quality inspection, and guarantee commitment. 3, when buying solid wood flooring, the sales contract must be filled in the formal name of the floor, and can not be a common name, beware of some businesses shoddy, smashing the sky. For example, in order to improve the floor grade and price, “Zijing Wood Quality” pretends to be “red sandalwood material” to deceive consumers. 4. Put the enterprise floor into a square and put it on the plane to check: 1) The thickness is consistent, the processing precision should reach less than 0.5 mm. 2) The seam is tight, the gap is less than 0.2 mm. 3) The square diagonal error is less than 1 mm. The gap of the veneer is less than 1 mm. 5) The layout is smooth and the picture is clear, and the color of the paint layer is uniform. Before laying the floor, consumers should promptly check whether the quantity, quality, specifications, colors and materials of the floor are consistent with the requirements of the purchase. 6. In principle, whoever buys the floor of the floor will be laid, so don’t lay it yourself, so as to avoid the quality problems and push each other’s responsibility, so that you will suffer unnecessary losses.

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The monthly salary of air-conditioning installers is expected to exceed 10,000, and the lack of workers will increase their salary.

China The relevant person in charge of the home appliance service maintenance association recently attended the national air-conditioning maintenance contest in Han, revealed that the air-conditioning installation company is brewing a new round of salary increase, the future one The average monthly salary of a general air conditioner installer is definitely not a problem.

With the growth of the real estate industry and the replacement of air conditioners, the economic status of air-conditioning installers is also increasing. Gree Electricity after-sales department The door manager told Wuhan Evening News reporter, air-conditioning installation is generally a group of two installers, an average of one day can Install 7 to 8 air conditioners, each installing an air conditioner, roughly 60 yuan to 80 yuan. The average monthly salary of an air conditioner installer is close to 10,000 yuan.

Despite this, the head of China’s Household Appliance Service Maintenance Association revealed in the national air-conditioning maintenance contest in Han: air-conditioning installation is a high-risk industry, during the summer peak period, air conditioning It is not uncommon for enterprises to increase their salaries and hire workers. At present, a domestic air-conditioning giant has decided to raise the wages of air-conditioning installers nationwide. On the basis of the original salary, each additional air-conditioner is added, and an additional 100 yuan is added. This move is bound to trigger a rise in the domestic air-conditioning installation industry.

The leaders of the Jiangsu Household Appliances Maintenance Association, who participated in the national air-conditioning maintenance competition in Han, said that although the wages of air-conditioning installers have increased, they may not be able to recruit people.

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TV background wall decoration misunderstanding and rescue method summary

Second, the three major design principles of the TV background wall (1) theme wall design can not be messy and complex, to be concise and bright as well. The wall is the place where people often go through the line of sight. It is the focus of the line of sight behind the , just like a person’s face, it is refreshing. The theme wall is getting simpler and simpler, with a simple style. (2) The use of color should be reasonable. From the psychological effects of color, the effect of color can make the room look bigger or smaller, giving the impression that “bulging or “recessed” can make the room active and make the room feel quiet. (3) It is not possible to make a background wall for the TV background wall. The design of the background wall should pay attention to the overall matching of the home. It needs to be matched with other furnishings, and also consider the arrangement of the position and the lighting effect.

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Steel trade enterprises are hard to see in the short term. Be cautious about the rebound of steel futures.

