99 hotel chain leverages ISO9001 to promote franchise business

A few days ago, the 99 hotel chain successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, which marked the 99 hotel chain in line with international standards in the hotel franchise management and service system.

The IS09001 standard system is an international standard for quality management and quality assurance issued by the International Organization for Standardization to meet the needs of international trade and quality management. It is based on summing up the experiences of countries in the world, especially developed countries, and it is very practical and instructive. Since its introduction, the system has been accepted and recognized by all walks of life providing products and services. It adopts IS09001 standard for hotel quality management, and has passed IS09000 certification and obtained third-party registration certification, which has become one of the important means for hotel companies to improve service quality.

In the current market, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, operating costs and labor costs are rising, and profit margins are constantly shrinking. In the background, many hotel companies are taking measures to strengthen hotel quality management in order to control costs and improve customer satisfaction. Among them, 99 hotel chain has introduced ISO9001 quality management system certification, in order to achieve good results.

After half a year, from the declaration, submission of materials, review, certification, to publicity and filing, after a series of strict audits, the 99 hotel chain successfully met the requirements of ISO9001, becoming an early domestic One of the chain hotel groups certified by the quality management system. Especially in the field of affordable hotels, there are only a handful of certifiers through this system, and it can be seen that the 99 hotel chain has formed a relatively unique self-competitiveness.

Quality Management System Certification is the authoritative certification of many companies that focus on sustainable development. The international standardization of quality management system certification enables enterprises to truly meet the requirements of legalization and scientification, greatly improve work efficiency and product qualification rate, and rapidly improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises, thus shaping the good brand image of enterprises. Continued expansion of market occupancy plays a pivotal role.

With the continuous development of the hotel industry, hotel groups will also face new challenges, and hotel franchise management and services have a long way to go. The passing of ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification is a new starting point for the 99 hotel chain to promote franchise management services. The 99 hotel chain will actively fulfill the responsibility of improving the operating capacity of affordable hotels, and internalize the quality management system into the operation and management of enterprises. aspect.

For the 99 hotel chain, the company has won the ISO9001:2015 quality management system international certification, CEO Zhao Li said that the implementation of the ISO9000 quality management system will be epoch-making for the promotion of hotel management. This shows that the 99 hotel chain is officially in line with international standards in terms of quality management awareness, quality management efficiency, and franchise service system. The 99 hotel chain will take this as a new starting point and continue to move forward. The application of ISO9001 quality management system to hotel management is of great significance for improving the competitiveness of enterprises and even taking the lead in the hotel industry.

At present, the development of China’s hotel groups is facing many competition challenges. Customers have higher and higher requirements for hotel software and hardware service quality, and whether hotels can provide customer satisfaction services is the key to their business success. Combined with different affordable accommodation scenarios, the 99 hotel chain has continued to iteratively upgrade its products through independent research and development while enriching its own brand matrix. After entering the market, it has been unanimously recognized by consumers and investors. Especially in the Qinghai Hotel, which was launched in the second half of last year, the occupancy rate and average house price have both improved after the opening. Shortly after the launch of the Green Season, there were also peers who quickly upgraded their products, and the imitation of the green season was unusually obvious. In this regard, Tian Jia, senior director of 99 hotel chain marketing, said that the design that was not copied is not a good design, very happy, because the emergence of the green season, the industry has a little bit different.

Since the ISO9001 international quality management standard was officially promulgated in 1987, it has experienced an evolution from the manufacturing industry to the service industry. As an important branch of the service industry, the hotel industry faces the challenges brought by the increasingly fierce competition. On the other hand, it has begun to focus on the ISO standard in order to standardize and improve the quality management of hotels. Looking back at those who have successfully implemented the ISO9001 quality management system for hotel companies, the positive significance of quality management to the company is self-evident.

Introducing the ISO9001 quality management system, hotel management is more refined, using systems and procedures to open source and reduce costs, control risks, and reduce costs. At the same time, under the guidance of the existing system, hotel services continue to improve, improve customer satisfaction and investor satisfaction, and achieve revenue growth.

With the increase in the frequency of national travel, new hotel brands are springing up. In the increasingly fierce market competition, customers can choose more and more, and the demand for hotel service quality is more and more demanding. high. The 99 hotel chain has been immersed in the field of affordable hotels for 12 years, and for a long time to come, it will continue to adhere to this vast market segment. In the face of a changing market, continuous learning and continuous improvement are crucial to the quality of the hotel. Therefore, the 99 hotel chain will introduce the ISO9001 standard system into modern hotel management, which will promote the continuous improvement of its quality management and franchise management. In order to continue to maintain the advantages of the headline brand of the hotel industry, bring more dividends to hotel investors. (*This article has been markedSource and source, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Deep cultivation of Latin America for 12 years, Ai Bisen 2019 Chile marketing will start a new journey of development

Recently, Ai Biesen 2019 Chile Marketing Conference was successfully held. In the Latin American market, which has been deeply rooted for 12 years, it has gathered together with various partners and customers to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchange and explore more development possibilities. The site was empty and the customer evaluation was extremely high.

