Analysis of the status quo of solid wood furniture industry

In recent years, solid wood furniture has become more and more popular among consumers. After the plate furniture and plate custom furniture, the wood furniture and the whole wood custom furniture gradually entered the people’s field of vision. However, under the current overall economic downturn, and the environmental protection department has increased environmental protection investigations, the status quo of solid wood furniture is not optimistic. The solid wood furniture industry presents high gross profit and low net profit. The average net profit of the industry is only 4 %, the entire industry due to low net profit, a serious lack of competitive advantage.

Solid wood furniture manufacturing Problems and Challenges

The furniture industry is a traditional labor-intensive industry with a low overall automation level and is driven by investment. At present, there are only a few large-scale enterprises that achieve highly automated production in the industry, with strong capital and fast technology upgrades. But most furniture factories are still combining machine work with manual work. The higher the grade, the more furniture is made of solid wood and enamel, especially the complex features of solid wood parts. Some processes need manual work, such as engraving (that is, machine rough carving, the follow-up still needs manual improvement). ). The degree of standardization of panel furniture is high, which is conducive to information production. The precondition for the high-volume, automated production of panel furniture is that the parts are highly standardized and the structure is simple and small. The solid wood furniture industry is a small business compared to the panel furniture enterprise, because the panel furniture increases profits by running, and the solid wood furniture is not as good as the panel furniture because of the different production methods and panel furniture. .

In general, the challenges faced by solid wood furniture companies are as follows:

1, the era of meager profit, the industry’s competitive pressure is unprecedented

The traditional production mode leads to low production efficiency, coupled with high raw material costs and a large expenditure on staff expenses. Expenditure, low industry profits, and small competitive advantage.

2, low standardization of solid wood furniture

solid wood furniture material specifications, material types, products Types and structural connections are more complex, resulting in a low degree of industry standardization, making it difficult to achieve generalized, standardized design and informational manufacturing like panel furniture.

3, complex process

solid wood furniture based on wood properties processing requirements It is high and has more manufacturing processes and is more susceptible to variable influence factors.

4, subjective factors have a large impact

depending on the manufacture of solid wood furniture for workers In the higher the plate furniture, the production efficiency and quality are more affected by people.

Where is the way out for solid wood furniture?

Because of the current lack of resource integration in the furniture industry, solid wood furniture continues the traditional manufacturing model in the context of the global manufacturing industry gradually turning to information manufacturing. (Machine production combined with manual, imitating production mode), after all, is not the way. But the differences between the industries are too great, and the upgrading of the industrial structure is not a one-off process. The road to solid wood furniture on the informationization is an irreversible trend, but to achieve informational manufacturing, to maintain good vitality and competitive advantage in the fierce market competition, we can consider starting from two aspects.

First, gradually standardize solid wood furniture, lay the foundation for informational manufacturing of solid wood furniture

Plate furniture is easy to realize the standardization of design and manufacture due to its simple shape, single raw material, high degree of generalization of interface hardware and simple production process. But solid wood furniture parts are based on the production of solid wood raw materials, so the types of shapes are varied, the types of parts are numerous, the specifications are large, and the processing process is complicated and the process level is higher. Therefore, relevant professionals said that it is a difficult problem to standardize the design and manufacture of solid wood furniture. This is not a matter for a certain enterprise. It requires resource integration and information sharing across the industry. The standardization of solid wood furniture needs to start from the following aspects, first realize the standardization of the company’s own production, and then expand to the industry as a whole:

(1 ) Uniform coding

To achieve the unification of solid wood furniture processing wood coding and the unit coding method, which is convenient for industry communication.This is a systematic project that requires industry standards organizations to initiate and industry leaders to lead by example. For the enterprise itself, the material and raw material codes are easy to be information-managed, such as the convenient call of parts in the design stage and the access of parts and products in the later stage, which can improve efficiency.

