Water purifier manufacturers want to come to the fore after-sales service is the key

[ is ] water purifier market increasingly popular, so that more and more, resulting in the market situation of cohabitation. How to stand out in this market, a successful enterprise, service is the key. The merits of service can affect consumer satisfaction. At the time of purchase, warranty, service and other relevant regulations allows customers to get rid of merchandise doubts, swing shape, determined to buy goods. Sea fishing as Haier and other well-known companies, have their unique service had a huge effect enterprise.

service is a business-to-consumer and responsible attitude, water purifier manufacturers service can not have the slightest bit sloppy, always forget after-sales service is to promote a strong corporate brand reputation direction If a brand of after-sales service done a poor job, then the brand would be no good brand, for it is the same.

First, most consumers are not very understanding of water purifier, but many people are more concerned about their drinking water health, so before you buy water purifier products will be detailed consultation. This time, water purifier manufacturers should have enough patience to explain to consumers the water purifier works, internal structure, the actual operation and other related knowledge, to make specific answers to different questions raised by consumers. As long as you are sincere enough attitude, consumers must be able to feel, will have some understanding of the goodwill of the manufacturers in the water purifier at the same time. Like Taobao Lynx also often have customer service assessment to evaluate their job performance based on consumer satisfaction with customer service.

Second, the installation of water purifiers although not very complicated, but most people will not install, after consumers buy water purifier of course need to have staff on-site installation initiative to address the worries. If the home is not enough water pressure, the water will be very small, these problems require professional installation on-site detection of unity. And water purifier better than other appliances, it belongs to consumables, the latter need to replace the filter. Some consumers will not replace the filter and other supplies, water purifier manufacturers can active-site service for consumers to replace the filter. Also be on-site teaching, later we need to replace the filter consumers themselves can also be hands-on, so to benefit both buyers and sellers, saving time and effort.

Intelligent incoming group into the era of automation efforts to enhance the level of manufacturing water industry

[ is ] June 7 – 9 days, the three-day 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of Water AQUATECH grand at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The exhibition gathered in the water treatment industry exhibitors in all areas and product categories, fully demonstrated all aspects of water treatment. Show a comprehensive picture of the world’s leading products, technologies and solutions, and build a strong platform for knowledge exchange. AQUATECH is the global industry leader in water treatment is regarded as the preferred business platform, has become synonymous with high-quality professional successful water show.

Shanghai International Exhibition water once the world’s attention as the water treatment industry event, the exhibition gathered 3200 exhibitors, scale exceeded 20 million square meters, more than 64,000 exhibits, is the scene of nearly 100,000 professional visitors, to provide a large-scale, high-quality, international, professional water industry events, widespread public concern. Among them, there are exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, more than 30 countries and regions, and several well-known companies, and bring the world’s leading water treatment products, technologies and solutions. This flourishing, exhibition contests, water treatment feast on top brands, the latest products, cutting-edge technology officially kicked off, bring a professional water green feast for the audience.

to business leaders in high-end interview conducted a three-day exhibition, to lead you into the most authentic exhibition site for the latest industry information. June 8, Foshan City, group general manager of Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to Mr. Peng sharp accepted the reporters, and the exhibition and business development expressed their views.

after the interview began, first introduced to Mr. Peng sharp, Foshan City, Automation Technology Co., Ltd. as a group mainly engaged in automation equipment, currently the water industry production equipment and testing equipment mainly dedicated to water industry manufacturing enhance the level of.

now “Industry 4.0”, “Made in China 2025” wave filled the face of pressure to upgrade manufacturing and domestic and international market competition, continue to promote increased demand for automation and industrial robot market continues to expand, in addition to the traditional applications, the robots achieve a wide range of applications in many fields, water purification industry is facing a broader “blue ocean” market, must automation equipment, intelligent equipment and other help, to win the market faster. Group to serve as a professional automationWater purification business of the manufacturers, water purification business in the future will work to win.