Chile is the first member of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) in South America. Abeson first developed one of the core sites of the international market. In 2005, Ai Biesen went abroad for the first time. In 2006, he sold the display to Latin America and Mexico. In 2007, he sold to South America and Chile. After that, he started the exploration and deep cultivation in the Latin American market. It has been 12 years since. It has established subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil, and maintains a good development trend while maintaining good cooperation with Latin American partners and customers.

In the Latin American market, Abbyson’s screen can be seen everywhere. The 7 lines of the Chilean capital Santiago Metro are all over 1100m2 in the Aibisen big screen. The most influential 60th edition of the Viña del Mar International Music Festival in Latin America is the same as the Peacock. The League of Legends game Latin America The regional finals are further assisted by Abbyson Funnel Screen ······ for Abbison, it is able to achieve such results in the Latin American market, the most important thing is to use quality products and professional Localization services overcome geographical and cultural differences and give customers a sense of trust.

In order to build a deeper friendship and good relationship with customers, Ai Bisen Chile Marketing It will be held in Santiago, Chile, and will gather with Latin American partners to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges to explore more development possibilities. It is hoped that Abbison’s quality products and localized professional services will further promote the coordinated development of Latin America.

At the meeting, Chen Yang, general manager of the Abbison Latin America business district, took the lead in delivering a speech. Chen Yang expressed warm welcome to the guests present and expressed his gratitude to the customers and partners for their trust and support for so many years. He also expressed his confidence in further cooperation in the future. Chen Yang’s wonderful speech added a warm atmosphere to the marketing conference.

Shen Yimin, Director of the Chilean Marketing Department in Latin America, shared the development trend of the LED industry and the development of the company from the company. The core competencies such as history, corporate culture, intelligent manufacturing, and global service introduce the Abbison Group.

Ai Biesen insists that “the essence of culture, not lying, not falsifying, not bribing, practicing” “integrity, gratitude, responsible core values, regard quality as the lifeline of the company, always Since then, it has adhered to international standards and has strict requirements on itself with the highest international standards in Europe and America.

Overcoming many difficulties, gradually built a global service system, established a number of service sites, ensured rapid response, and provided the most convenient and professional localization to customers in Latin America. service. And the first ACE engineer certification training in the industry, has always insisted on leading the entire industry. More than 1,200 ACE engineers have been certified to date.

He Jialing, Sales Engineer, Chilean Market, Abbie’s Latin America Business Area, based on product use environment and segmentation applications The scene shared with the guests the classic case representatives created by Abbyson around the world.

For many years, Abbison has closely integrated with the needs of users, and has integrated cutting-edge technology to develop a wide range of superior products, and gradually deepen the market in the control room, leasing, corporate, retail, outdoor advertising and other segments, and constantly create For example, the world’s first smart city model case —— Longgang new smart city operation management center, 2018 Russia World Cup stadium nearly 2000m2 sports big screen, London Fen Court LED art sky device and Dubai GITEX exhibition 3D mechanical screen, etc. Miracle.

Finally, Shen Minmin deeply interpreted Abby’s new applications in the field. The AX series, the first small-pitch rental product that is currently the most flat of Abelson, is highlighted. This product has been well received by the exhibitors at the current world’s major exhibitions. It uses IMD four-in-one packaging technology to display better results and make maintenance easier.

Then introduced Absenicon, the industry’s first standardized conference room product. This product not only developed a new segment, but also made the conference more advanced, and led the industry to standardization, which will help the market to form an effective market. , unified product measurement standards.

In addition to the above products, there are also a variety of product areas such as A27 series of commercial display applications, PL lite series of rental star products, and N PLUS of flat panel display products, which are exhibited on the spot. The guests were very interested in the products introduced, and they also visited the site in detail.

This marketing will come to an end in a happy and harmonious atmosphere, which is well received by customers, Abby Sen has further established a deep friendship with customers and partners in Latin America. It is believed that in the future, Abbison will use more professional products and deep localization services to maintain closer cooperation with customers in Latin America and drive more regional development.

About Abbison:

Shenzhen Ai Bison Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300389) was founded in 2In 001, it is the world’s leading provider of true LED display applications and services. Products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., successfully implemented more than 30,000 application examples, widely used in the US NBA game, World Club Cup, European Cup, presidential press conference, high-end shopping In the fields of shopping malls, luxury brand stores, and national TV stations, the export volume of display products has ranked first in the industry for 10 consecutive years. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Is the smart lock as dangerous as the network transmission?