(2)Modify the interface structure of solid wood parts

The solid wood furniture has many styles and specifications. The principle of design is to minimize the number and size of parts. For example, the frame structure of the table, chair and cabinet furniture in the same enterprise is as uniform as possible in the type and size, which is convenient for continuous operation under the same tool.

(3) Production with templates

Learn from the production of solid wood sofas. The sofa is laid out with a template, the main structure adopts a simple shape, and the shaped part is spliced ​​with a plastic structure. In the soft body of the bag, such as the shaped part of the sofa armrest, the frame is directly straight and simple, and the plastic hand-shaped structure is assembled at the handrail, and then the sponge is covered. The surface layer will not be any different in appearance, which not only improves production efficiency, but also contributes to the generalization of enterprise parts. Following this idea, solid wood furniture companies can make templates for common parts and encode them. In production, they can be staked directly by means of templates.

(4) Standardized processing equipment

Adopting foreign advanced equipment, improving production technology, innovative product design style and other means to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprise products, realize the standardized production of solid wood furniture products, and make some seemingly simple products through different combinations and combinations. Can combine different shapes and functions.

Second, improve design level

Current domestic furniture design It has reached a bottleneck, imitating design has become the mainstream way, even the accumulation of elements, the original level of innovation is not high. Furniture companies have transformed, especially for solid wood furniture manufacturers, original design has become a core competitiveness. As the demand for consumers changes and increases, the market’s requirements for original design are also constantly improving. Only by continuously improving their original design capabilities and product research and development capabilities, solid wood furniture enterprises can develop steadily.


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How to choose the color of the curtain? Just remember 4 sentences is enough!

1, white gauze curtain is a more versatile choice;

2. Solid color curtains are easier to match than patterns and patterns;

3, the color of the curtain can be the main color or auxiliary color of the space;

4, you can consider the shape of the window.

If you can understand the above four sentences, you can read this article carefully. In the next part, we use pictures to illustrate the principles of these points.

Before speaking a wild choice, it can be applied to most styles. Most home colors match, no matter what color furniture is bought, what color wall is used, basically, white gauze curtain can be applied.

▲ White gauze curtain is used for modern style, Nordic style is a standard, basically no brains

▲ White gauze and wood color series are also very good

Then another rule is that solid color is easier to set up, and there are patterns or dark lines that are more difficult to control.

▲ For example, this curtain is more expensive

▲ This curtain has a light pattern

▲ Solid color curtains have no other colors and Pattern interference is easier to match

▲ For example, in the living room, you can follow the color of the sofa, the sofa is the main furniture of the living room, so If you increase the proportion of the main color, the primary and secondary are more distinct!

▲ Bedding is the main color of the bedroom, the curtains The color is the same color as the bedding and bed, plus the bedside painting

▲ In one case, curtains, single chairs, and coffee tables have the same color as the space embellishment

▲ Yellow and gray spelling Color curtains, paintings, flowers, pillows, lamps, carpets, etc. in soft clothing also use these two colors to match, will not make the color too single

▲ Blue and yellow colorblock curtains, corresponding to single chair and wall, yellow only with a small part, proportional coordination

▲ In addition to the left and right color matching, the upper and lower color matching is also a choice

▲ For example, American-style, European-style curtains can be matched with window sills, the overall effect will be more beautiful

▲ Window sills can also block Roman rods, slides and other components, and can also be used with tassels, etc., but the price of curtains will rise compared to the average style

▲ In addition to the usual curtains, there are other types of curtains such as venetian blinds, organ curtains, etc., which are many in Taiwan’s design cases!

▲ Some styles can even choose straw curtains


1, white gauze curtain is a more versatile choice;

2, solid color curtains are easier to match than patterns and patterns;

3, the color of the curtain can be the main color or auxiliary color of the space;

4, you can consider the shape of the window;

5. In addition to curtain curtains, you can also consider curtains of other materials such as venetian blinds and straw curtains.

