Can expired milk protect the floor?

In fact, expired milk, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of milk, and lactic acid is a natural detergent to clean the solid wood floor. In addition, the protein box fat and other substances contained in the milk can form a protective film on the solid wood floor, which not only makes the wooden floor bright and new, but also protects the surface of the solid wood floor from being excessively worn or scratched.

After the milk expires, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of the milk. Lactic acid is a natural detergent that cleans wooden floors.

In addition, the protein and fat contained in milk can form a protective film on the wooden floor, which not only makes the floor bright as new, but also protects the surface of the floor from being excessive. Wear or scratch. The grease in the milk rubs on the surface of the floor, and the original color is maintained by the floor, which is not easy to discolor or discolor, and it is not easy to deform the floor. 600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171324880.jpg”>

Method: When wiping the wooden floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin. Then add twice the water to dilute. Then damp the cloth and wring it out, you can wipe the floor. If the amount of expired milk is more, you can wipe it once a week.

Little knowledge sharing:

In fact, in daily life, there are also many daily necessities that can play a role in the maintenance of wooden flooring. For example: Taomi water contains crude fiber, potassium and starch, and the rice water after one or two rinses is weak. Acidic, decontaminating, can also clean the wooden floor.

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The quality problem of the floor of Kendia is called “the floor is no problem, it is a psychological problem”

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Kentia Floor Quality problems (Figure 1)

With the unremitting pursuit of high-quality life, home building materials, which are closely related to daily life, are receiving more and more attention from consumers. However, the situation in the consumer market is not satisfactory. Recently, China Quality Miles has continuously received complaints about the floor of Kendia.

The problem floor has not been solved for two years

In April 2010, Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Fujian Province purchased a batch of Kendia laminate flooring at the Kentian floor distribution office in Quanzhou. The batch of flooring model RM02# is the supreme cork series, and the product name is Australian Huaying Wood. The total amount was 7,225 yuan. In August, the installation was carried out. In October, Ms. Wang found that there was a serious Peng Peng phenomenon on the floor, and began to sound, and stepped on the feeling of stepping on the air. Ms. Wang immediately contacted the Quanzhou Kendia floor dealer. Until the end of February 2011, the floor was checked by the merchants. It was confirmed that the floor did have quality problems, but it has not been solved. In June, after the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province visited the site, he agreed to send someone to repair Ms. Wang, but the maintenance cost was borne by Ms. Wang. The Kentiya floor merchants she purchased have confirmed the existence of quality defects and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit, and the expenses should be borne by the merchants. Because of the lack of agreement, Ms. Wang’s problem floor was not repaired.

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Kent Subfloor quality problem (Figure 2)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 3)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 4)

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Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 5)

The problem has always existed, but the solution has been delayed. Ms. Wang always feels that it is not so comfortable. She repeatedly contacted the manager of Kendi’s floor in Fujian Province, and failed, and was threatened by ‘can’t complain online.’ So she called the customer service phone of Kendia Flooring Company. According to Ms. Wang, in February 2011, many calls to customer service were advertisements, and no one answered. After dialing on March 15, 2011, the customer service staff replied to ‘Reply after reflecting to the superior level’. But for nearly a year now, Ms. Wang has not received any reply.

On February 4, 2012, Ms. Wang once again called the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province, hoping to solve the problem, but got the answer of ‘can’t solve, how to love how to’. Ms. Wang once again suggested that the Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants have the responsibility and obligation to solve them. What surprised her was that Manager Gu replied that ‘the floor is ok, it is psychologically problematic. ‘As the representative of the brand area, it represents the image of the brand. The manager of the Fujian area like Kendia Floor responds to the consumer, hurting not only the brand image, but also the trust and confidence of the consumer.

Floor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, consumers have no time to return

Henan Xuchang Ms. Zhang purchased a batch of Kendia flooring in August 2009, she found the floor when loading There is a taste, the merchant explained that it is the smell of natural sealing wax, just a few days to dry. So Ms. Zhang’s house was installed on the floor. However, by the summer of 2010 she found the smell of the floor more pungent. Therefore, please go to the home to check the air quality, the test results show that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard 5 times!

This has caused Ms. Zhang’s attention, she reflects that a few pieces of Kendia floor have been preserved after paving the floor. Therefore, she contacted the merchant to request that the remaining floor be returned to the manufacturer for further testing of the floor. However, the answer given by the Kendi merchants and manufacturers is that the consumer personally issued a test report of the national certification body on the floor.

