Looking forward to the status quo of Shanghai flooring industry okorder

(1) The number of flooring companies is shrinking

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Do you pay attention to the matters of attention to the construction of composite flooring? okorder

The surface of the composite floor is covered with a layer of solid wood, which has the visual effect of solid wood, but it does not need to be as careful as the solid wood floor. It is more convenient to laminate the floor. Although the texture is not comparable to the solid wood floor, some simulation effects are good. Looked good, the key, the laminate flooring is particularly leather, there is no need to maintain, and some good laminate flooring is as wear-resistant as tiles. What problems should be paid attention to during the renovation of the laminate flooring.

1, base level decoration standard 600) {this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170720826.jpg”>

Basic level requirements for composite flooring It is flat, dry and clean.

2, waterproof work can not be less

Before laying the floor board, the floor of the building or the bungalow should be waterproofed.

3, the height of the construction of the cushion layer

cushion material can be used 3mm thick foam pad with plastic film or 10-12mm thick padding treasure, butt laying, interface plastic; can also use thickness 9-18mm high-quality multi-layer plywood. Each multi-layer glue should be divided into small pieces, the area should be less than 0.7m2, it is best to use paint to prevent corrosion, fixed on the ground, must be nailed firmly around, leave between the board and the board 3-6mm gap, sealed with tape.

4, floor pavement trend

The pavement floor is usually in the same direction as the room, from left to right or from right to left The grooves are paved to the wall in turn, and the wooden wedges are placed between the floor and the wall to leave the expansion joints. In the dry area, the floor is wet, and the expansion joints should be kept small; the expansion joints in the wet areas should be appropriately left large.


5, the most floor A row of finishing standards

The last row of floors should be cut and assembled by measuring the width, and tightly tied with a hook or a spiral top.

6, closing the bridge installation


In the interface between the room, hall and hall, the floor must be isolated, leaving enough to stretch the seam, and use the closing bar and hardware to bridge.

7, the skirting board installation


The thickness of the optional skirting board should be greater than 1.2cm. During installation, the gap of the floor expansion joint should be within 5-12mm, and the polystyrene board or elastomer should be used to fill in the gap to prevent the floor from loosening. When installing the skirting board, be sure to cover the stretch seam.

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Online shopping floor products delivery more to send “halfway” What is the last one km? okorder

At present, online shopping has become a way for most consumers to shop, which is no exception in the flooring industry, but online shopping for the bulk of household consumer goods such as flooring, after-sales logistics has become a more significant problem. Mr. Li bought a batch of flooring on a shopping site, but he was in trouble during the receiving process.

online shopping floor delivery more than ‘half way’ sawing is not good to fight

‘At that time the seller also reminded that the delivery method of the goods is to take the freight logistics, you need to pick up the goods. But looking at the price is really affordable, even if you think that the goods should not be too much trouble, so the order is purchased. ‘Mr. Li said. ‘Results The freight center only sent my goods to the logistics center, which is far from my home. And the floor supplies are relatively large, please take the small truck to my home at least two or three hundred dollars, if you need to move upstairs, you need to add extra money. ‘So calculated, Mr. Li feels that online shopping floor supplies are not only cheaper, but also laborious!

In this regard, the industry person Mr. Huang reminded that the floor e-commerce is actually just a stage that has just started, and Under the premise that the existing dealer model does not change, consumers will never be able to circumvent the struggle with the dealers. Online shopping does not reflect the convenience of the network. Therefore, the slogan of online shopping at this stage is greater than the actual meaning.

online shopping floor products logistics transport into ‘pressure’

If consumers choose to buy flooring products online, they can only pay on the Internet, and consumers still have to find the right ones The decoration workers are responsible for the post-installation and maintenance. They have opened the contract with the dealer sales consultant and signed the post-service contract. It seems that the online shopping is cheap, but in fact, after the product arrives at home, it is only a semi-finished product, and there is no real straightforward experience for the user. Consumers also need a process to finally enjoy the effect of the product, and in the process of their own control, can really avoid the problem? So the convenience of online shopping does not appear in the purchase of Taowei products. Outstanding convenience. The e-commerce model that looks like the trend can’t shake the status of the manufacturer’s authorized store in a short time.