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Bathroom tile moisture protection measures

There are more water stains in the bathroom, and the frequency of use is high. Especially in summer, the water is increased, the temperature is rising, and the water stain is often used before it can be cleaned up. It has already dried up, and the stubborn water stains left at this time, the cleaning of tile mildew spots is very difficult. Faced with this situation, Xiao Bian will come to a large anti-mildew door in the bathroom, hoping to create a beautiful bathroom space for everyone.

Basic measures for anti-seepage and anti-mold

Because the wall of the bathroom is mostly made of ceramic tiles, in order to ensure long-term cleanliness and beauty, in daily maintenance A decontamination paste with a multi-functional effect can be selected for cleaning. For the gap between the tiles, use a toothbrush to pick up a little decontamination paste to remove it, then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent to prevent seepage and mold. Polished tiles should be waxed regularly, with a time interval of 2-3 months. If there is a scratch on the brick surface, apply the toothpaste on the scratch and wipe it with a dry cloth to repair it.

Toilet paper to make tile gap mold

?? You can stain the toilet paper with bleach and stick it on the gap in the tile to let it stay for a while. After the mask is finished for the gap, the mold can be cleaned by rushing with water. It is also possible to use a bleaching detergent, apply it to the moldy area, wait about 30 minutes, then brush it with a brush or toothbrush. From the gap between the brick and the brick, the decontamination paste can be used to remove the dirt from time to time, and then a layer of waterproofing agent is applied in the gap to prevent mold growth.

Moist emergency treatment baking soda to wipe

If the tile of the bathroom is found to be damp, it should be disposed of immediately. You can use a dehumidifier to bake the baking soda that is usually used for moisture absorption. Dip it with a wrung wet towel and wipe it directly. Mildew or stains on the wall. Diluting the general bleaching agent for laundry (about 1:4 to 1:3 with water), and wiping it on the gap between the tiles, you can easily eliminate the annoying mold spots.

Lime absorbent bag moisture-proof small object DIY

We can also make a lime moisture pack in the bathroom to help the tiles prevent moisture, but it is necessary to pay attention to With quicklime, you cannot use lime for construction. Take a few quicklime powder, wrap it in a medium-sized cotton cloth or cloth bag, sew the mouth, and hang the small cloth bag with a rope and hang it in a damp place.


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Quartz stone market

Among many artificial stone products, quartz stone structure performance is stable, green and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled. It is similar to the external temperament of natural stone and these superior intrinsic properties, making it a substitute for natural stone. Due to the limited color and texture of natural stone, it is difficult to meet the diversified needs, and the quartz stone making technology can be controlled, and can be blended into any color and texture, which extends the fashion of the product.
With the wider application of quartz stone, quartz stone manufacturers have been able to develop rapidly, which also caused some confusion in the quartz stone market. The price difference of quartz stone is large and the quality is uneven, which causes certain confusion to the purchaser. The quality of quartz stone plate is not only limited to the purchase of raw materials, but also has an inseparable relationship with the production equipment and process. For example, mixing and mixing is the main reason for determining the color difference. The quality of the mixer determines whether the particle mixing is uniform. The quality of the vacuum press determines the density of the board, which is also related to the handling of the personnel. The vacuum and pressing time also directly affect the density of the board. The rationality of the curing oven determines the flatness of the blank. Polishing is the last step in the production of quartz stone sheets and is the most critical. The quality of the polishing equipment directly affects the brightness of the polished surface.

What are the criteria for qualified quartz stone? The pressure of the quartz stone plate production press should reach 50 tons or more, and the density of the produced plates should reach 2.6 g/cm3. Hardness should reach Mohs hardness of 6 or higher, which is why it is impossible to scratch the surface with a sharp sharpener. Due to the high density of the sheet, the water absorption of the sheet itself is only 0.02% almost zero. In addition, the quartz stone plate should have a certain bending ability, and the bending strength should be greater than 30Mpa so that the plate has a certain resistance to bursting.

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Installation tips for bathroom ceilings

1. Ingenious use of space

The space of the general bathroom is relatively small. If you want to make good use of this small space, you should make a good renovation and layout of the bathroom. Some bathroom ducts are covered by walls and cannot be kept in the same plane as the front wall. At this time, the space can be used very well, and it can be designed as a dressing table, which not only beautifies the bathroom, but also is practical.