According to Mr. Peng sharp introduction into automation group after years of research and innovation, we have developed a variety of machine manufacturers equipment and parts manufacturers equipment.

whole plant water purification equipment including water hammer blasting machine, inspection machine gas equipment, test equipment component life testing equipment, high-precision automatic cutting machine and RBI automatic machines around the tube.

The same parts manufacturers equipment divided into two categories: production equipment and testing equipment. Production of various types of equipment including linker, pump, solenoid valve assembly production equipment, such as automatic screw machine, non-standard assembly equipment. Parts comprises a joint detection apparatus, a high pressure switch, electromagnetic valve full inspection apparatus. At the same time

to meet the utility requirement, the group also closely follow the development of manufacturing automation into a trend, all of the above devices meet industry standards 4.0, which provides a complete solution for other companies.

Mr. Peng especially sharp also noted the development of integrated water purifier waterways. In addition to water purification, as home appliances, water purification equipment must ensure that any parts are a safe, reliable, watertight. Once the accident occurred due to leakage, damage to property staff, not only cause harm to the user, hit the business, the brand fall into irreversible passive situation, or even result in far-reaching negative impact on the development of the industry. To solve this problem, the group has developed into a specialized automated proprietary integrated water testing equipment, it can be customized for specific products, so as to avoid water purification equipment due to leakage accidents.

At present, China’s labor market is much lower than demand, labor costs gradually rise, and labor management more complex. Automation is the development trend of the manufacturing sector, instead of doing so with the appropriate automation, can effectively reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality. As the intelligent home appliance industry, the rise of the secondary outlet, companies are trying to explore smart technology and related patterns change, intelligent information age, I believe more and more robots, automation equipment, intelligent testing equipment will appear in the traditional manufacturing.

Looking to the future, good water purification companies should be ready to accept new trends, new ideas, new technologies, and the use of these new technologies to improve the manufacturing level, the group will provide the manufacturers to automate more practical, Better and more advanced automation solutions.

Water purifiers water flow greater ≠ look better indicators of clean water purifier election

[ is ] purchase water purifier, we often overlook the water purifier parameter index, and too much emphasis on the quality of the filter. In fact, water flow and water purifier rated total net amount of water is often better reflect the life of the filter, and manufacturers generally difficult to exaggerate on the parameters, if we understand the meaning of these parameters, from which you can choose cost-effective a water purifier.

First, explain the concept of water flow and water purifier rated total net amount of water.

refers to the water flow under the stated operating conditions, water production, the unit per unit time is liters per hour.

refers to the total net amount of water is in the predetermined operating conditions, water quality meets the requirements for drinking water treatment device and water flow of not less than nominal water flow, either a purge or reproducing unit cumulative water production during the replacement, in liters (L). In short, water purifier filter can effectively purify the water, when the water reaches the rated amount of time, we need to filter water purifier to be replaced, so that the water purifier maintain effective working.

Many businesses will claim “big water flow,” the water faster, in order to attract the attention of consumers. So, we will use these two parameters to calculate it and see if water flow better, simply to buy a water purifier in the end do not fly it based on water flow?

If a water purifier water flow is to 5L / h, the total net amount of water is rated 4000L, that the of life of 800 hours, a family of three water intake one day a total of about 6L, then this is more suitable for water purifiers family of three, they are available for almost two years.

If a water flow of the water purifier has 8L / h, but it is only rated 800L total net amount of water, then this water purifier filter life of only 100 hours, the three home use, it is necessary to consider two months to replace the filter, and the frequency of two months and six months, which is more acceptable.

Thus, water purifiers alone can not see water flow, water flow larger ≠ better water purifier election, all in contrast to the nominal water flow and in determining the total net carefully alternative brand water, so as to select the high price of the water purifier.