Entering March, the downstream construction sites will start one after another, and the market demand will show signs of recovery, which will help the steel price to rebound slightly, but need to be cautious about the rebound height. Although the monetary policy is now loose, steel trade enterprises are hard to see in the short term. Due to the long construction period, the use of funds and the relatively long cycle of cost recovery, the steel industry is a typical capital-intensive industry, and the steel trade as a reservoir for the steel industry. Enterprises are also capital-intensive, so the tightening or loosening of monetary policy has a greater impact on the steel industry. On the evening of February 18, the central bank announced that it will cut the deposit reserve ratio of deposit-taking financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points from the 24th. This RRR cut will also ease the current market capital shortage and also open the 2012 monetary policy. The loose curtain, the liquidity of the market in the later period will be improved. Although the current policy is slightly loose, due to the phenomenon of individual business owners running in the steel trade field, the banks are now more cautious about steel trade enterprises’ loans, and some banks have gradually tightened steel trade loans. Under the background of the macro-environmental environment, the tight capital of steel trade enterprises will be difficult to ease in the short term. A small decrease in inventory Concerned whether it officially entered the destocking channel After a few weeks of inventory increase, as of February 27, the rebar stocks of key cities nationwide fell for the first time, with a drop of less than 100,000 tons. Usually entering March, downstream construction sites will start, and market demand will gradually pick up. However, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not to actually enter the destocking channel, and it is not possible to exclude the possibility of a small increase in inventory again. With the expansion of the steel industry year by year, steel production has continued to reach a new level, and inventory has also reached a new high every year. After the Spring Festival of 2012, the national key cities have a stock of nearly 8.5 million tons, an increase of nearly 800,000 tons from last year’s high point. However, as far as downstream demand is concerned, it is unable to digest new inventories. According to recent data, the target for the construction of affordable housing in 2012 has dropped sharply compared with the same period of last year, with an average decline of around 30%. Subsequently, the National Development and Reform Commission increased 20 billion yuan for the construction of affordable housing, and then the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development plans to expand the pilot fund for the construction of affordable housing. In 2012, whether the central government can truly implement the investment in affordable housing, whether it can truly solve the local government land and capital dilemma is a key factor in improving the enthusiasm of developers. If the property market regulation policy does not undergo fine-tuning, it still maintains strict control measures, and the construction housing funds cannot be effectively implemented. In 2012, downstream demand will not be significantly improved, and the pulling effect on steel prices will be very limited. The ratio of ore reserves continues to increase. The price of ore remains high. Although the import of iron ore in the port exceeded 100 million tons, it has experienced a three-week decline, but it has remained at nearly 99 million tons. However, this does not affect the smooth operation of imported iron ore prices. After the Spring Festival, the price of imported 63.5% fine ore in India is basically between 145-150 USD/ton. According to the survey data of some steel companies on a certain website, the statistics of imported minerals in the four regions showed a growth trend. The average ratio of the used steel mines in the sample steel mills reached 85%, an increase of 4 percentage points over the previous period. The high cost-effectiveness of imported mines has caused enterprises to abandon domestic mines and preferentially choose imported mines, thus ensuring that imported ore continues to operate at a high level, but the price has not been under pressure, which has played a supporting role in steel prices. In summary, although there are many factors on the fundamentals, it has a driving effect on the rise of steel prices. At the same time, traders also want to take advantage of the peak season of demand and increase market prices to change the loss situation. However, the real estate industry itself is hard to see. At the same time, the pressure on the supply of the industry is large, which makes the road to destocking difficult. The pressure on the steel is heavy, and the rebound height of the steel is cautious. Release date: 2012/2/29 9:40:16

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More secure, Japan’s Mitsubishi Weibo new national standard socket is listed!

With more and more electronic devices around people, more and more household appliances, fixed sockets on the wall are far from enough, The patch panel has become an indispensable accessory in the home. However, there are currently a large number of outlet brands on the market, ranging from a dozen to a hundred. The safety accidents caused by the patch panels are everywhere, and it is shocking. It is also a socket. What is the gap? Japan’s Mitsubishi Weibo recently launched a new national standard socket with security as a selling point may give you a satisfactory answer.

Compared with most wiring sockets, the power cord of Weibao socket is very thick, using a solderless phosphor bronze strip connection, plus high-quality stranding process, not easy to age, conductivity and resistance Better abrasiveness, no heat when used, and safer. The plug is made of one-piece copper-plated nickel, which also has the best electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The ergonomic grip design makes insertion and removal easier. Both the plug and the power cord have passed the national CCC inspection and certification.

Summary: The new national standard GB2099.7-2015 defines the higher requirements for safety doors and cables. The new socket from Mitsubishi Weibo, Japan, is fully compliant with the new safer standards. Even in the pursuit of more flame retardant, electrical conductivity, applicability, etc., it can be said that it is the safest socket on the market.

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Analysis of the purchase and maintenance of bamboo flooring!

The history of bamboo flooring development in China is not long, only eight or nine years of history. It has been a matter of recent years to start to enter the market on a large scale. However, due to its unique characteristics: the texture is straight and the color is elegant, and there is a reputation of ‘no food, no meat, no bamboo.’ In addition, the manual selection in the production process makes the bamboo floor dimensional stability, mechanical strength, durable, taken from nature, natural, non-polluting, and also adds more cultural taste to the living room. Foreign consumers love it. However, because the management of bamboo flooring processing and production industry is still not standardized, there is a big gap between technical equipment and production management among enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers propose the following points for reference when purchasing.

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Teach you how to use floor wax! What should I pay attention to when using?