2. Breaking the traditional boundaries

Some traditional bathroom renovations focus on the privacy of the space. Now the bathroom decoration is more of a sense of overall space. People are more open and bold when decorating the bathroom, and the bathroom door will be replaced with a matte glass or clear glass, completely breaking the boundaries between the traditional bathroom and the bedroom. This design makes the bathroom more spacious and bright.

3. Ingenious use of natural light

In some traditional bathroom renovations, in order to protect privacy, bathroom decoration will be darker, resulting in insufficient light . Most of the current bathroom renovations are open plan, the bathroom has plenty of natural light, and then a mirror can be placed to reflect the light into the bedroom, which will have a better visual effect.

4.Uniform style

The bathroom decoration style can be unified with the bedroom decoration style, the bathroom and the bedroom are integrated, and the bathroom is cleverly placed Put it in the bedroom, it won’t be embarrassing, and the privacy of the bathroom is guaranteed.

Bathroom decoration precautions

1. Hydropower transformation should be professional

Bathroom hydropower Retrofitting is very important because the bathroom is the place to supply and supply electricity, and it is a place with lots of water, so pay attention to safety. The quality of hydropower materials is good and the layout of hydropower is reasonable. Its switch socket and wire end must be waterproof and moisture-proof.

2.Select floor tiles, wall tiles

The floor tiles of the bathroom must be chosen to have a non-slip effect, and the drainage slope of the tiles should be considered for water Usually it will flow into the floor drain. The choice of wall tiles should match the floor tiles and must be waterproof. This decoration will make the whole bathroom more harmonious and more beautiful.

3.Ensure ventilation

Good lighting When designing the bathroom, be sure to reserve windows for ventilation and lighting. To keep the air in the bathroom fresh, you can install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. The lighting in the bathroom should be lighter and better waterproof, so it is safer to use.

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About the bedroom wallpaper you don’t know

  pure paper, PVC, non-woven, red, green, yellow… Wallpapers are available in a variety of colors, and the colors are also dazzling, so many consumers do not know how to start when they choose. Experts pointed out that while wallpaper enters thousands of households, it also brings some health effects to the occupants to a certain extent, such as environmental protection, color matching, etc. Especially if the bedroom color is not properly matched, it will affect health. Many owners do not Know. So, how do the bedroom wallpaper colors match?

  The bedroom is best not to be red. Red symbolizes happiness, luck, and happiness, and is the color that many people pursue. However, in the choice of wallpaper, it is best not to use this color in the bedroom, because the red wallpaper can stimulate and excite the nerves. When the contact time is long, it will cause anxiety and fatigue. If you are particularly fond of red, you can use it in a small area in the bedroom. For example, choose the AB version of the wallpaper to do the matching, the effect is not bad. Or choose a small amount of red that is only dotted with red.

   should be used:

   green, blue and other warm colors. Changchun (Property), a well-known sales manager of Wang, introduced the wallpaper color has magical features, especially in the bedroom for a long time, visually and physically can make people have no small changes, such as elegant green wallpaper is beneficial to digest, Promote body balance and play a calming role; natural green has a certain relief effect on fatigue and negative emotions; blue can reduce the frequency of pulse beat, which can achieve the effect of eliminating tension.

  Environmental protection is the first. No matter how well the color is matched, it is necessary to have a national and international level environmental wallpaper as a match to achieve the effect. When the owner purchases, do not buy some small building materials market and unknown websites. Be sure to go to the regular store to buy wallpapers with environmentally friendly logos. If it is a children’s room wallpaper, it is best to choose pure paper wallpaper, the pollution can be minimized, the disadvantage is that the gap will appear after the paste.