China’s national standard “solid wood composite floor” regulations: A class of solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 g; B type solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is equal to 9 mg -40 mg / 100 Gram. National Environmental Labeling Product TechnologyThe technical requirements–artificial wood board” stipulates that the formaldehyde emission in artificial boards should be less than 0.20 mg/m3; the formaldehyde emission in wooden floors should be less than 0.12 mg/m3.

The mandatory standard set by the China Furniture Standardization Center, “Guidelines for the Use of Consumer Goods, Part VI: Furniture” also stipulates that from October 1, 2005, furniture manufacturers must actually use the furniture materials and paints used. The control indicators such as toxic or radioactive substances are given instructions, and the exact amount of formaldehyde must be indicated and clearly indicated to the consumer by means of instructions. It is a big joke that the Kendia floor will push the product specifications issued by the manufacturer to the consumer. Ms. Zhang said with emotion, ‘We are a family who dare not go back, suffer from it, but can’t find a way to ask for a statement’, and also tells the voice of quite a large number of consumers.

Kendia Wood does not solve the problem

After receiving complaints from consumers, the staff of China Quality Miles Complaint Office called the customer service of Jiangsu Kendi Wood Co., Ltd. To the customer service staff to verify the complaints of the consumer Ms. Wang, the customer service staff said Quanzhou’s total distribution has been replaced, if there is a consumer complaint, contact Kendi floor manager Fujian District Manager. Therefore, the staff of the Complaint Office dialed the manager’s phone to verify the situation. Manager Gu said that the warranty period of the product was one year, and there was a quality problem during the warranty period. If it was not for human reasons, the company was responsible for the repair.

Since the Kendia floor has a one-year warranty, the quality problems of the floor purchased by Ms. Wang are within the scope of the warranty period. Therefore, the complaints office staff contacted Ms. Quanzhou Wang again to inform her. You can communicate with the manager to solve this problem. But a week later, Ms. Wang once again found the staff of the China Quality Miles Complaint Office, reflecting that she got the answer from Mr. Gu’s “can’t solve, how to love”.

Consumers and businesses sign purchase and sales contracts, floor manufacturers to provide quality maintenance and service guarantees for the products sold during the warranty period, is a matter of course, but also the responsibility and obligation of businesses to maintain the normal consumer market order. For example, in the case of Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor, and they file quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants should actively solve the problem, fulfill the consumption obligation, use the service and sincere attitude. Solve problems and eliminate contradictions. The ‘push and drag’ way can only make consumers chill and completely lose brand reputation.

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Ordering wooden floor traps online, four traps need to pay attention

The house is not easy to decorate. Many friends complain that every time they decorate, they will lose more than ten kilograms of meat. For a lifetime, how many times can you decorate it twice, three times? You want to become a floor expert, cabinet expert, tile expert, paint expert every time you decorate it… think? In each field, you have to go to the door for at least 4 years. Ok, wait until you have finished college for decades. You know, you can decorate.

In recent years, with the popularity of online shopping, more and more consumers have gradually developed the habit of fast shopping. It seems that entering the mall is a way of leisure and entertainment, and the real shopping battlefield has been transferred to the Internet, and you can use your mouse to meet your own needs. It is undeniable that e-commerce has penetrated into daily life, consumer goods and other fields of life, bringing convenience to consumers, but at the same time, various traps have appeared, causing many consumers to suffer losses.

[Event playback]

Ms. Wang can be described as a ‘net purchase darling’. Buy clothes, buy electrical appliances, buy new year’s goods, and also have some entertainment packages on the holidays to invite friends and family to live together. They are all idle, sitting at home and clicking the mouse. A year ago, Ms. Wang renovated the house and just saw a website promotion activity on a website. She bought a brand of solid wood flooring, and it can save a few hundred dollars. However, after the arrival of the goods, Ms. Wang discovered that it was simply a solid wood composite floor.

At that time, I thought that the price is also reasonable, and the business is still in Wenzhou, so far, the floor is returned, the freight is not small overhead. It will be used. I didn’t expect it to be a year. In some places, there was a phenomenon of bulging, and there was an empty voice. When looking for a repair, there is no such brand in the local area. After the whole process was paid, the floor seemed to be an orphan who was left unattended.