Flooring on the floor: It is on the solid wood floor, pvc (plastic) floor, stone floor (marble, granite, terrazzo), etc., and the surface is coated with a layer of wax. After the wax is solidified, the air, moisture and dust are sealed. At the same time, it plays the role of anti-slip, anti-wear and anti-static, so as to better maintain the floor and extend the service life of the floor. Waxing is divided into two types: solid wax and liquid wax. Floor waxing requires professional waxing, wax layer, wax liquid should be evenly distributed, moderate thickness, so that the floor is bright and smooth.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171722920.jpg”>

The role of waxing:

Removal of stubborn stains on the floor, by waxing the material itself from the air, reducing damage to the material caused by oxidation or exposure to harmful substances in the air, prolonging the service life of the material and The purpose of the beauty of sightseeing is more important. The mirror surface is particularly durable and can prevent the damage of detergent, scratches, slips, heel friction, etc., and after polishing, the wax surface is harder and more resistant.

waxing operation procedures:

1, vacuum: in addition to the attachment on the surface of the floor and some adhesives, glue, cement, paint points, etc.. P>

2, cleaning: use electric mop, sauna machine, sterilization, cleaning, no damage to the floor.

3, waxing: for different floors, use different wax, even Wax.

4, Polishing: Professional operation + polishing machine is completed.

Wood floor waxing method:

1. Sunny waxing


The humidity in the rainy days is too high, and waxing will cause white turbidity.

When the room temperature is below 5 degrees, the floor wax will become hard.

Before waxing, do not wipe the floor with a rag containing chemicals, which will result in poor adhesion of the floor wax.

2. Remove dirt from the floor surface

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the floor surface.

Use a diluted neutral detergent to wipe the stain on the floor.

When it is difficult to remove the stain, it can be wiped with the water.

To prevent the detergent from accumulating in the groove, the rag soaked with detergent should be wrung out as much as possible.

Floor wax remover will cause stains and bulging on the floor, absolutely not to be used.

3. Wipe with a damp cloth

Use a rag that is wrung out to wipe.

The surface of the floor, especially the grooved part, should be carefully wiped, do not leave detergent.

If the residual detergent and moisture, it will lead to whitening and bulging.

4. Fully dry

The surface of the floor and the groove are completely dry and can be waxed. The time varies depending on the season, but it takes about half a day.

If not fully dried, the floor wax will not adhere to the surface of the floor, affecting the appearance and whitening phenomenon.


Shake the container with the floor wax and mix well.

Before the entire floor of the room is waxed, perform a partial trial at the corner of the room, and check for any abnormalities.

In order to prevent floor wax from polluting the wall skirting and furniture, cover the above parts with tape paper.

Use a clean rag to fully dip the floor wax, so it is better to not drip.

Do not pour the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce traces and loop marks.

Carefully apply according to the direction of the wood grain of the floor, do not leak or thick and uneven.

too small amount of application will cause unevenness in the shade, too much smearing will lead to poor film formation.

Keeping thin and even is the key to waxing.

Do not dilute the floor wax with water.

waxing tool can use waxing special mop, easy to operate, and ideal results.

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Buy floor and furniture, pay attention to the material name

The reader, Miss He, recently encountered a confusing thing when buying solid wood laminate flooring: several kinds of flooring wood are related to ‘red sandalwood’, but they are different, such as ‘red sandalwood’, ‘nanyang red sandalwood’ , ‘red sandalwood’, ‘red sandalwood’ and so on. The salesman could not explain clearly, so she turned to the editorial department of the journal for help. I hope the experts can help her answer the doubts in her heart. The reporter’s investigation found that similar phenomena are not uncommon in the market. Experts said that these are the non-standard names of wood. In order to self-lift their prices, many wood labels for furniture and flooring often have ‘Changlong Fufeng’, which consumers need when purchasing. Pay more attention to it, lest you buy a bargain at a high price.

Market Research

Commonly known as mixed name is still more common

It is understood that as early as the end of 2009, in response to the problem of non-standard names on the market, The Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce has done a market rectification. Since then, the market has been relatively standardized. Brand merchants will mark the surface and substrate materials of the floor, but the reporter recently visited the market and found that some brands are still playing ‘text. game’.

In a brand store in the East Fourth Ring, the reporter visited a number of floor stores as consumers. The reporter saw that most brand sellers will fill in the core material and surface material according to the uniform price requirements of the store. But at the surface, there are also some businesses that only identify the ‘common name’.

In a floor shop, the reporter found that many wood names are familiar, such as ‘Huanghua Pear’, ‘Red Chicken Wing’, ‘Red Sandalwood’ and so on. The reporter consulted what kind of wood is ‘red chicken wings’, the salesman said, ‘is African chicken wing wood’. On the product promotion page of the brand, the reporter also saw different wood names such as ‘coffee black wing’, ‘African chicken wings’, ‘classic red wings’, ‘red chicken wings’, etc. From the picture point of view, these wood patterns have A little bit different, the colors are different. The other two woods with similar colors are ‘red sandalwood’ and ‘small red sandalwood’, ‘Nanyang red sandalwood’ and ‘dand sandalwood’ appear in another brand floor store.