In addition, the floor product is large in size, high in freight, easy to damage, and the amount cannot be accurately calculated, and it is troublesome to make up and retreat, and it is prone to chromatic aberration. If there is no outer packaging or outer packaging can not guarantee product safety, the glazed surface is easily scratched and affects the appearance, and it takes more logistics costs to return. The cost of combining all of these factors may be more than the cost of a physical store, so you need to think twice about online shopping Taowei products.

Release date: 2014/11/13 13:43:39

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Buying a hundred yuan to buy amber turned out to be plastic okorder

Recently, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the chessboard community in Jinan, reported that he bought a piece of amber worth 100 yuan in the heroic mountain culture market in Jinan. After being identified by professionals, he found that it was made of plastic. In the Jinan Hero Mountain Cultural Market, there are quite a few booths selling amber, and there is also amber similar to that purchased by Mr. Zhang. These ambers are said to come from the Baltic Sea and range in price from $2 to $10 per gram. “I think these ambers are real, because I saw it cut from the original stone and polished it.” A woman who spent 300 yuan to buy amber said. Ms. Liu, who has been engaged in antiques business for many years, said that the amber is made of plastic. Now the amber technology is very powerful. It is difficult for the public to distinguish the difference between the simulated amber and the real amber. Release date: 2014/11/5 9:12:43

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What is imitation wood flooring? How about? Advantages and disadvantages analysis okorder

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1. What is imitation wood flooring?

Imitated solid wood flooring refers to solid wood flooring The reinforced floor made of size, thickness, pattern, etc. Because the base material of the imitation solid wood floor and the reinforced floor is the same as the MDF, the imitation wood floor is actually an extension of the reinforced floor or the reinforced floor. In the 1980s, the thickness of the laminate floor originating in Europe was 8 mm, and the size was generally 190*1200 mm.

Imitation wood floor was named after the pattern is close to the solid wood floor. The imitation wood floor imitated the solid wood floor. The thick, imitation solid wood floor surface is evenly pressed with a layer of anti-wear agent, which has strong wear resistance and hardness, can simulate various wood pattern and color, strong stability, convenient paving and simple maintenance.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of imitation wood flooring

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Advantages of imitation wood flooring

1, imitation wood flooring is better than wood flooring The abrasion resistance of conventional imitation wood flooring can reach 4000–10000 rpm or more;

2, good protection, imitation solid wood flooring is more resistant to impact, fire, corrosion and durability than solid wood flooring; /P>

3, good stability, imitation wood flooring will not produce problems such as solid wood flooring, which are often prone to thermal expansion and contraction, structural instability;

4, diverse and economical The imitation solid wood floor is rich in color, and is coordinated and unified in different decoration styles, fully satisfying the user’s individualization, the price is much lower than the solid wood floor, and it is an economical type of floor;

5, convenient installation and cost saving. The imitation solid wood floor installation method is simple, and the suspension pavement method is generally adopted. Generally 40–80m2 area of ​​the room is installed with laminate flooring. A installer only takes 6-9 hours, the installation time of the solid wood floor is about 4-6 times that of the imitation solid wood floor installation, and the sanitary and maintenance and solid wood Compared with the floor, it can save half of the time;

6, good flatness, imitation solid wood floor feels comfortable and flexible, assembling gaps and flatness is difficult to compare with other types of flooring;

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Scrap candle can also wipe the floor okorder

Some people think that cleaning wooden floors is a very troublesome thing. In fact, some common items can be used as a preparation for cleaning the floor, and the cleaning effect is not inferior to professional products.