Image from Oriental IC

as a smart home A category of rapid development in the field, the upper and lower limits of smart door locks are very low, the price confusion, security, and false propaganda are destroying the development of the industry, increasing the mood of consumers waiting and affecting the smart door lock. Popularization process.

In recent years, the concept of smart home has gradually been accepted by consumers, and the smart door lock industry has attracted much attention. The 2018 China Smart Lock Consumer Analysis Report pointed out that more than 70% of consumers are willing to Buy smart locks in the future. But how long does it mean in the future? Smart Lock’s home network has therefore investigated a group of users who tend to purchase smart locks in the future.

Of the more than 640 users surveyed, more than 163 consumers said they would buy smart locks in the next year or two, and 319 consumers said they would consider it within three or five years, but the remaining consumers could not. Give a rough answer, “Smart lock price reduction space,” smart lock security issues become the main reason, these consumers believe that smart lock market and technology still need further development, after more years of market free competition, smart lock will More affordable, safer performance will be a new level.

It is not difficult to find that with the development of the industry, the degree of attention has increased, and some consumers have also paid attention to the exposed smart lock market issues, such as price confusion, quality and safety, and false publicity. Destroy the development of the industry. These also increase the mood of consumers to wait and see, affecting the popularity of smart door locks.

And among these industry issues, the security of smart door locks is the most important issue to ignore. When buying smart door locks, it is not only the unlocking mode and convenience of smart door locks that attract us. More importantly, smart door locks look safer than traditional door locks. It can be said that safety is the purchase of smart doors. Lock is the most basic and core appeal.

However, in fact, smart door locks are not as safe as we think, intelligently designed locks that are unreasonable, and even less secure than traditional door locks. As a fast-growing category in the smart home field, the upper and lower limits of smart door locks are very low. There are smart locks with a cost of 100 yuan, and there are also smart smart locks that the industry leaders are trying to build. If you don’t do your homework before you buy, you will undoubtedly step on the pits and find the most suitable choice.

Objectively speaking, it is undeniable that the security problem of smart locks does exist, but it depends to a large extent on the importance that manufacturers attach to safety functions, and whether product performance meets China’s public safety industry standards. Consumers are also required to be vigilant and have a certain industry awareness.

During the consumption process, users should ask the merchant for answers from the following perspectives. If the merchant answers vague words, it is recommended to consider the purchase carefully.

Is there an anti-cat eye unlocking function

Although the cat’s eye is not a small use, it has become a tool for criminals to open the door. They insert the tool through the cat’s eye and press the handle inside the door. Can open the door quickly. Therefore, the cat eye of the security door has become a major hidden danger of family safety.

A smart door lock with anti-cat eye unlocking can completely avoid this dangerous situation. When opening the door from the door, the anti-cat eye function key must be pressed down (or the function is closed), and the handle can be opened by pressing the handle, so that the above illegal unlocking mode is invalid, and the safety is effectively enhanced. It also has the function of child lock and pet lock. Even if there are children in the house, it will not accidentally open the door.

Is it the safest C-class lock cylinder

The safety of a door lock, the most important is the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is the most obvious and important part of checking the safety of the home door lock. At present, the Ministry of Public Security has three levels of lock cores: A, B, and C. The safest C-class lock cylinder in the industry, with strong anti-breaking ability, the lock core comes with anti-drilling piece, with a higher level of anti-drilling and anti-technical opening ability, to protect the home.

Whether there is a shielded black box design

Netcast “ Small black box can open 90% smart lock on the market, this statement does not have objectivity and data foundation, currently China The smart door lock industry is in an explosive period, and there are many brands, which can be described as a mixed bag. Some brand-name manufacturers and some brand owners are eager to smoke, in order to save costs, and reduce the security of smart locks, so that the launch of the product allows this simple interference device to open.

However, this is just a chaos in the smart door lock industry. Smart locks with excellent shielding effects mostly use industrial-grade master chips, which have lower power consumption and lower power than chips for consumer electronics. Strong anti-interference ability. It is safer than a chip with a smart lock.

Is there a tamper-proof and tamper-proof design?

Excellent anti-theft locks are designed with tamper-evident panels, anti-inserts, and anti-pinch bars. At the same time, it should have anti-smashing alarm function to achieve full-scale anti-theft in physical direction. Most of the smart lock door lock frame has a sensor on the inner side of the security door. When the smart door lock is shaken, an alarm will be issued in time.

If you have the APP function, you need to consider whether to provide real-time monitoring and APP security.

Most smart door locks have built-in or external gateway functions, and can pass the WiFi module. The ZigBee module or the Bluetooth gateway is connected to the Internet to implement functions such as unlocking reminder, unlocking record viewing, shackle reminding, and fingerprint password management. The real-time monitoring function of the APP allows the home security status to be viewed in real time, which is a security function that is not available in traditional door locks.