The reporter’s doubts have been confirmed by industry experts, these ‘names’ on the price tag and product roster are ‘common name’, are ‘non-standard names’, some ‘even common name Not a ‘, is ‘manmade by the merchant’.

Self-lifting prices have a high-profile

The reporter observed that some businesses will identify the standard name of the wood, but in addition to the ordinary ‘榆木’, ‘柞木’ floor, large The wood names of most products are more or less prefixed, and with the prefix, the wood appears to be ‘noble’ a lot. Some merchants have added a lot of modifiers to the flooring category, such as ‘dark rosewood oak’, ‘walnut red oak’, ‘chicken wing wood white oak’, etc., adding a lot of ‘precious’ colors to ordinary oak. More merchants added the origin and adjectives in front of the wood to blur the wood itself. Take a brand of ‘Teak’ series as an example, ‘African Teak’, ‘Mediterranean Teak’, ‘Aristocratic Teak’, ‘Fugui Teak’, ‘Pomelo King’, ‘Yellow Teak’… Suspicion in the mind: Are these all teak? What is the difference between each? At the time of purchase, the consumer can only listen to the salesperson’s commentary. There are also some merchants that have indicated the series to the products, such as ‘Binzhou Sunshine ×××’, ‘Emperor’s Wind ×××’, ‘Pearl White ×××’, ‘Royal Classic ×××’, etc. The identification of the person increases the difficulty.

Pick up wood’.

As consumers who do not have wood expertise, it is generally unclear which one is ‘common name’ and which is ‘scientific name’. Is there any way to distinguish it? Sun Shudong said that the scientific names of some of the woods were transliterated from Latin, and relatively ‘more strange’. In addition, if the name of the wood is all ‘country, place name or color’, then the consumer is best to ask what the standard name of the wood is.

In order to avoid confusion when problems occur, experts recommend that consumers ask the merchant to write the name of the standard in the contract, write the Latin term of the wood (international common name) or follow the “China’s main wood name” standard And the Chinese name specified in the “China’s Major Imported Wood Names” standard, in case of disputes over materials, to protect their rights and interests.

Risk of buying vigilance

Why do businesses not use the standard name of wood? Sun Shudong, director of the Furniture Inspection Office of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said, ‘In the 1980s and 1990s, because domestic timber could not meet the demand of domestic production, many woods were imported from Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, etc. It is a wood that is not available in China. At that time, there was no relevant norm. Some merchants gave various kinds of common names according to the similarity between the pattern and the existing wood. ‘It is understood that some of the various names that consumers see in the market belong to the common name used now, and some belong to the merchant’s own concept for the concept of hype, so the label is not standardized, the name is confused to confuse the audio-visual The situation does happen from time to time, and this also brings certain risks to the purchase of consumers.

1. Imposter replacement

Because the name is commonly used or the name of the merchant, the consumers themselves have no way to distinguish the authenticity of the material. In addition, consumers need to be more vigilant. Some bad merchants will sell the flooring or furniture made of similar wood to consumers at a high price in a ‘similar name’, such as the southwest birch with the name of ‘domestic cherry wood’ or ‘cherry wood’. Confusion; the furniture price of 20,000 yuan or 30,000 yuan is ‘African rosewood’ which belongs to ‘Redwood’, but ‘African Pear’ is not a canonical name. It can only rely on tree species identification to identify identity. Whether it is a rosewood is not known.

2. In order to fake the real

‘Because of the common name, also gave some wood to the real opportunity. ‘Sun Shudong introduced that the common name of Oakwood from Africa is ‘red walnut’, and some people call it ‘taohua core’. Some merchants will also refer to the ‘human face’ and ‘cano paint’ with similar colors, which are also called ‘walnut’.purpose.

3. Transferring flowers

In addition, the accuracy of the name is not negligible to consumers. Sun Shudong introduced that in general, ‘walnut’ corresponds to ‘black walnut’, while the domestic name of ‘楸木’ should be ‘walnut’ or ‘walnut’. If consumers buy ‘black walnut’, they must not ignore the word ‘black’, otherwise it may change from ‘black walnut’ to ‘eucalyptus’. In addition, ‘rubber wood’ and ‘oak’ are only one word difference, some sales staff will be introduced in the sales, the consumer needs to be wary of the bad business’s ‘shifting flowers

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