Intel introduced the Internet logistics platform, effective risk prevention transport

Intel has introduced the Intel Internet logistics platform (Intel CLP), this was cost-effective networking solutions that help users to monitor the status and location of assets throughout the supply chain in any environment. With PA Consulting Company and Google cloud support, Intel CLP provides near real-time supply chain visibility, while also monitoring the quality of every link in the supply chain of goods transportation, integrity and security Copyright Control Engineering All , to enable enterprises to benefit from it. “Intel Internet logistics platform for customers in different industries and sectors with a powerful solution for real-time transparency freight progress and status of part of the evaluation found that the goods during transport more than 60% of the time there will be temperature deviation, for up to 36 hours of transport by optimizing transportation routes can shorten the time up to 8 hours. they also found a significant deviation vibration measurements, depending on the truck and road quality, sensitive products withstand the highest gravity can be doubled. ” –JJ Van der Meer, PA Consulting partner why it’s important: the demand for supply chain transparency and integrity is very strong. Consumers want to be able to accurately track during transportation; companies want to be able to achieve full process control, especially for sensitive and high-value goods; and the need for transparency logistics companies to continuously optimize transportation networks and assets. By providing valuable fine, real-time and reliable IOT data , all these requirements can be met. How to achieve: Enterprises can use this data in near real time to avoid risks, to extract insights with feasibility analysis and trend analysis and forecasting to carry out. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , the enterprise can fully optimize the above three criteria CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , significantly improve efficiency, reduce supply chain costs. The solution is flexible, enabling fast integration, but can also address the many challenges of asset tracking industry. What effect: Currently, Intel CLP has benefited many industries: ● perishable goods: fresh berries for California sellers Driscoll’s, the quality of productsAnd temperature control is the key to extend the shelf life. By using Intel CLP, Driscoll’s able to see the temperature variations of different suppliers of truck and track temperature fluctuations, humidity, shelf-life and third-party logistics performance. Intel CLP also help customers reduce the temperature deviations and product deterioration caused by rejection. ● Special Products: For International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (FF), the product at land, air and sea on the way traceability is a key challenge. Use Intel CLP, IFF almost can track real-time traffic situation, and gain first-hand information in the transport of temperature-sensitive products cold chain performance. IFF also able to track the goods are exposed to environmental factors in the dock transport Control Engineering Copyright , then it is addressed and rapid transmission of information Customs delay or denial of release. Intel is extended through multiple channels ecosystem, including cloud service providers, system integrators, OEMs and vertical solutions integrators. To speed up the time to market, Intel also introduced a streamlined partner training and guidance programs.

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