Since the network is connected, it is inevitable to encounter the invasion of network hackers. Although this probability is very small, foreign hackers have alreadyConstantly prove to us that intrusion into a smart door lock is not particularly difficult. After the popularity of smart door locks, the security of smart door lock gateways and APPs will become a hot topic of discussion.

With special password unlock trigger trigger alarm function

Some high-end smart locks also have a hold alarm function, although the probability of using this function is extremely small, but once it happens, it will definitely let you and The family can get out of danger faster, and only need to set up the alarm password and hold the alarm fingerprint to deal with this extreme demand. Holding the alarm function requires the door lock to keep the network connection, and the alarm signal can be output after unlocking, so that the quality can be rescued in time.

In summary, the smart lock not only brings the user a simple concept of saying goodbye to the key, but also should show the appearance of the product as an intelligent era, carrying the responsibility of family protection. To be safer, caring and intelligent. With the universal application of smart homes, it is undoubted that smart locks will gradually enter thousands of Chinese families. The issue of smart lock security is an unavoidable part of the development of the industry, and urges the smart lock enterprises to develop in a healthy way. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Indian sanitary trend analysis

The market in India is still very large. It is not mentioned in the countryside. In the urban family alone, one out of every five families has no toilet or toilet. Looking at this data alone, I can think of the huge market.

One-stop shopping and perfect bathroom solutions:

Initially, Indian brands dominated the market, but How can major international brands let go of this emerging market? The concept and quality of the bathroom brought by international brands continue to impact Indian companies. While people are paying more and more attention to personal hygiene, they also seem to prefer foreign brands. People prefer the one-stop shopping concept advocated by international brands and the proposed bathroom solutions.

Water-saving bathroom:

India has a large population and is in a tropical climate. The bathroom space is also a large water user. Therefore, compared with those products with large water consumption, people prefer the sanitary products with environmental protection and water saving features.

High-tech products:

The pursuit of high technology is not a national feature, but a trend of globalization. Smart sanitary wares are constantly fermenting in China, and in Asian countries such as India. At present, high-tech sanitary products account for 10%-12% of the entire sanitary ware industry in India.

The market in India is still very large. It is not mentioned in the countryside. Looking at the families of the city alone, one out of every five families has no toilet or toilet. Looking at this data alone, I can think of the huge market. If you want to count the needs of people to replace the high-end sanitary ware products, damage repurchase products and redecoration products, it is incalculable and unimaginable in the future.

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Do not talk about “pit” and “pain point”, and imagine the future of home building materials supply chain

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Someone In the place where there is “the rivers and lakes, the same place, there is a place where there is a market.”

Recently, he talked with Shang Ya, the director of Huitongda’s home building materials development, and he mentioned the reasons why many people now lay out the home building supply chain industry. “Now the home building materials industry is relatively traditional, and there is a lot of room for change.

He told Yiou Home, “In the future, whether it is the auxiliary material enterprise to do supply chain integration, the main material will further expand the overall home improvement system, or the standardization system of fine decoration will be further formed, even to open the home The online and offline new retail channels of the building materials industry have enormous potential for development in these areas.

So, if you give me a chance to imagine the future of the supply chain industry, what would you think?

From auxiliary materials, main materials to furniture soft furnishings, home building materials supply chain Different Forms and Incomers

In the home building supply chain industry, there have been many influxes. Since the start of the preparation of this topic, the number of companies concerned has been more than one day. First of all, the supply chain system of the home building materials industry is roughly divided into three categories:

The first category is the auxiliary material supply chain. At present, the B2B e-commerce model of home building materials is presented as a model. The foreman provides services. For example, Beijing’s good materials, good living group, palm accessories, search materials, Shanghai’s full material network, chubby bear, material bags, etc.;

The second category is the main material supply chain, currently It has not yet emerged from the development path of formation. Yiou Home’s home furnishing supply chain supply chain enterprises are located in various places, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, etc. It seems that there are more enterprises distributed in coastal cities. The enterprises include Dongjian, Hengteng Network (owned by Evergrande), Huanian Home, Xingxiang, Yunjiatong, Ju Lewu, Zhongcang Express, and Baba, etc.;

The third category is Furniture soft supply chain, this piece has a few companies doing. For example, Yihe Yimei, whole house superior products, excellent home purchases, etc., because the soft-packed has the characteristics of too many SKU products, difficult to integrate and the supply chain is tedious, relatively few companies do this.