[Floor online shopping trap]

First, the product is shodded

The pictures displayed on the webpage are different from the real ones that are handed, some Not even the same item at all. Due to the natural properties of the floor wood, there is a certain color difference in the product itself, which cannot be avoided. Some merchants use this point, in the same product, mixed with some defective products. This situation is a relatively common phenomenon.

Second, push logistics responsibility

Floor is different from other online shopping products, bumping and squeezing in the process of logistics, may cause floor scratches and wear. After getting the floor, the corners are somewhat damaged, and the merchants say that it is the normal wear and tear generated during the logistics process. Due to the long distance and inconvenient transportation, most consumers can only eat dumbly.

Third, the installation service leads to disputes

As the saying goes, the three-point floor is installed seven points, the length of the floor life, correct installation is an important factor. Even the best products, if not installed properly, will cause problems after a while. Online shopping floor, businesses are often not responsible for installation, need to find a local decoration team service. If there is a problem with the floor, it will lay a hidden danger.

Fourth, play the concept

Online purchase of the floor, the common business to say the product is a mess. What f four stars, what E0 ah, can hold you all up, such as F four stars, this is a very strict formaldehyde release standard, to do it or not, is what God knows. Antibacterial flooring, nano-flooring, and a wide variety of nouns, you have never heard of it, claiming to have a variety of functions, you do not know if it is there. But the variety of advertising on the first one, the product is very refined packaging. What kind of floor do you get?······You know.

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Wood prices at home and abroad have risen, and the flooring and furniture industries have accelerated their reshuffle

Recently, rumors about the price increase of domestic timber have come one after another, and the downstream industries such as floor, furniture are not uninviting. What’s worse, even worse, in the international timber market, the price increase has shown a clear trend. For domestic flooring and furniture companies, this round of material price hikes has been avoided. The shuffle will also be further accelerated.

North American Timber Market: North American timber prices have been raised.

This year’s North American timber market can be said to be quite unsettled. In the past, the Brexit incident led to the continued strengthening of the US dollar. After that, the global container transportation costs were raised. In addition, the transportation costs of major routes were also rising, and the purchase cost of various types of materials continued to rise. Some insiders said that the recent depreciation of the RMB, together with the increase in transportation costs, has increased the import cost of wood by 5— 8%.

In the past two months, timber stocks in the northern United States have decreased by about 70%. The logs and wet boards ordered at high prices have been basically emptied, while domestic demand in the United States has continued to increase, so the forest farms in major US producing areas have already The price increase, with Red Oak as an example, has risen by 100-150 dollars, and the ordering cost has increased by about 8%. At present, the red oak in Guangdong market is 2.15— 3.05m, thick 1— 2 inch, FAS grade quoted 6200— 8700 yuan/m3.

Southeast Asian timber market: strict control of timber exports leads to resource shortages and price increases

The 17th Conference of the States Parties has intensified the Redwood resources are becoming more scarce situation. Two months ago, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar suddenly announced that they would stop exporting rosewood raw materials to Vietnam. The tipping point of timber prices in Southeast Asia. In the past two months, Vietnam has basically consumed inventory timber. At present, only about 30% of the huge stocks remain, and the big materials have become very rare, and the prices are rising wildly. In the past week, prices have risen by 30%, and the price has even doubled.

Now, the Vietnamese rosewood market has been hit hard, resulting in a serious gap in the supply of redwood logs in Southeast Asia. This means that the redwood raw materials entering the market will be further reduced, which directly promotes the continued rise in the price of redwood and also affects the price fluctuations in the rosewood market.

European timber market: Some timber prices have risen

Affected by Brexit, the decline of the RMB against the US dollar and the increase in global container freight rates have led to the continued increase in the purchase cost of some timber. The increase is about 20— about 30 dollars/m3.

In this case, the price of European materials in the domestic market is also up, about 50— 100 yuan/m3. At present, the market in Guangdong is 2.2木长2.2— 3m, thickness 5cm, grade B (flash) quotation 2800— 3,000 yuan / cubic meter.

African timber market: African timber is favored by downstream merchants to show an upward trend

After entering 2016, with the deepening of the adjustment of the Chinese timber industry, the middle and high end from Africa Decoration The decoration materials market is also hot, wood sales are blocked, prices are upside down and so on. However, looking at the current overall situation, the African market is more optimistic and has begun to slowly show an upward trend. This is because the way China imports timber from Southeast Asia is blocked, merchants are looking for alternatives, and affordable African materials are the focus of the business.

