ABB released a new digital pH electrode – more advanced analytical capabilities, easier selection

ABB new color coded series of electrodes, color coded to facilitate selection and management, optimization of pH measurement scheme. Application Type new generation of digital pH electrode ABB recently released into the following three categories: applied to conventional industry efficient, cost-effective entry-level 100 series; industrial process used in demanding high-performance 500 series; 700 special media applications series. The user can easily select and use a pH electrode in the most appropriate conditions.
parallel digital electrode and the lower electrode analog, digital electrode technology advanced the biggest advantage of the built-in diagnostic functions, ensure the highest quality measurement process more effective. ABB the EZLink “plug and test” technique may be implemented in any digital sensor ABB ABB seamless digital transmitter , including the recently introduced AWT420 transmitter. EZLink debugging technology improves and speeds installation, the user can easily access the operation and maintenance data CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and without interruption of the process control impact, cost savings in the replacement of the electrodes. To ensure longer life, the new series of electrodes to achieve a number of innovations, including a permanent impedance diagnostic techniques CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright ABB for detecting electrode failure, the technique does not require the traditional solution to electrode structure. Another feature is the intelligent monitoring a reference electrode (REM) system , this can be an early warning system for the poisoning of the electrode. The new product will pH electrode, reference electrode and the electrode with built-in temperature sensor in the head temperature compensation effect can be optimized. Calibration and process control applications, can respond quickly to temperature measurement accuracy is also improved. To protect the process in the most demanding measurement accuracy and reliability, new electrodes were custom ABB sensitive glass membrane electrode series CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the pH range can meet the high, low or high temperatures or strong acid applications environment. Universal glass electrode applied to conventional treatment.

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