Among the listed applicants, some have already won the B round or even higher financing rounds, and have won the favor of many well-known venture capitalists; some companies started shortly but the founders are the industry. Senior players, want to work to change the large and scattered special form of the supply chain industry … …

Their entry points are different, and they still can’t talk about the market share in the market. But they are working hard in this industry to be alive and want to contribute to the development of the supply chain industry. And they are just a small part of the home building supply chain industry, and there are still many players who are not included.

Open up & ldquo;Pit and “ pain points, Imagine the future of the home building supply chain

For those who have not entered the home building supply chain market, in their eyes, “The attractiveness of the supply chain may be in profit. In fact, in terms of the current development of supply chain enterprises, there are quite a few companies that have already made a profit (with positive income), but only a small number of companies have achieved overall profitability and obtained large profits.

Hao Yujia COO Xu Yufeng told Yiou Home. He spent a period of time in Guangdong and Shanghai, visiting local home improvement companies and found that the profit of the home industry is based on R&D or products. In the hands of the core enterprises, they are in the hands of big dealers, but the home improvement company actually has no money to earn. Because more money is in the hands of those who really have first-hand products and first-hand resources.

From this point of view, the profit that the home building materials supply chain enterprise that takes the resource aggregation path can obtain is probably not as impressive as it is supposed to be, but it is indeed a market with great development space.

Li Zhujie, the founding partner of Wucai Ventures, said in investing in B2B e-commerce “Wholesale Materials”, “We believe that the business of multi-layer trading of auxiliary materials stems from information asymmetry and warehousing. Logistics is difficult to manage, and the overall market space of the industry is high. This is one of the reasons why the supply chain industry has great potential for growth.

So, in the eyes of various companies, what is the future direction of the supply chain industry? In the view of 100 million euros, the essence of supply chain is to integrate market resources (purchasing ability, sales ability), self-built logistics The system and the warehousing system (the warehouse capacity) and the full service chain (service capability) of the supply chain system are only complete, and the supply chain system is complete.

In the previous articles shared by Yiou Home, many of them mentioned the “pit and “drinks” in the supply chain industry. If you don’t talk about it, the future of the supply chain industry is still very It is worth looking forward to, including the following modes:

1、 Going to dealership, the company establishes a large and complete supply chain platform, such as real estate business self-built home building materials supply chain platform, and more Big brands form a linkage effect. The advantage of this approach is that it is truly “de-distributed, and the possible profit is mentioned as the highest, but the problem lies in two points:

First, it is difficult to ensure that there is no omission in the supply chain management process. The cooperation process has not been carried out faithfully. In the absence of clear regulations in the industry, it is prone to problems that the products are not genuine and the prices are not uniform.

The second is the self-built supply chain platform.The industry must be able to meet the needs of the target group (such as home improvement enterprises). If it can only meet part of the demand, it will not be able to do much market size, whether it is in the main material, auxiliary materials or furniture soft clothing, if you want to get through it. A supply chain, if it is large enough, must be able to meet the needs of the company as much as possible. At present, no enterprise can do it.

2、 Be a self-sufficient local supply chain platform. If the company wants to make a local small platform and does not want to break through the restrictions of regionalization, this is also a feasible way. But its drawback is that if you don’t have a big one in the regionalization, it is easy to fall into the price war. Unless a harmonious relationship is established between the company and the company, this model can easily lead to the destruction of market pricing rules.

3、 The supply chain platform can not only cooperate with large manufacturers, but also cooperate with dealers. This approach may increase costs to a large extent, while also reducing profits, but this approach applies to small and medium supply chain platforms because it is safer, more worry-free and more reasonable.

For the possible development trend of the supply chain in the future, many people in the industry think the same as the ones of the E-home, that is, the home building supply chain industry will definitely have giants and even oligarchs in the future, which is in other industries. There have been precedents. However, only the companies that are more patient with the current “Pit,” pain points and “difficulties” will have more confidence in the future.

As long as you reach the end, you may become the king, otherwise you will only become a “martyr”, the competition rules in the business sea. Therefore, no matter whether the road was washed by heavy rain or by the flood, it must be done in peace. It will always be fine after rain.

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Spring back to the earth, small and medium-sized flooring companies have to prepare for the winter?

Image from the web

One year is in spring.

Shanghai Spring and Jingming and Baihua are at the end of March, and the flooring industry is particularly busy. From March 26th to 28th, on both sides of the Huangpu River, “China International Land Exhibition” echoed with “China Building Materials Exhibition”. As a practitioner in the flooring industry, I have experienced the two annual annual building materials (flooring) industry events as an audience. I would like to make a few comments and reflections. I would like to share with you that the following is purely personal and does not represent the company’s position.

