100% of London Design Festival

NorwegianHadeland Glassverk Brings an amazing lighting fixture, and the new lighting is eye-catching.

Many talented young designers fill the exhibition . Gridy,aka Lars Olav DybdalandWilhelm Griegbringing their stackable stack Made of sturdy oakLollyStools and tables. The legs and legs are inspired by popsicle sticks.

TrefjølaYes 2015Year9New company founded in the month, their work aims to inject new life into the humble kitchen chopping board, by combining recycled wood, sustainable local production methods And modern design.

Alexander & Aring; sgå rdDupléThe table is made up of a steel frame and an oak tray. The wooden surface of the tray can be used as a tray. The other side of the tray is cushioned and can be used as a cushion. Use.

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A 900 square foot Tribec Loft

LYNCH / EISINGER / DESIGNRenovated one900Square-footed loft apartment located near the Tribec area of ​​New York, named Hubert Street House. The loft was designed for a young Columbia University medical school student who needed a break at school. The final product is an open space with public and private areas, with plenty of storage and functionality.
All partitions have been removed to make the loft wide open, helping to maintain the view of the north and west. The architect skillfully placed all the functional requirements of the day in a plywood cabinet. The plywood cabinets are slightly below the ceiling of the apartment, allowing daylight to pass through and enter the private sector. It also provides a transition between public and private spaces.
in the main area, they install A long white lacquer cabinet, hiding a work area, a Murphybed and wardrobe. When the door of the cabinet is closed, the white area can be used as a projection screen.

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Yoga Bed: Paradise for Insomnia

My sleep is very bad. I spent years trying to solve insomnia and lack of sleep, but to no avail. I have been searching for a good mattress that can provide me with a cloud-like dream in the evening, and the search will never stop. I found it in my inbox Yogabed™. First of all, the brand is simple, stylish and cute. Then, take a look at the subtle deformation of the mattress and its overall miniature design.

Yogabed™At first it looks like another luxury foam mattress, but this company is a bit different. The mattress itself is made up of a yoga comfort systemmanufactured, is made up of layered components that are specifically designed to support the body and reduce point pressure so you can move around. In addition, the system is designed to stay cool and comfortable.

<span style="font-family: Times New Roman; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi One of the most interesting features of -font-family:"Times New Roman" is that it is detachable. Simply pull the zipper on the front cover and clean it with a machine. It is easy to restore the original and does not require much effort.

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Mini house

Polish designerSzymon Hanczarwill his13Square(About 140square feet)The city apartment became A surprisingly functional home that offers a You may need or want everything. In addition to the features, the aesthetics of this mini space is quite amazing, right?

The apartment contains a loft bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, a desk, bicycle storage, washing machine, storage and a hammock. It is perfect for single-occupants who don’t need a lot of space, and that’s exactly HanczarRequired without having to give up any comfort or functionality.
Look at the small washing machine in the closet!
Despite the versatility of such a small space, the apartment is not small or confusing.

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Using only paper and pen, Australian artist CCJ Hendry portrayed 50 Foods in 50 Days.

paper and pen only, Australian artistCCJ Hendry depicted 50 Foods in 50 Days.
Inspired by her An article was found about the death penalty prisoners wanting their last meal, she began to draw complex and strenuous food illustrations on Hermes plates. Why is the Hermes plate? Well, if this is really your last meal, CJI believe you will want to dine on the best dishes you can buy with money.
Each illustration needs15hours, and at Instagramreleased.

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Crowded New York apartment turns into a light filled loft

CHUA took over a Manhattan Upper West Side 800square feet The renovation of a small apartment, turning it into a more Spacious, light filled loft. The first step is to remodel two small bedrooms, remove the existing bedroom walls and replace them with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. The new door allows customers to change space as needed, turning a one-bedroom into a more intimate two-bedroom.

In order to keep the color tone simple, the use of matte black material, warm walnut, white and dark blue creates a cohesive feel. Kitchen utensils are custom made using oiled walnut wood. The tailgate, countertop and cabinet are made up of 100%Recyclable black recycled paper, the floor is made of bamboo.
In order to make the interior more open, the living room and kitchen are Get through and maximize natural light.
The bathroom uses an all-black fixture to create a spa-like atmosphere.

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2015 WESTEDGE Design Exhibition

3rd WestEdgeDesign Exhibition will be held this year10month22Day to25Day in Santa Monica, California Barker Hangarheld. This year, they have released a brand new series called MADE:MODERN, which will focus on designers and limited production and custom furniture and lighting. Design MilkI am honored to be the official sponsor of the design exhibition and a new media partner.
The series works from many new designers, but also from various small Brand and boutique brand works.
except MADE:MODERN, the highlights of the design exhibition include more than 150brands,Jenn-AirEducational lectures brought by the studio,BotartArt Exhibition and Opening Night Party

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New layout of Tel Aviv apartments

A set of apartments with only one bedroom and one bathroom wasManyan ZusmanRedesigned. Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the apartment now has an extra room as a home office, a guest bathroom and a more open layout.

Space is separated by custom cabinets and glass partitions. This makes the entire apartment feel more spacious, airy and has more room for other functions.
Common areas, bedrooms and offices form two separate areas at both ends. The kitchen is connected to the living room to form a small space. A rotating TV shelf is placed in the middle. This way you can make the TV face the direction the user wants.
The kitchen is simple and modern. All appliances are hidden to create a simple and smooth layout. The black tailgate contrasts with the white cabinet,LEDarticles provide lighting for the counter. The kitchen countertop is used as a visual barrier between the two spaces. It can be used as a breakfast table or as a bar stool. The overall simple and functional kitchen layout matches the rest of the apartment.

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Child interaction device

Yayoi KusamaThe famous interactive device named Obliteration Room, just arrived at David· Cswena Gallery, visitors have begun to line up to fight for the opportunity to turn a completely white room into a multicolored room. Step into an ordinary American suburban house and you will find a room full of completely white furniture. Saturday 1300Several visitors have put colored polka dot stickers on the chair. On the table and tableware, there are even some potted plants.

Obliteration Room has been exhibited at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Australia. It is in 2002The first annual debut at the Queensland Art Gallery’s 4th Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition. At the Tate Gallery in Duns 2012Year also has its own version. They created a fun time-lapse project that you can see on their website.

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Blowing glass by hand brings weird creatures

ArtistScott Bisson Express his love of nature through the eternal blown glass art. He created colorful and whimsical creature sculptures like frogs, geckos, octopuses and snakes. Each has its own characteristics,Bissonin the works through intricate details for them Bring unique qualities.

AlthoughBissonBecome a glass blower already 19years, but his fascination with materials is far more than that. BissonEven from his hometown of Oregon to Murano, Italy to further hone his craft.
For artists, the ability to produce these sculptures is not enough. I have incorporated a small part of myself into every piece of art I created. This is how I bring life to every work,”Bisson writes. He hates restrictions and is proud that he can seize opportunities that other artists may avoid. Skills are a huge raw material that drives and energizes it.

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