Actuating Delta Chi-made future blockbuster release a variety of new products for industrial automation

Echo intelligent manufacturing development needs, August 22, “Chi-made drive control future — 2019 Delta Industrial Automation new conference” held in Beijing. Delta launched CODESYS application development platform, both PC-Based Motion Controller AX864E family of high performance and reliability; compact size, simple control, servo drive system with powerful variable load capacity of ASDA-B3 series; both small, high function, high reliability, ease of installation advantages of compact mini ME300 vector control inverter series; high-function universal vector control with a strong overload capacity of the inverter C2000 Plus series; suitable for high-speed fluid machinery industry demand for high-speed converter C2000 -HS series; and the energy efficiency can be achieved IE5 synchronous reluctance machine, such as number of new industrial automation.
“In recent years, the concept and practice of intelligent Delta has been made to give full effect to the user in every sector which, combined with deep industry know-how knowledge, develop new variety of industrial automation has significant features to help customers and manufacturing equipment related to smart upgrade. “Delta – Delta electrical and Mechanical Division general manager Chen Minren,” said Delta roots automation more than twenty years, rich experience in the industry, with strong R & D capability Delta and production line processes, continue to accumulate technological capabilities required industry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to provide the breadth and depth of both the common industrial automation new products to meet the needs of industrial users high order of intelligence upgrade . “Delta Electrical business group, motion control Division General Manager Cai Qingxiong said:” from industry to industry 3.0 4.0 manufacturing industry was born a lot of opportunities, the future trend is bound to fit motion control products and intelligent direction, is necessary to meet high-speed high-precision production needs, but also with the network, visual management philosophy snug fit. Delta in transit Adhering to the development direction of motion control products and solutions concept of decentralized control, want the product to be able to incorporate more advanced technology and excellent performance, both more humane mode of operation, while increasing productivity, simultaneous optimization of the overall control of intelligent manufacturing network. the launch of the Delta PC-Based motion controller AX864E series and the high-performance servo drive system ASDA-B3 series, all Delta development of intelligent witness, give full consideration to the high-precisionProcessing needs of future development, mechanical equipment, ideal for intelligent upgrade. “Delta – CIMIC Director of Electrical and Mechanical Products Division Drive Shi Wenxiang said:” Delta converter after twenty years of deep plowing and development, with excellent quality, close to the local design and accurate market positioning, win highly recognized by customers, customer service for all sectors of industry. Delta converter is focusing on the development of the first energy-saving drive to the deepening of the origin, and the perspective of the system to provide a complete solution. Meanwhile, in recent years, with the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing Control Engineering Copyright , Delta in response to industry trends, the introduction of a new generation of products, such as inverter M300 series, C2000 Plus series, both perfect product to undertake in the past series of successful experience and reliable quality, and actively respond to the changing needs of the application under the intelligent manufacturing era of continuous development. “As an important support for the development of intelligent manufacturing of Delta, Delta launched this new industrial automation include:
PC-Based Motion Controller AX864E Series: Delta deal with intelligent high-precision machining needs to develop a new generation of PC -Based motion controller products, machinery and equipment manufacturers use the current widely used CODESYS motion control software platform, can significantly reduce the time and cost of machinery and equipment manufacturers build equipment when it takes .AX864E series perfectly integrated timing control, motion control, people and the information processing unit displays functions, using high-performance multi-core Intel x86 the CPU, no fan cooling design, compact body design, both high performance and reliability, compact equipment needs intelligent adaptation .AX864E series also supports PLCopen Part 1 to 4 of 65 motion control, comprising: one line, circular interpolation, electronic gear, electronic cam synchronous movement like, practical, a variety of peripheral accessories, to meet the mechanical arm, woodworking, printing, packaging, electronic and other electrical industries . application requirements
high-performance servo drive system ASDA-B3 series: facing Standard servo performance and functional requirements increasingly higher market demand, Delta should sometimes seek to consistency being introduced motion control powerful, long life, smooth operation of high-performance servo drive system compared to the classic Delta servo drive system ASDA-A2 / ASDA-B2 series, ASDA-B3-basedColumn with a strong ability to control the variable load, bandwidth use 3.1kHz +24 bit resolution, high response drive setting time compared to the previous generation models 40% shorter, school applies various low inertia motor. ASDA-B3 built-Series PID controller algorithm efficient, simple control, high performance point to point motion functions to reduce the host controller functional requirements; Advanced product comprising an automatic gain system analysis and debugging interface shimmy suppression modeling system, regenerative energy recycling function; includes a one-touch speed transfer machines, 5kHz vibration suppression, stability robustness fast tuning; multi-functional high-speed communication bus mode, including Modbus / CANopen / DMCNET / EtherCAT the like, can help tools, electronics, semiconductors , robotics, printing, packaging, textile, woodworking and other industrial equipment is more efficient and convenient, can also be synchronized to optimize equipment productivity, innovation and upgrading to meet the needs of industrial machinery and equipment.
sophisticated vector control frequency mini ME300 Series: Following the compact standard inverter MS300 series, compact and efficient inverter MH300 series, the release of the compact mini frequency ME300 series also combines a compact volume M300 series , high-performance, high reliability, easy installation, and other advantages, strong integration capabilities, can significantly improve the efficiency of the machine, widely used in a variety of complex applications support asynchronous motors & synchronous motor. ME300 series take miniaturized compact design, fully functional and strong overload capacity, reliable and stable and smooth running in different application environments, installation is simple, friendly operation, low maintenance costs, to significantly improve equipment production quality and efficiency, and to save manpower and time cost.
high-function universal vector control frequency C2000 Plus series: Delta converter is the second launch of the C2000 series of next-generation products Control Engineering Copyright , 460V models up to 560kW maximum power segment , a substantial increase from 120% overload capacity to 150%, to provide good speed control transmission system, torque control, and position control system stability, for induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motor driving control. C2000 Plus series also supports multiple communication protocols, and built-in programmable control functions (10k steps), provide high efficiency mechanical equipment, food, chemicals, metals, rubber and plastics, municipal, infrastructure construction and other industries driveProgram.
High-speed drive C2000-HS Series: Delta completely independent research for products speed motor inverter, the rated output frequency up to 1500Hz, efficient products to enhance the inverter output current, the drive volume is reduced to 60% to meet the high-speed motor It needs. C2000-HS series of new generation IGBT fusion Delta Integration Technology Copyright Control Engineering , less switching loss, higher switching frequencies CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , while using table the vector control algorithm of the latest software control more precise, higher output frequency, the drive motor speed may go from 16500 55,000 rPM high speed operation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the fluid industry equipment, and save up gearbox oil maintenance systems for high-speed fluid machine, such as high speed, high speed and centrifugal compressors, chillers and other magnetic levitation drive industry products for supporting fluid replacement electronic control system.
A synchronous reluctance machine: a new landmark energy efficient motors, the energy efficiency reaches IE5, integrated energy to reach 5% to 10%, more than conventional motor can be reduced two frame number, product power range 0.75 ~ 75kW, rated speed has 1500rpm and 3000rpm two specifications. And Delta with specific control functions of the M300 series, C2000 Plus series combination of inverter drive system to enhance the energy efficiency effect is more significant. Widely used in energy-efficiency requirements occasions such as air compressors, pumps, fans, etc., extrusion machines, more applications are still in expansion.

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