Opinion 1: Product innovation is weak and increasingly homogenized

In the two exhibitions, the floor exhibition area is the focus of the visit. In the process of exhibition, there are few products and brands that impress the author. As an industrial product, the floor has experienced rapid development in China for nearly 30 years. The quality and performance are becoming more and more mature, and the environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent. (The new national standard formaldehyde emission limit value is 2024mg/m3 in 2018, and the limit mark is E1, canceled. The original E2 level), such as the wear resistance, moisture resistance and environmental protection that consumers care about, basically the products of regular manufacturers can be satisfied, and in recent years, “Adapted floor heating has become more and more strengthening. Standard for the floor.

Performance and quality are mature, which is good for consumers. Products purchased through regular channels can be used with confidence. The challenge for flooring companies is the increasingly homogenized products. How to make new breakthroughs in product design and brand marketing is a question to be considered.

Opinion 2: Exhibition Marketing “Everything is different”

Unlike product innovation, the exhibitors are full of variety in exhibition marketing, in order to “surprisingly win”. At the exhibition, personalized booth design, exchange of business cards, and distribution of printed promotional materials are routine operations. Model platforms, follow-up gifts, and fine wines are not unusual. Posters, copywriters, and gimmicks abound.

After sighing, I thought about it, and there are not many brands and booths that really impress. The first-line brands have accumulated, with their own traffic and attention, behind the odds of small and medium-sized brands, it is traffic anxiety and marketing pressure.

But for many small and medium-sized brands, not only to attract customers to stop at the booth, but also to spread their product strength and marketing power, their own advantages combined with supporting follow-up services is to retain customers. . Therefore, it is understandable that the exhibition marketing has its own unique tricks. Whether it can retain customers is the touchstone for testing strength.

Opinion 3: There is room for improvement in the professionalism of employees

During the exhibition, it was found that in recent years, home furnishing companies have made great progress in brand image and marketing gimmicks, even It can be said that it is maturing, but there is room for improvement in the professionalism of practitioners.

On the one hand, the understanding of product knowledge is not thorough enough. Take the flooring industry, knowing that the laminate flooring does not necessarily understand solid wood flooring, it may be familiar to the technical parameters of the product, but it involves color design and style matching. It is more vague.

On the other hand, some flooring brands copy foreign design styles and marketing tools, whether it is brand endorsement or specific to a single product scene map, there is a situation that does not meet China’s national conditions. Some sales people follow the instructions, the listeners are in the fog, indifferent, and there is a concept of Lin Zhiling, the product Luo Yufeng’s situation, the concept and the real difference is too big.

Consumers in the new era have put forward higher requirements for our home industry practitioners, less routines, more sincerity, enthusiasm for learning, and improved professionalism.

Opinion 4: The home industry is transforming from manufacturing to service industry

Whole house customization is the current trend and future trend of the home industry. The core is to integrate building materials and decoration. From selling products to selling designs and selling services, it is also a one-stop customized service. In the home industry, the trend from manufacturing to service industry is becoming more and more obvious.

For the flooring industry, “bigger Evergrande, head enterprises need to transform from industry brands to consumer brands, SMEs need to reinterpret brand positioning, develop targeted brand communication strategies and differences. Product strategy.

At the same time, supporting the whole brand and real estate projects is also an opportunity for small and medium-sized flooring companies. “The price war will eliminate enterprises with backward production capacity,” the brand war will eliminate those companies that lack the core competitiveness of the brand. In the moment, who can provide better service to customers, who can take the lead in the market.

Opinion 5: What is more scarce than innovation is the ability to innovate

After two exhibitions, the brand awareness of many home furnishing companies including flooring companies is gradually increasing. Also trying to reflect their own sense of innovation. However, what is more scarce than innovation is the ability to innovate. The previous talk about product homogenization is only one of the performances, more importantly localized product innovation.

In the flooring industry, large enterprises can innovate channels and categories through market integration, which is also in line with the mature development trend of the industry. SMEs need to accurately position products and achieve the ultimate in segmentation. . “Large and all is a road to development. “Small and beautiful is also a living method. In the middle, it is often a company with unclear positioning and insufficient strength. This part of the enterprise is also the most uncomfortable.

At the China Construction Expo, I was impressed by a company that specializes in art parquet flooring. I have found a balance between artistry and practicality. The products incorporate natural and artistic elements, some of which are The elements of native art deco are the most valuableIt is the tonality exhibited by this brand that is highly consistent. Regardless of the market performance of such products, such creative designs have an impact on the development of the entire industry.


The biggest feeling of the two exhibitions is that the most valuable in the flooring industry is still creativity and design. The floor is the floor of the world, and the enterprise is a Chinese company. We look forward to the flooring China flooring industry with more innovative companies.

The competition in the business field has always followed the law of the jungle & mdash; — the weak meat, the survival of the fittest. In this natural world, the strong rely on the sense of smell, the weak rely on hearing, and the strong can always smell the crisis and opportunity. The flooring industry, and even the entire home furnishing industry, is shuffling. SMEs have only a timely and dynamic trend.