Clean the floor method one: use the candle

to burn the remaining candle heads, when collecting a certain amount, cut it to remove the wick, weigh the amount, join The same amount of turpentine is placed in the wax, placed in a pot filled with cold water, boiled in water, the candle is melted, stirred, poured into a tank and cooled for later use. In order to make the floor easy and effortless, the floor wax can be heated slightly before use.

clean the floor method 2: self-dosing agent

in the cauldron, add soft soap, bleaching earth, soda 450 grams and 2270 ml of water to mix thoroughly, boil them And smash it to half of its original volume, then cool it and store it in the tank for later use. Use a hard brush to rub the smudge on the floor, usually by brushing along the floor, then washing with hot water and drying it.

Clean the floor method three: the use of salad oil, milk and tea

When wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water to make the floor very bright. Or add a little vinegar with sour milk, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be very bright. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to remove the smudges.

cleaning the floor method four: concentrated alkali water to grease

on the floor with grease and other oil traces, can be washed with boiled alkaloid aqueous solution, and then covered on the stain Mix the dough with bleaching earth and hot water and keep it clean overnight, repeat if necessary.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171634913.jpg”>

Clean Flooring Method 5: Salt to Egg Drops

There are egg marks on the floor, you can sprinkle some salt on the egg stick, sweep the floor after 10-15 minutes, the egg marks on the floor will be easily removed.

Cleaning the floor Method 6: Tape and vacuum cleaner to remove glass fragments

It is very dangerous to scatter the glass fragments. If it is visible to the naked eye, it will be glued with adhesive tape. If it is powdered, it should be sucked with cotton. Or sprinkle some rice grains, stick them together, and then suck them up with a vacuum cleaner. You can also wipe them with a piece of wet soap on the glass-sprayed floor. The glass shards will stick to the soap bar, scrape it off at any time, and then press it. Until the end.

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What are the traps to be careful when purchasing solid wood flooring? okorder

Trap 1: The name of the pattern is confusing material

For the solid wood floor, you need to maintain a calm mindset. You need to know certain professional knowledge when purchasing. Don’t blindly listen to the recommendation of others or businesses, according to the needs of home decoration and budget. To make a choice. In this regard, it is also necessary to pay attention to some merchants in the market in order to promote their products, and give a solid name to the solid wood flooring, such as rich wood, ivory wood, gold wood, Brazilian red sandalwood, etc., consumers are very easy to put these nice names. Linked to precious trees. But in fact, these are just ordinary ordinary materials, such as ‘Brazilian red sandalwood’ but ordinary ‘Zi Jing Mu’.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170522807.jpg”>

Trap 2: Surface Additive Masking Defect

When buying solid wood flooring, you need to carefully check the solid wood flooring. There are many kinds of solid wood flooring in the market. There are many brands, specifications and names. Consumers are easy to fall into the acceptance trap when they choose. The floor needs to be checked from the surface to the back. Some decoration companies will deal with the surface of the floor, such as painting and coloring, covering the insect eyes, decay, cracking, etc. with aluminum film. The residents can not see the floor from the surface when accepting the inspection. The quality of the floor will lead to various cracking and discoloration when the floor is used for a long time.

Trap 3: Different grades of floor mixed sale

The raw materials of solid wood flooring have strict grades. It is stipulated that there are generally three grades of ABC. In the case of floor acceptance, the raw materials of the floor need to be inspected to prevent the merchants from incorporating Class B and Class C materials into the Class A materials in the solid wood floor. If conditions permit, Please ask a dedicated person Industry testing, once found, can be exchanged.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170522808.jpg”>

Trap 4: Thin floor when selling thick floor

When the households check the solid wood floor, they need to check the thickness of the solid wood floor, because some unscrupulous merchants will buy the thin solid wood floor as a thick floor. In order to make a profit, even a thickness of 1mm can not be let go, because expensive solid wood flooring may make its budget much higher due to the difference of 1mm.

Trap 5: The decoration contract is not clear warranty time

For the residents who report the decoration of the house to the decoration company, you need to pay attention to the solid wood floor when signing the decoration contract. The after-sales service clauses are specified. Some decoration companies only verbally promise quality time, but they will shirk their responsibility after quality problems occur after acceptance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the shelf life of the agreed floor before accepting the floor, and it is reflected in the decoration contract.