When the timber market shocks, the price of downstream products rises. The industry accelerates the reshuffle.

The domestic and international supply markets have experienced violent shocks. The shortage of timber traders’ reserves is bound to lead to rapid price hikes in the near future. The rising price of raw materials will also trigger the chain price increase of related downstream products such as furniture and flooring. However, the survey shows that one-fifth of consumers said that they might buy other more cost-effective products, while the other 4/5 consumers who can accept the increase said they can only accept the increase of less than 10%.

Floor manufacturers are subject to the cost pressures of rising timber prices, while downstream consumers are not buying them. This kind of price increase initiative is not in the hands of enterprises, and can only adopt a default attitude. However, flooring companies generally digest through internal management to avoid sudden increase in product prices in a short period of time.

And some other companies said that the price increase of wood products will also play a certain elimination role for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, and will force many flooring companies to embark on the road of innovation and R&D, and improve products. Value added and services to adapt to the market, and no longer a blind price.

The deputy director of the Department of Development Planning and Fund Management of the State Forestry Administration of China pointed out that the current call for protecting forests and protecting the environment is growing, prompting Chinese companies to change their current status, constantly innovating and constantly improving their own Brand, constantly adjust the structure.

In addition to finding new types of wood and market segments, controlling upstream resources has become a “mulet” for some companies. Wood has always been lacking in the world, so timber price increases are inevitable, but this pressure can be alleviated by an increase in wood utilization. Industry experts said: the rise in timber prices may have a greater impact on the low-end floor brand, and will also enable the industry’s threshold to be improved, allowing the entire flooring industry to reshuffle, which will promote to some extent The sound development of the entire industry.

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Bamboo flooring companies promote the five powerful forces of market prosperity

The bamboo flooring industry needs support and revitalization. The development of the industry cannot rely solely on the strength of individual companies. The government and all enterprises in the industry should make a difference. China’s bamboo flooring industry is still in the initial stage of development. To promote the prosperity of the domestic market, it is necessary to achieve the integration of multiple forces. The key is to train five aspects of work.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021836111644.jpg”>

Innovative R&D


Compared with solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, bamboo flooring products are obviously much smaller in color and variety. The single variety, less color, and small choice of products are another important reason for the loss of consumers. Into the end of each bamboo flooring store, the most common is the flat-sided bamboo flooring of common specifications, the product is seriously homogenized, the lack of distinctive and attractive selling points is the common weakness of bamboo flooring. To promote the domestic sales of bamboo flooring In the market, as for bamboo flooring enterprises, it is necessary to intensify innovation, increase product research and development, and provide consumers with more innovative bamboo flooring products to meet the various needs of the middle and high-end market.

Brand Premium

As can be seen from the market research results, the brand’s attractiveness is increasing. Consumers are increasingly branding bamboo flooring. Buying, specialty stores and large building materials supermarkets can provide more quality assurance, so consumers are more favored Compared with the strong wood flooring enterprises, the brand building of bamboo flooring enterprises has just started. From the price of nature and Shengda bamboo flooring, it can be seen that the bamboo flooring of these brands is more expensive than the price of ordinary bamboo flooring brands. Ten yuan. The price of tens of dollars is the premium ability created by big brands, which is also lacking in the domestic bamboo flooring enterprises. When one day consumers are not only “prices on the goods” but “prices on the cards” At that time, bamboo flooring companies can win a bright spring.

Integrity management

Similar to most private companies Domestic bamboo flooring companies also need to have a good understanding of the gold content of ‘integrity’. In a large number of consulting cases, Fox has personally experienced many live examples of honesty and integrity. Those who just use honesty as a scorpion The boss, who tasted the bitter fruit of dishonesty, paid a huge price. Because of the factory’s dishonesty, losing the dealer, losing the trust of the supplier, and the case of causing great harm to the company, it was shocking. The boss not only has great personal charm, but also gathers more and more outstanding talents, and makes the enterprise soar. The ‘integrity’ that does not seem to be fresh, once it becomes a kind of power, its power is big, many are not really The boss who has fulfilled the obligation of good faith can’t understand and taste it. Because there are many people and things that have survived in history, this simple and simple truth is confirmed. Fox advises the operators of bamboo flooring enterprises not to underestimate ‘integrity The power of management power, this may be one of the important magic weapons for you to crack the current crisis.