Back to the opening sentence, the year is in spring, and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the flooring industry are preparing for the winter. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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The hot pot is called the “drink”! Last year, the national per capita consumption was 88 yuan, second only to Chinese food.

Recently, at the Hot Pot Industry Conference Summit Forum, two reports were published: the research report on the consumption behavior of hot pot diners and the White Paper on the development of Chinese hot pot industry: Last year, the total consumption of hot pot in the country increased by 10.8% year-on-year, and the per capita consumption reached 88. Yuan, only 2 yuan less than the per capita consumption of Chinese food. Spicy and spicy flavors are still the mainstay of the hot pot industry. The four flavors of mushroom, hot and sour, white soup and tomato grow rapidly.

In terms of consumer groups, the main force of hot pot consumption is still 80, after 90, 00, it deserves high attention.

When Western food, Japanese food, Korean barbecue, and Southeast Asian cuisine gradually occupy a place in the Chinese food and beverage market, can hot pot continue to be brilliant?


Consumer groups are younger and more hot pots are hot

And with the rejuvenation of hot pot consumers, they are photographed and sent to circle. Influence, create “explosive products become the leading idea of ​​some hot pot innovation, such as milk tea hot pot, ice cream hot pot, including durian, snacks, etc. into the hot pot”; brain hole creativity is also endless.

According to the “White Paper on China’s Hot Pot Industry Development”, the growth rate of total catering revenue in 2018 is higher than the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the same period, and hot pot catering has become a catering segment with a highly standardized and unique business model. The largest category, and continues to grow at a rate that exceeds the level of the restaurant industry. The report believes that the future category of hot pot will be more diversified and segmented, and the operation will also be characterized.

In order to cater to the younger group, deepen the impression of tourists on the city of Chongqing hot pot, many businesses burst Out & ldquo; fancy innovation. Last year, a piece of news was hot on the whole network —— in Chongqing Shapingba, in order to cater to the image of Chongqing people who love to eat hot pot, in order to make the scenic spot more distinctive, the person in charge of the scenic spot renovated a Sigongge red soup hot spring pool, inside There are also some props such as cabbage and pepper. It is a magnified version of the “red soup hot pot”, so many tourists come here.

Chongqing, hot pot, hot springs, these three key words have also produced a wonderful “chemical reaction, tourists once again for Chongqing” “hot spring capital” & “folk pot birthplace” A deeper impression, even pushed the Chongqing tourism industry to a small peak. Going to Chongqing and making hot springs to eat hot pot has become a fixed link for tourists to come to Chongqing for sightseeing.

The environment is refined, hot pot dining needs to be cultural and more fashionable

Investigate the industry trend of hot pot, the first-line restaurant has more say. He Jiankang is a “hot pot veteran, who was born in Chongqing hot pot”; Whampoa Military Academy Little Swan, after successfully operating several hot pot restaurants, now has its own hot pot brand & mdash; & mdash; a bucket of fresh hot pot, and Diversified catering company.

He Jiankang told reporters that in the 1990s, the main market for hot pot was still in the Sichuan-Yunnan region. In the competition between Chengdu and Chongqing, the hot pot gradually explored the hot pot bottom material and refined seasoning. The price competition of hot pot is also becoming increasingly fierce, making this restaurant form more popular, younger and more fashionable.

Some restaurants try to impress consumers with more sophisticated dining. At the beginning of the establishment of a fresh pot of hot pot, it abandoned the traditional hot pot style of Chongqing hot pot, but the location of the food stalls, but the space design is more expensive to create a classic, elegant and luxurious The main hot pot restaurant, the food is more refined, not only the materials, such as waist tablets, goose intestines, hairy belly and other special ingredients are more attention to “fresh, from the material to the delivery to the table, the whole link is efficient and reasonable, Strive for the taste of the diners on the “exquisite.”

He Jiankang believes that the hot pot culture is not extensive, but with the rejuvenation of the crowd, it is increasingly necessary to be more refined and refined, so as to meet the dining needs of the new generation of consumers, The development of the industry has injected new development ideas.

Under the diversified market development, Chongqing hot pot brand awareness needs to be strengthened

The city’s business cards in Chongqing are well-known, and the cultural symbol of hot pot has become a favorite food for the people of the country. More and more food and beverage brands are optimistic about this fertile “hot pot fertile soil”, have come up with the “all the way homes want to compete for a place in Chongqing.”

Chongqing is an inclusive city. Chongqing people are more hospitable and dare to try new things. Therefore, here, the hot pot industry is more diversified and even begins to be internationalized, both in terms of ingredients and base materials. For example, the formats of winter yin gong hot pot and Thai hot pot have sprung up in Chongqing’s major business districts, and the store traffic is quite good, which has become a choice that many young people are willing to try.