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Floor worms Who should be accountable? okorder

Mr. Jiang, who lives in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, has been worrying about the floor installed in the new house. He spent more than 30,000 yuan to purchase the large-faced solid wood flooring, which showed different degrees of insects after installation. He believes that this is the quality problem of the manufacturer’s products and requires the manufacturer to compensate for the loss; the manufacturer believes that the insects are not the quality of the floor, but the improper installation of Mr. Jiang. The consumer dispute about who is responsible for the floor insects will be staged at the beginning of the new year in 2015, making it difficult for industry experts to judge: there are hundreds of problems after the installation of the floor. The cause of the insects is very complicated. The responsibility is very difficult and becomes a problem waiting to be solved.

Event: solid wood floor insects

Installing solid wood flooring for the new home is a happy thing, but in the eyes of Mr. Jiang in Wenling, Zhejiang, it is not entirely. On January 14, Mr. Jiang told the Beijing Business Daily that he spent more than 30,000 yuan on the large-scale brand solid wood flooring purchased from the local store, and he was quite annoyed after being exposed to the insects for five months.

According to Mr. Jiang, in October 2013, he purchased a solid wood flooring product worth more than 40,000 yuan from a local large-scale specialty store, ready to be paved for new homes. During the paving, because the anti-mite powder provided by the manufacturer will affect the elderly and children in the family, it will not be used, but after only 5 months, there are 7 floors in the 8 rooms in the house. Insect phenomenon. Mr. Jiang said that the floor was worms in such a short time, and the quality of the floor products must be problematic. Chen Guofu, chairman of Da Shi Dian Floor, told the Beijing Business Daily that after learning of the incident, the company had provided Mr. Jiang with mosquito repellents to remove mites according to the advice of local agricultural bureau experts, but Mr. Jiang still harmed mosquito killers. The lack of health has led to an increase in mites. The manufacturer also proposed to replace the insect floor in Mr. Jiang’s home for free, and compensated for other losses, but they were not recognized by Mr. Jiang. After

, Mr. Jiang made a complaint to the Wenling City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Consumers Association and the local media, claiming a total of 80,000 yuan from the manufacturer, but the manufacturer refused to accept the compensation because of the unacceptability, resulting in the floor dispute. There is no conclusion yet.

Dispute: Quality or Installation

On January 14, Beijing Business Daily reporter came to Wenling City to investigate the incident and found that the floor dispute case has been delayed, the most critical The point is that there is not enough evidence on both sides to prove where the insects come from. Mr. Jiang believes that the large-scale floor insects are product quality problems, while Da Shipian believes that there is no problem with his products, which is caused by Mr. Jiang’s return of anti-mite powder and improper installation. There is a phenomenon of insects, so they are not willing to take responsibility.

According to the photo of the insects provided by Mr. Jiang, it was found that white powder appeared on the floor of his house. Mr. Jiang said that this was caused by aphids. He also showed the Beijing Business Daily reporter a knife-cut. White bugs found after damaged floors. In this regard, Mr. Jiang was quite wronged to say that the floor was laid into the home for only 5 months, and it was unheard of. The manufacturer asked for anti-mite powder and insecticide during installation. It is quite unreasonable. In the middle of laying the floor, you must spend money to use these accessories’? The manufacturer holds another view that the consumer has not installed the floor according to the manufacturer’s tips and suggestions, which is the root cause of the floor insects. Chen Guofu said that similar problems have occurred in the same batch of products with Mr. Jiang’s home floor. This is a normal situation, but other consumers have solved the problem in time under the guidance of the manufacturer. ‘We have proposed to replace Mr. Jiang free of charge. Insects the floor and compensated for the loss, but he refused to accept it and insisted on compensation of 80,000 yuan, which made the factory unacceptable.

industry experts said that the phenomenon of insects appearing after the installation of the floor is more common, there are precedents in the use of anti-mite powder when installing the floor, but whether the factory floor is not closed, or the customer is not properly installed, it is difficult to determine.

difficult problem: identification of difficult results

Li Jiafeng, vice president of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that the problems of floor installation have been around for a long time, and there are hundreds of installation problems. Because these problems are different in different regions and environments, this will cause problems in identification.