Government support

As a resource-recycling environmentally friendly product, bamboo flooring should be encouraged and supported by the government. However, the current policy support is still at the regional local policy level, sporadic and limited. Last year, Jiangxi introduced a 100-yuan factory price limit policy for the bamboo flooring industry. In August this year, the Anji County government introduced Fuyou Strong bamboo flooring leading company’s policy, and the country’s targeted support policy for the bamboo products industry, except for a few points of export tax rebate, has been almost absent. Fox believes that the government’s full support is the fundamental guarantee for the rapid and orderly development of the industry. It should further clarify the government’s policy orientation to the bamboo industry, increase policy support, and focus on supporting a number of strong enterprises with brands and strengths to promote bamboo flooring. The industry has made a breakthrough.

Industry is strong

The biggest obstacle to bamboo flooring sales is that bamboo flooring is a niche product, and the scale of the company is small. The influence of the brand is low, consumers have insufficient understanding of bamboo flooring, and they have not fully understood the product advantages and environmental advantages of bamboo flooring. If the source of consumption is not yet open, the rolling output will not come. To solve this dilemma that has plagued bamboo flooring enterprises for many years, we can start from the industry and the joint efforts of enterprises to improve the overall awareness of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring enterprises must learn the “environmental spirit” of Wenzhou enterprises, and jointly promote the environmental advantages and product advantages of bamboo flooring products. Moreover, not only do companies have their own voices, but government leaders, industry associations, home improvement designers, and professionals can become advocates and recommenders of bamboo flooring products. If exhibitions, media, and networks can issue stronger bamboo flooring industry. Sound, the domestic market of bamboo flooring will inevitably become hot overall.

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Floor companies to carry out three levels of brand effective positioning

There are many brands in the home building materials industry. Many brands are talking about positioning, product positioning, market positioning, crowd positioning, brand positioning, and communication positioning. The various positionings make the brand unable to distinguish the direction. How to position the brand? In fact, the core of positioning is not how well it is set, but in the development stage and resource allocation that are not suitable for the enterprise.

Misunderstood brand positioning

Many companies look for planning companies to do brand planning, hoping to find a way out for the development of the brand, or set up a banner, or indicate a direction, then what is the way out, banner, direction In the end, what the company harvests is a set of VIs and an advertisement and a set of images. Enterprises are still full of doubts about the future. The true brand positioning should be strategic, and it can determine the lifeblood of brand development. Take an example to talk about, the success of the living house Baroque is relished by everyone. Everyone may think that it is a good positioning. There is no problem in this. In fact, the success is that Baroque products have created a new blue ocean, the difference. The products provide a prerequisite for brand development. And locked in the high-end crowd, the channel marketing, price, promotion and other systematic marketing activities around this group have made the family have achieved great success. The fundamental point of positioning lies in the deep exploration of the needs of the crowd, rather than staying in the concept of speculation, we must fully explore the core value benefits of the characteristics of the crowd consumption, and then provide corresponding value satisfaction at the product level. At present, the positioning of the home industry mostly stays at three levels. First, the fundamentals appeal, and hit the health card, such as the iconic floor, has long been speculating on a healthy concept, from E0, negative ions to F4 stars; second, life The way of appeal, this is the shallowest packaging, similar to the real estate practice, giving the privilege, luxury, superiority and other identity hints, it seems to say this, their own brands and products are noble, in fact, the simple image, can not be consumed Resonance of the people; third, pseudo-blood-likeism, such enterprises often try to hang up with foreign countries, the concept of German quality, French style, Italian design, etc. is full of brands, and even more will describe a real The brand story is a testament to the fact that people think it is an imported brand. Of course, this method is not impossible to beat the ball, but if there is no international brand quality and feeling in supporting support, it is just wishful thinking.

Real brand positioning can guide enterprises to concentrate all marketing activities on one point. It is easy for people to understand at a glance. It is unbelievable not only when they look at them, but also when dealers look at them. Consumers are more able to find impulses and approvals. The oak life that Fudeli launched is worthy of our study. From brand communication to product development, to terminal construction, to designer channel expansion, the company systematically creates a life worthy of respect. For example, the floor of the scholarly door is positioned in the aesthetic floor, and the concept of aesthetics guides the development of the product, the description of the product, and the presentation of the aesthetic culture, all of which are relished by the peers. For example, Pan American flooring has launched a super long and extra wide precious wood species for geothermal, and is committed to leading-level solid wood flooring, which is also eye-catching. In addition, Enron stepped and giraffes made breakthroughs in the art form of the floor. Small mosaics and engraving graphics were used in the creation of the floor, which was also recognized by the high-end market.