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Smart curtains, find out

With the continuous development of society, high-tech products are slowly approaching our lives. High-tech has brought us great convenience. Smart homes are very helpful for our safety and convenience. Not only are they full of functions, but their aesthetics are not lower than other products. Today I want to introduce the advantages of smart curtains in smart homes and the major brands of curtains. First, let’s take a look at the advantages of smart curtains.
What are the advantages of smart curtains?

1, the use of smart curtains is very wide, such as hotels, conference halls or villas, etc., it can also be timed, such as when the curtains open in the morning, when the curtains are closed We were too lazy to pull the curtains when we were busy for a day, and it saved us a lot of time.

2, on the basis of this, it also has the function of anti-theft. For example, if you have a business trip, it will still switch as usual, so that you can create the illusion of someone at home. Can prevent some thieves from sneaking into.

3, it also has a more powerful function, that is, the voice control device, as long as it feels the sound, it will automatically open, which is very helpful for our life. . There is also that some people’s home curtains are a layer of screen windows, so it can be operated separately here. For example, today’s weather is hot, we can freely control to open the screens, we are pulling at night. Is it convenient to open the window?

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Home market expansion, driving wood consumption

The wood has the advantages of light weight, high weight-to-weight ratio, good elasticity, impact resistance, rich and beautiful texture, and easy processing. It has been listed as an important raw material since ancient times. Due to low energy consumption, low pollution and renewable resources, the timber industry also plays an important role in the national economy. Now the products have been developed from the original processing of logs, such as poles, pits, sleepers and various sawn timbers, to finished products such as building components, furniture, vehicles, ships, stationery, packaging containers and other wood products. The remanufactured products of wood are all kinds of wood-based panels, glued wood, etc., so that the wood industry forms an independent industrial system.

1, industry chain analysis

The upstream industry supplies raw materials and processing equipment to the wood processing industry, which is the root of the development of the timber industry. It mainly includes forest planting and forest maintenance industry, adhesive industry and wood processing machinery industry. The downstream industry is the demand side of the wood processing industry, and its development has a direct impact on the wood processing industry. The high growth of market demand in the downstream industry can lead to high growth in sales revenue in the wood processing industry; the downstream industry is in a downturn or stagnant state, which can lead to shrinking sales in the wood processing industry and even shrinking or disappearing in the industry. The downstream industries mainly include the architectural decoration industry, the wooden furniture manufacturing industry, the wood pulp manufacturing industry, the cultural and educational office supplies industry and the musical instrument manufacturing industry.

2. Increase in new construction area of ​​real estate to increase timber sales revenue

The real estate industry plays a vital role in the growth of China’s economy. Specific to the wood processing industry, new housing needs renovation, commercial housing requires floor, sofa, bed, etc. Office buildings require desks, chairs, floors and other office supplies. Among these commodities, wooden furniture and office supplies account for a large proportion, and the demand for these commodities directly stimulates the development of the wood processing industry.

From the perspective of the sales revenue of the wood processing industry and the ratio of the newly started area of ​​real estate, the ratio of annual sales revenue of the wood processing industry to the annual new construction area has been since 2010. It is rising continuously and is estimated to reach 1413.5 yuan / square meter in 2017.

2016-2017, the new construction area of ​​China’s housing has increased for two consecutive years; in 2016, it reached 17.81 square meters, an increase of 7.0%, and the growth rate increased by 0.1 percentage points. Based on the estimated annual sales revenue of the wood processing industry in 2017 and the ratio of new construction area per year, the new construction area of ​​118 million square meters in 2017 will bring about sales of about 166.8 billion yuan for the wood processing industry.

3, the expansion of furniture demand drives the consumption of timber market

The wooden furniture manufacturing industry is one of the major downstream industries in the wood processing industry. The wooden furniture manufacturing industry requires various wood products, wood-based panels, veneers and fiberboard products. The development direction of the wooden furniture industry and the transfer of the region directly affect the development trend of the wood processing industry.