Sharing mode incoming water purifier to lease than to buy well

[ is ] bike sharing, sharing KTV, share charge treasure, sharing an umbrella launched, shared family become the new darling of the investment community, sharing economy is also one of the hottest topics. Sharing economy business models make an inventory of the utilization of capital resources in the water purifier on the field can use this shared model? The answer is yes, “can”, water purifier water purifier lease is shared by most good interpretation.

to buy water purifier series of problems exist, so you fret

Many people are aware, the role of water purifier that filters tap water, the impurities in the water purification clean drinking water to meet the health standards, water purifier also will use every day, is a high frequency, high supplies equipment, used to believe that people know. Many water purifier using a filter needs to be replaced after three months, only the timing of replacing the filter in order to avoid secondary contamination of water sources infringement, and sometimes the need for water quality testing. Because many of these users use water purifier awareness that trouble, give up the installation of water purification machines, not just regular replacement of the filter and detect water quality problems plaguing water purifier user, many businesses are not responsible for one of the reasons many Buy water purifier users get good service.


water purifier rental can bring

can play a role in water purification machine rental cost, we can draw an analogy, buying a net water prices in 4280 yuan, while the price of each set of replacement cartridges we count 600, a five-year cycle, in which spent five years in terms of water purification machines would need to 8000 (includes service charges), the average annual expenditure in 1600. Let us count the price of the lease, the lease price of a water purifier in month 88, a quarter of 250, 900 for the year, spending five years doing that produced in 5000, which contains a deposit, etc. a series of spending, this seems rental price higher than the purchase of water purification machines more cost-effective. in addition, water purifier rental can be replaced depending on the condition of the water purifier.

we mentioned earlier, replace the filter and testing water quality issues, which by the lessor to provide users more peace of mind at ease, because the service after the lease is done on a contract basis, they have a contract constraints there is an absolute guarantee to protect the goodAfter-sales service.

From this water purifier rental sharing model, have certain benefits, healthy water to drink on the assured, but too cumbersome to install water purifier service can select this mode.

Smart phones can be connected to the water purifier to facilitate your life

{ is ] in places where the water is not good, people often need a variety of ways filtered water, reverse osmosis water purification is a commonly used method, which uses only the permeated water filter selecting impermeable solute permeability, higher than the osmotic pressure driving force for the water to make the separation of solutes and pollution of water molecules, and ultimately to clean water.

(source network)

Different cartridges have different functions, capable of removing various impurity contamination, however, if the end of the shelf life of the cartridge, or does not end but under the filtering effect already low, this time must be filtered out of the water can affect your health, so a foreign development team thought of such a Rokeeperinkmode water purifier, it can be replaced in your filter when give you a warning, in addition, Rokeeper metal coating of the water purifier and the detector probe will built mini-water tank is detected, which is FDA grade silicone material employed as the material of the teat and the baby may be sterilized at high temperatures .

via a Bluetooth connection to the intelligent APP, Rokeeper can be monitored in real-time water quality data transfer to your smartphone, after such a long period of monitoring, you will find references to their homes if the water quality has improved , this product is currently being kickstarter on crowdfunding, priced at about 158 ​​yuan.

Smart era when the water purification industry should homeopathy

[ is ] After a whole year of 2016, “toss”, made water purifier has left a deep impression in the minds of Chinese consumers, not only that, more and more many consumers have more recognition of domestic smart water purifier. Consumption upgrade of the moment, when the smart water purifier business with them.

should be intelligent era when homeopathy (Source network)

intelligent water purifier needs to diversify upgrade

in the election according to market demand on purchase, compared to the previous decisively to buy foreign brands, China’s consumers are more willing to consider domestic intelligence water purification products. This is a water purifier for the Chinese companies a good news, but also a big pressure, because with the current wave of strikes upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher requirements on the various aspects of the smart clean water.

According to reports pointed out that in China’s emerging middle-class consumers and the rise of the background, China intelligent home showing a trend of rapid development, the people’s growing awareness of the depth of smart home, many respondents They said they would try to accept and buy smart products, we can see, the smart home with incalculable market prospects. According to research data shows that the vast majority of respondents toilet is needed to upgrade the smart home space, sure enough, smart water purification consumer to upgrade their choice.

At the same time, domestic smart water purifier has been recognized by consumers, but for the purification of intelligent features and price, acceptance of different sectors varies, therefore, features and price will need to upgrade diversification , meet different levels of consumer demand. With the wave of consumption upgrading, development of smart clean water should flow, timely change according to the needs of the market, square meter is the long-term development.