Positioning the brand. In today’s home building materials industry, it must be differentiated. What you have mentioned is not meaningful. It is meaningless to mention some concepts that have not been implemented on the product, or to propose some concepts and It doesn’t make sense for people who have little difference in what they play. It is not reasonable to verify brand positioning. The standard is whether the product can support this positioning. This positioning is unique. This is the key.

Three levels of effective brand positioning

1. Examine the market.

Look at whether the product is not in the market, or it has appeared, but it is not noticed and enlarged. For example, when the living room launched the antique floor, the domestic market basically did not, so the living house promoted it. , achieved success.

2, population analysis. What are the concerns of consumers, and how likely are these points of focus to be magnified? For example: solid wood flooring for geothermal, it seems to be a good point, in fact it is not the case, consumers themselves buy solid wood flooring is like this A natural feeling that solid wood flooring needs to be carbonized for geothermalization. The carbonization process has changed the characteristics of wood itself and naturally cannot be widely recognized. Another example: the sports floor launched by Rhein Sunshine early seems to be a good idea. In fact, it is also out of demand. How many people will exercise at home? After all, the home is a place to rest. As a household product, away from the basic functional attributes such as health and stability, we should also have an insight into the overall home form and home style style needs, such as the demand for light-colored floors by young people. Why is there no brand to promote it? Young people are More need to focus on a light-colored floor brand specifically tailored for young consumers.

3. Search for products. The system to see the products on the market, which products have the potential for development, and now the floor industry parquet floor is increasing rapidly, leaving the giraffe, safely step by step, we have not found a brand is dedicated to the popular parquet floor promotion. Of course, the flooring industry has come to this day, the research and development of new products is getting harder and harder, but as a brand positioning, we must create unique high-end image products, so as to provide a banner for the promotion of the brand, the brand is to play Go high.

Nowadays, many companies looking for planning companies to do brand planning and brand positioning often confuse the concept of brand packaging and brand positioning. If it is a concept that cannot effectively guide product development, channel expansion, product sales, then the so-called planning is Can only be called packaging, real brand planning, is a strategic level, is a systematic marketing behavior of the brand around the brand positioning, this accurate brand positioning can effectively guide product adjustment and development, wideThe complaints, the main appeals of investment, and the main appeals of product sales, and then form a clear main line throughout the marketing work.

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Which is better for the floor? Parquet VS laminate flooring

When it comes to composite flooring, many people think that it is to strengthen the floor. In fact, the composite floor on the market not only includes laminate flooring, but also solid wood composite flooring, and the solid wood composite flooring has three layers of solid wood and multi-layer solid wood. The classification of laminate flooring is so complicated, but which one is better?

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Haier no-clean machine is sought after by consumers and is not afraid of being cloned!

According to the latest monthly data of Zhongyikang, the share of Haier washing machine retail sales accounted for 29.83% in August, ranking first in the industry, almost the sum of the second and third places! More data shows that among the top ten models in the pulsator market, seven are Haier brands, two of which are no-clean products, and the brand’s sub-machines are free of washing in the market segment of their price range. the first! Driven by this sales miracle, the market flatly blows up a Haier “no-cleansing”, “cottage,” “cloning and “the imitation of the trend, all night became a no-clean washing machine world.

The original Qingyuan user needs are the key

The name is easy to imitate, the technology is difficult to learn! Haier’s “no-clean technology” can be copied not only as a name, but also because of its continuous interaction with 10 million users. The original wisdom ball and the waterless technology between the barrels not only solve the problem of washing machine cleaning from the source. And get the certification of the national authority, as well as many international awards! Its series of iterative products in the machine-free machine with 73 national patents, completely solve the problem of dirty barrels in the washing machine, and at the same time achieve international leading in terms of water conservation, power consumption, wear rate, cleanliness and noise value. Level. It is also creatively adopting the technical innovation of “one machine and two barrels” and “divisional care” to raise the health care to a higher standard, and at the same time meet the urgent needs of the majority of maternal and child family partition care, fill the gap in the industry. It has been widely recognized by the market and ranked first in the volley market in its price range.