In this regard, He Jiankang gave his own opinion. In the current increasingly competitive hot pot market, brands are the most critical factor in attracting consumers. Therefore, brand building should be strengthened. In order to inherit the authentic old hot pot in Chongqing, relying on Chongqing’s traditional spicy flavor as the core of the restaurant characteristics, the establishment of a customer-oriented marketing system, leading Chongqing hot pot to the high end. (*This article has been markedSource and source, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Anti-dumping investigation of 137 companies in Foshan involving Mexican tiles

Foshan 137 companies involved in Mexican anti-dumping investigations on Chinese tiles

May 8 The reporter learned from the official website of the Ministry of Commerce that the Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs issued an announcement stating that the Mexican side has accepted the application of the domestic industry and decided to initiate an anti-dumping investigation against the wall tiles and floor tiles originally produced in China (the product codes are: 69079099 and 69089001). . The applicant intends to use the United States as a surrogate country to calculate the normal value of Chinese exports.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the resolution of the case will take effect from the day after the release. The investigation period of the case is from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014, and the damage analysis period is October 1, 2011. Until September 30, 2014. The products involved in this anti-dumping investigation include glazed and non-glazed tiles. There are 137 ceramics and trading companies involved in Foshan. The person in charge of the export department of a company involved said in an interview that the anti-dumping will have a certain degree of impact on export enterprises. Therefore, as long as there are exports to Mexican companies, enterprises will generally have to respond, otherwise they will be subject to a punitive rate. Processing.

In order to assist the enterprises involved in the case to do a good job in responding to the case, Foshan Commerce Bureau and China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, as well as Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, organized all the enterprises involved in the case to meet on the 15th of this month. The coping strategies will be studied together.

According to China Customs statistics, in 2014 China’s exports of ceramic tile products to Mexico amounted to US$114 million, of which Foshan’s export tiles amounted to US$96.48 million. Mexico is not only China’s most important trading partner in Latin America, but also the largest export market in Latin America. However, in the development of China-Mexico trade, as Mexico’s imports from China far exceed its exports to China, Mexico’s trade with China has long been in deficit and the deficit has grown rapidly.

Since 2003, China has surpassed Japan to become Mexico’s largest source of trade deficit, so Mexico has been in a high deficit. Coupled with the high degree of competition between China and Mexico, the anti-dumping cases have increased while the trade relations between the two countries have become increasingly close. Mexico has become one of the developing countries with the most anti-dumping sanctions against China, and there are levies on anti-dumping sanctions against China. Wide range and high taxation rate.

[招商宝, the home building materials industry to join the first platform, pay attention to WeChat master first-hand business opportunities, micro-signal “zhaoshangbao]

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Chinese shower room will capture New York, USA in 2016

The golden monkey drives to Vientiane. There were news of the explosion. During the Spring Festival, Gree, Mengniu, Leshi, Hisense, Panpan Food, Mousse, Yutong Bus, Hanhou, Yashili, Liangpin Shop, Mengniu, Blue Moon, Changhong, Hainan Airlines, Luxi Group, Dongfang Electric, Oaks … … and other 100 Chinese industry leaders will join forces to capture Times Square in New York. Among them, the Chinese shower room is also impressive!

New York’s Times Square, known as the “world’s crossroads, has an annual average of more than 40 million visitors, and is one of the best windows to attract global attention. Since 2011, the top brands in various industries in China have appeared here. Now, the Chinese shower room has to capture the world’s top brand show!

This is the first time that a Chinese shower room has landed in Times Square in New York. It is also the first time that Chinese sanitary ware companies have landed in New York Times Square. It is confirmed that this Chinese shower room brand, which is on the same stage with the 100 brand, is the RoserY Rose Island, which is famous for its romantic and beautiful.

In the Chinese New Year’s most grand festival, the Chinese shower room landed in Times Square in New York, which is a milestone event in the Chinese sanitary ware industry. It not only shows the strength and connotation of the Chinese national sanitary ware brand, but also Further enhance the international discourse power and competitiveness of the national sanitary ware brand, and become another powerful driving force for shaping the image of China Dream!

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A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the different prices of the major exchanges 24 hours a day, and generate high-frequency quantitative transactions to generate revenue. Open the joining plan, and gain money every day!

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A: All the generated income is calculated in CTO currency. CTO currency can be directly converted into Ethereum currency at any time. Ethereum currency can be redeemed at any time without restriction, and can also be sold to the person who wants the coin! Static income and sharing The proceeds are settled daily in CTO currency. The current CTO currency is $0.30, and will reach $50 & mdash at the end of the year; $60.

How is the cloud token static revenue?

A: Cloud token static monthly income is in the period of 6%~12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO currency)

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