In recent years, China’s real estate market has been strong, urbanization has accelerated, and with the improvement of national living standards, living conditions have continued to improve and disposable income has continued to grow. Support people to increase the demand for household products consumption, enhance the taste of furniture consumption, and the consumption potential is constantly being explored. From 2011 to 2016, the main business income of China’s furniture manufacturing industry continued to grow; from January to November 2017, the main business income of furniture manufacturing industry was 828.11 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 8.8% year-on-year; total profit was 49.59 billion yuan, a cumulative year-on-year increase of 7.1%. %.

China’s wood products are relatively inexpensive, quality is guaranteed, not only meet domestic needs, but also loved by international consumers, 100% in Asia, North America and Europe. Many countries import wood products from China, and their export volume ranks among the top in the world. Such a huge demand is one of the reasons for the shortage of supply in the timber market. From 2011 to 2016, the export delivery value of China’s furniture manufacturing industry continued to increase; from January to November 2017, it was 172.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.06%.

In addition to people’s requirements for functional, design, space utilization, and personalization of furniture products, the acceptance of the whole house customization market Increase year by year. Most of the whole-house custom companies use the concept of “whole wood”. The whole house customization and the success of the whole house decoration make the whole house customization become the new darling in the consumer market, and it has become the other big in the timber market. Consumption.


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May Day holiday decoration is busy choose Lanshe diatom mud, good craft good air

The May Day holiday is approaching, the atmosphere of the decoration market is hot, and now people are getting more and more To understand the hazards of decoration pollution, in order to make the home beautiful and environmentally friendly, consumers can do their best to do their homework, and wall decoration is one of the “big plays.” In recent years, among the many wall materials, Lanshe diatom mud stands out, relying on its own health and environmental protection functions and the recognition of consumers. The Lanshe diatom mud is widely praised not only for its long-lasting decomposition of formaldehyde patented materials, perfect functions, excellent service, but also the strong artistic and exquisite construction process of the diatom mud.

  A lot of consumers who don’t understand Lansing Diatom mud will be quite three-dimensional in the Lanshe store Attracted by the wall with a sense of texture, exquisite texture and varied styles, the diatom mud was selected as the wall decoration material for the local key areas such as the background wall and the entrance wall. However, after understanding the environmental protection function of the diatom diatom mud, many consumers will choose to use it as the decoration material for the wall and ceiling of the whole house, because the diatom diatom mud will not only bring decoration pollution, but also through itself. Rich microporous adsorption pollution, and the decomposition of harmful gases such as formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide by means of patented decomposition materials. The larger the area of ​​the diatom mud is, the better the effect of diatom mud adsorption and purification of air.

   In addition, Lanshe diatom mud has sixteen Large product series, thousands of color varieties, whether it is a three-dimensional wall with strong texture, or a light luxury wall that emphasizes flat expression and smooth and delicate feel, as long as it is cleverly matched, whether it is European style, Chinese style, American style or At present, the Nordic style is particularly popular, and the taste of the entire interior space can be significantly improved. The May Day holiday is very busy, choose Lanshe diatom mud, feel the unique craftsmanship, breathe fresh and healthy air.

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Intelligent building creative product design: curved glass insulated curtain wall in response to sunshine direction

[Guide] This is a magical product from abroad. Do you know?

  HOK, a building and engineering company, recently launched a curtain wall called “circadian” The curved façade’s building façade responds to the direction of the sun and the 24-hour day.

  Imagine an elliptical floor slab building that offers a much higher inherent strength and wind resistance than a flat glass façade, while still reducing A larger bay window area is provided to support the aluminum mullion, thereby transferring wind loads over the main structural frame.

  The double-layer design of the curtain wall has many benefits, including higher insulation and sound insulation levels and potential solar heat absorption wall effects, which are to warm the building or slow down the cooling load. The automatic sunshade effect (the cavity between the inner and outer layers of the curtain wall ensures clean and maintenance-free) reduces unnecessary glare and reduces radiant heat when sunlight is strong.

   It is reported that the solar and thermal models of the 30-storey building show that the “Biology Clock” curtain wall can reduce building energy use by 16%, peak cooling load by 24%, and peak heat load by 27%. %.


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