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Floor maintenance, no mixed use of wax okorder

Wood floor is trampled numerous times a day, and wear is inevitable. In the case of floor maintenance, there are 5 details that are easily overlooked, and it is noted that these can make your wooden floor more durable.

Flooring of any material requires frequent dust removal. Usually use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and often trample on the place where you often trample, especially pay attention to the entrance hall and the walkway leading to the outside. To prevent dust from entering the house, place a dust pad at the entrance or attach a dust bar to the bottom of the door.

The mop is clean and dry better than wet. When using the mop to clean the floor, wring the mop and use the better, too wet mop. When it is used, the water will penetrate into the joint and damage the floor, causing the floor to be deformed, especially the wooden floor and plastic floor.

Carefully choose the floor care products. Choose a water-based wax suitable for the floor. Use only one wax at a time. If you use different waxes, it will react with each other to make the floor sticky and dirty.

The amount of waxing should be appropriate. If the floor wax is too thick, the dust will be more likely to stick to the floor, making it harder to polish the floor.

Be careful when moving furniture on the floor. To move the furniture, it is recommended to use the lifting method to avoid dragging to avoid scratching the floor. To further protect the wooden floor in the home, a cloth cover or gasket can be added to the bottom of the furniture.

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What causes the floor life to be shortened? okorder

Wood flooring is an important part of the purchase of building materials. It took a lot of money to buy a wooden floor to go home, and if it was prematurely scrapped because of improper use, it would be a pity.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171441891.jpg”>

1. Oily


If the floor oil is not treated in time, it will cause oil stains and discoloration. Therefore, after the floor is stained with oil, it should be cleaned immediately with detergent, water, etc.


2. Daylight

After direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will cause cracking on the surface of the floor. When decorating, the owner should consider At this point, use curtains or blinds to avoid direct sunlight.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171441892.jpg”>

3, accumulated water

After the surface area of ​​the water is not treated, it will lead to Floor discoloration, water and cracking. Therefore, when using the floor daily, you should wipe the water stains in time to keep the floor dry.

4. Pharmacy

If the floor is accidentally contaminated with chemicals, it should be wiped with detergent and water. . In addition, chemical agents also reduce the gloss of the floor surface, so you need to polish.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171441893.jpg”>

5, heavy objects

After the floor is finished, do not move the furniture into the new house immediately. After 24 hours, you need to lay the floor under heavy objects such as solid wood furniture and refrigerator. The pad is protected to prevent the local load from being too large and the floor is sunken and scratched.

6. Raining

The wooden floor is inherently water-repellent. If it is rained, the surface of the floor will be discolored, cracked, etc. Therefore, after the decoration, the floor of the home should be waterproof.

600){ This.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171441894.jpg”>

7. Air Conditioning

When air conditioning is used for a long time, the indoor air will become extremely dry, and the floor will easily expand and contract, which will cause gaps and sounds on the floor. Therefore, when using the floor daily, it is necessary to ventilate the room frequently.

8. Pets

Pet excreta can cause alkaline corrosion of wood, causing discoloration and stains on the floor. So owners who have pets in their homes need to pay attention to this.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171441895.jpg”>

9, detergent

After the decoration, the alkaline cleaner should never be used when wiping the floor. The ingredients in the wood will react with the alkaline substances, causing the floor to change. Or produce stains. After using the cleaner, wipe it with a wrung rag.

10. Floor wax

After the decoration, you should use the suitable floor wax. Before the floor is waxed, you should first try the small floor area in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive places, and confirm that there is no problem before starting to fully wax.

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