Internet platform to build industry standards, promote economic digital transformation industry

Industrial Internet platform is the core industry of Internet systems, industrial economy Total Factor, the whole industry chain, hub of the whole value chain fully connected, is supporting manufacturing resource ubiquitous connection, elasticity of supply and support the efficient allocation of becoming the manufacturing sector digitization , an important starting point networking and intelligent development. Industry standard is the basis for the establishment of the Internet platform of communication, interoperability is the premise of leading technology innovation and applications. Construction industry Internet platform standard system, both to create a technical support platform system, but also the key platform for building development ecology. Industrial Internet platform development opportunities and challenges of industrial internet platform is entering a critical period of large-scale expansion of the , typical applications have emerged, leading enterprises is accelerating the deployment platform. In the trend of the supply side and the demand side of both ends of the force, the future development of boundless opportunities, but also faces enormous challenges. First, the Internet industry flourishing development platform, the key criteria to be unified. Since the “State Council on Deepening” “guidance industrial development of the Internet” Internet + advanced manufacturing release, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to carry out the Internet industry innovation and development of pilot demonstration projects and support the construction of 43 development projects and innovative platform 40 platform application pilot and demonstration, promote customization, industry chain collaboration, multi-platform development mode in the full life-cycle management. Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Guangdong, more than 20 local governments, the development of the Internet industry supporting measures to create localized benchmark demonstration platform. Enthusiastic industry construction industry Internet platform high, with a bottom-up endogenous momentum, showing a distinctive path to promote the application mode flourishing momentum. At the same time, on the business aspects of cloud security, data such as the right to do there is also concern, interoperability among multi-platform, cross-platform unified interface specification calls to be established, unified platform for the development of key standards need. The second is the urgent need to overcome key technologies platform, the system of advance needs to be improved. Internet platform involving industrial supply chain, design, production, service and other aspects of collaboration, a number of disciplines required to cloud computing, big data technology, networking technology, information security technology. Based on the characteristics and complexity of interdisciplinary , the technology needs of industrial internet platform is very broad, requiring different types of platforms, twin digital capture, management platform, incognito forService framework, modeling analysis and other key technology bottlenecks, through the establishment of standards and intellectual property rights system, floor to promote the implementation and application support platform. The third is to be a sound platform for innovative environmental finance the development of new ecological need to accelerate the building. Industrial development is still in the Internet platform market has just started, just to show the application stage. Common technology is not yet refined, technical system should be improved; development and test environments, such as the simultaneous development of the open source community, environmental technology transfer and application of innovative achievements have yet to be build; standards, testing and evaluation and other support system is still under construction, cross-cutting enterprise intermediation as well as regional coordination pattern has not been opened; the alliance, companies, suppliers, and other third-party downstream industry chain resources docking is not yet effective, the whole industry chain, the whole value chain collaborative development trend has not yet formed. Standard system is the basic support standard system of innovation and development of industry Internet platform is the top-level design industry Internet platform standardization, through comprehensive planning platform for the key standards and promote technological achievements cure and conversion, a downstream cooperation share industrial chain, experience precipitation and Innovation in between grafting bridge, give full play to the maximum value of the “industrial standardization + internet platform”. From the core objective standard system development platform, focusing on the construction of platforms, applications and management needs of all parties, to create ecologically sustainable industrial development of the Internet platform. Industrial applications and Internet platform to enhance the value-oriented, need to converge supply-side, demand-side and third-party forces to promote synergy and common development effort. The standard system build process, the build platform can fully identify standardization requirements with platform, pipe tripartite platform to support the development of the industrial chain of the entire platform. By reference architecture, interface specification, interoperability and portability standards Control Engineering Copyright , may propose the technical requirements for the designers and builders of the platform; through the platform service specification, application notes, and other standards can effectively support the platform side of the business activities; by platform capability assessment, governance practices and other criteria, can help other stakeholders to carry out testing and evaluation and other activities. Standard integration with the platform life cycle of all sectors, in favor of industrial internet platform for technology research and development, industrial applications, service innovation, joint development of the whole value chain. Standard system is based on a systematic methodology, emphasizing the overall coordination with local, comprehensive support to improve and promote the platform technology system. Based on the theory of complex standardization, standard system of industrial internet platform as an organic whole, platform architecture and component layers of analysis, technical analysis at all levelsSurgery Point and standardization needs. E.g. solved edge layer device access, data processing and so on, can be