From appearance to internal procedures, from research and development to use, every detail of Haier’s machine-free cleaning runs through the “user thinking” to create the best health care experience for users, and this is Haier Free. Cleaning is the root of the washing machine market!

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Analysis: Floor brand is a comprehensive performance of core competitiveness

As a traditional industry, the threshold of the flooring industry is relatively low, which has caused the size and dispersion of enterprises. How do companies stand out in the flooring industry and continue to make the brand bigger and stronger, this is a problem that the industry has been discussing. This paper analyzes the importance of brands in the flooring industry for core competitiveness from the perspective of improving the brand competitiveness of the flooring industry.

Brand is the comprehensive performance of core competitiveness

In the competition of modern market, the comprehensive performance of competitiveness is mainly reflected in the brand. A brand is not just a sign, but a comprehensive indicator of the quality, performance, and reliability of a consumer’s utility. Especially for the flooring industry, the brand is the soul of competitiveness. How to make a brand, a big brand, and a strong brand is of great significance for enhancing the brand competitiveness of China’s flooring industry.

A brand condenses the cultural connotation of the company’s scientific management, market reputation, and the pursuit of perfect corporate spirit. Once the brand is established and maintained, it will occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers and gradually develop into a famous brand. Its competitiveness will have a full product diffusion effect and a collective effect of industry organization. That is to say, a competitive flooring brand can make a series of products of the same brand competitive, and a group of companies gathered under the banner of the same floor brand has the ability to fight the market storms.

As the brand is at the core of the factors of product competitiveness, in order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, it is necessary to make a fuss about improving the competitiveness of the brand. Only by truly improving the competitiveness of the product can we In turn, the core competitiveness of the entire enterprise is improved.

The competitiveness of the floor brand is concentrated on the core competitiveness of the company.

1. The competitiveness of the floor brand is reflected in the market development of the product. Brand is the product of market economy and market competition. The advantage of brand is inevitably first manifested in market competition. The essence of market competition is to compete for consumers. The main purpose of the brand strategy is to enjoy a better reputation than other brands among consumers, and to occupy an advantage in the competition for consumers;

2. The competitiveness of flooring brands is also reflected in the ability of enterprises to continue to develop. The asset status of an enterprise is the basis for the enterprise to obtain economic benefits, and is the basis for the continued development of the enterprise. The brand has the ability to continuously store the tangible assets and intangible assets that the enterprise continuously accumulates and develops. The former president of the Coca-Cola Company said: ‘Even if the Coca-Cola factory is destroyed, as long as the name Coca-Cola is available, I can rebuild the world’s largest beverage company within a year. ‘In the fierce market economy environment, dare to say such things, it shows confidence in the more than 30 billion intangible assets Coca-Cola condenses;

3, floor brand competitiveness in personalized service . Personalized service is an important part of brand competitiveness. It is difficult to replace high-level, high-quality personalized service that will directly enhance brand value and enhance brand competitiveness.

Wood flooring as a terminal product directly facing consumers, many companies and their numerous brands have participated in the positive competition for the attention of consumers, coupled with the large-scale entry of foreign capital and listed company capital, corresponding It has improved the level of technical equipment in the industry, and also brought about changes in the organizational structure and brand and marketing strategies of enterprises. As the market competition intensifies, 20% of the brands will occupy 80% of the market share, and the status of well-known brands will become more and more prominent.

Release date: 2012/3/22 9:23:26

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Is the waterproof floor really waterproof?

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Waterproof flooring only It is a waterproof floor. Many consumers often understand that this floor is not afraid of water. Water is a natural enemy for the floor. When the wood floor is filled with some technological content, through the bio-wax coating technology, the floor trough双层 Double-layer sealing, this sealing will make the sauce moisture into the substrate, and achieve a good waterproof effect.

Test the waterproof performance of the wooden floor You can pour the water on the floor on the spot, observe the water absorption of the floor paint surface and the flow of the paint surface water, then tilt the wood board slightly, and the water flows in a bead shape, indicating that the waterproof performance of the floor is good, and the water drops will not penetrate into the floor very quickly. Internal.

Xiaobian reminder:

The most inevitable in daily life is the occurrence of accidents, wooden floors will inevitably appear into the water, when the wooden floor encounters too much There will be some negative effects on the moisture. Therefore, everyone must be careful when buying. Troubles, hope this can help to you.

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