compatible by agreement, the edge data unified standard norms; application layer APP solved industrial development and circulation problems can develop through environmental requirements, products classification and grading norms and other standards to guide enterprises to carry out research. Based on the methodology of building standards system, you can fully understand the technical system platform, but also to identify key core points to guide the industry to accelerate technology research and achievements, improve the efficiency of research and development platform for the Internet industry. Consider the Internet platform for the construction industry in view of China’s industrial standard system of the Internet platform standardization work is still in its infancy, the standard system is not fully developed, the core status of the key criteria is urgently needed, it is recommended to work the next four aspects. (A) conform to the new direction of standardization reform, to build two new standards two new standards for platform standardization needs to build government-led construction market and self-construction. Government focus on basic security, led the development of versatility, the foundation supporting role distinct national standard, line marked and landmarks; the market focused on improving competitiveness, self-construction model innovation, industrial applications and technologies need to be resolved to meet the market, innovation needs of the community and enterprise standard; the standard two play their respective advantages and complement each other to jointly promote industrial internet platform standardization. Internet platform industry standard system can be divided based on common core technology, security and application services developed four types of specific direction. Based on common standards for a unified platform for the Internet industry terminology, architecture, help the parties know and understand industry Internet platform; design, development and implementation of core technical standards for the Internet platform of industry norms, guidance technology research and development, validation testing; safety standards enhance security capabilities for industry internet platform, standardized security management platform for the internet industry; application service standards to guide the different scenarios, different industries, to develop targeted implementation Guide. (B) reference architecture first, to create a standard platform for development and construction work had balances of the pattern of reference architecture is to understand, analyze, build something new methodology, as well as internationally accepted standards for a class country, from different perspectives through the Internet platform for industry analyze and describe, contribute to the formation of a consistent platform architecture, guidance and use of ecological relationship platform, combing platform. To promote the virtues of the path from the point of view of industrial development of the Internet platform, deepen industrial applications reference architecture is the Internet platformThe force points. Virtues while building the platform have made reference architectures and reference architectures based on further research and development cases set guidelines and test bed with the results, application development platform. This embodiment aspect provides a reference path and selection techniques to improve the quality of the platform; on the other hand can accelerate technical and business framework and its general solution scheme to improve the interoperability between platforms and applications platform interoperability . Reference architecture first, systematically combing platform business, technical, functional and other requirements Control Engineering Copyright , to point, to develop the relevant technical standards and application standards, bottom-up build and improve the standard system; at the same time dynamic optimization, reverse drive with a standard platform, and ultimately to the reference architecture as the core platform standardization and promotion of two-way iterative, had balances in the work. (C) the innovative standard application service model CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , carried out simultaneously achievements establish and perfect market-oriented, and actively promote the government, research institutes and technical support, standard mechanism to promote the application of enterprise application implementation, standard system to promote the transformation and standard application demonstration, to achieve coordinated development and application of standards. First, the construction industry Internet platform standard test verification environment, development platform capabilities, interface protocol, APP and other key industry standards verification and implementation tools to enhance standard application operability; the second is the construction industry in key industry standard test bed, standards-based incubator industrial internet platform of innovative solutions, mining industry value, promote the application of landing; the third is regularly published standard reference data, standards compliance outstanding cases and so on, to create competition in the industry benchmarking atmosphere; Fourth, to promote open source eco-construction industry internet platform around foster key technologies and the open source community project, and the results of the open-source form into a standard, accelerated industrial innovative internet platform technology and applications. (D) strengthen the international standardization to promote the Chinese standard “going out” to speed up the establishment of an international mechanism for standardization of industrial internet platform, take full advantage of the Sino-US, Sino-German cooperation and other bilateral mechanisms, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, the establishment of 4.0, the US Internet industry with German industry benchmarking mechanism. Construction of multi-level communication and dialogue mechanism by the government in charge of policy-led Organization for Standardization technical support, industry alliance to promote the application of open Internet platform for major issues of industrial standardization of the latest developments, such as the development of core standardsShow regular exchange, round butt the latest international trends. To promote the core foundation of mutual recognition of standards and other reference architecture, explore a new model to establish a joint test bed, the outstanding domestic to the international standardization efforts.

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