Intelligent Intelligent Water Purifier to usher in the era of opportunity for development

With the rise of e-commerce platform and offers great space for China’s consumption upgrade.

Indeed, the “Internet +” is a powerful tool to achieve “Made in China 2025”, with the income level of workers, the scale of the expansion of consumer demand, consumer demand in construction upgrades, new consumer demand consumer demand and replacement are constantly nurtured. On the one hand companies need to improve product quality, on the other hand also we need to adapt to changes in market demand, so that it canEnough to better meet consumer demand in the market.

At present the attention of intelligent water purification industry in the domestic market than ever before, with the development of intelligent supply-side reform advocate, water purifiers, water purifiers intelligence will usher development opportunities, the company has only water purifier achieve greater development according to market demand to adjust development strategy.

With the growth of economic development, in 2016 the water purification industry has been rapid development in 2017, in 2016 after a “force”, the domestic water purifier company in terms of product quality and service to a new level.

Home appliance industry sales service to meet the urgent needs chaos chaos phenomena

[ is ] Today, some manufacturers are growing market share, they forget the early heart, throwing the back of the head after-sales service, maintenance, outsourcing has become a consensus within the industry, the companies start to walk away treasurer, and outsourcing services exorbitant demands, the “home appliance repair service price marking” and “consumer protection law” in the high-altitude aircraft, non-existent, consumer rights become a laughing stock, the industry product sales, installation and after-sales service warranty gradually exposing the tripartite separation of trends, dolphin cancer to Liaoyuanzhishi “rising.” Each link in the chain industry, “instant success”, after-sales service into the industrial chain of the most confusing part, home appliance industry into chaos after-sales service urgent needs.

to the urgent needs of the appliance industry service chaos chaos phenomena (Photo from Internet)

service outsourcing to the development trend of home appliance industry

accompanied the home appliance industry, a growing number of complaints, the outsourcing service industry has become an irresistible trend, specifically for home appliances business service clean up the mess and services, some of the outsourcing companies to clean up the more the more rotten. In this service, some busy and external expansion, to spend large sums of money invested in marketing and advertising in the home appliance brand who has no time to attend and “expansion” about the after-sales team, a phenomenon more in the second and third tier cities and rural areas obvious, difficult to guarantee service quality, household electrical appliance enterprises in these repair outlets beyond the reach of regulation and binding. It is noteworthy that, while “rejoined” and “authorized dealer” docking customers are businesses, not consumers, they face the consumers’ money does not go away heart. ”

aftermarket manufacturers are currently outsourcing services mainly in two ways: one is authorized to special agents, the other is to undertake the private life of “pure outsourcing,” These sales service points will not be considered a specific brand, profit for the navigation service qualification is not enough, lack of professional operation, no corporate pressure to bear, bad attitude. Consumers spend brand price to buy is brand products, enjoyed the cottage service, difficult to protect the interests of consumers.

appliance industry service shortage

unsatisfactory after-sales service, so that consumers do not want to choose the brand after sales, to undertake an appliance repair industry sources, in addition to their own responsible for brand sales after-sale protection work, usually to occupy large market shares also took many brand appliance repair.

to water purifier, for example, we all know, water purification products in the appliance category is a high-margin category, especially filter profit as high as 200% to 300%. According to industry statistics, there are nearly 4,000 large and small enterprises to participate in market competition. Related sources: clean water on this one, the current market in Guangzhou at least hundreds of informal service companies.

Consumers Association called on relevant departments should develop as soon as possible and the introduction of more stringent service standards, service quality guarantee from the system; the relevant competent authorities and industry associations to strengthen policy guidance on repair service industry and industry self-regulation; the relevant law enforcement departments should strengthen market supervision and crack down against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers behavior, create a reassuring environment for consumption.

The actual third-party service providers are linked to signs of enterprises, should the dispute and security risks, or a direct impact on the company’s brand reputation.

obviously pay for is well-known brands, providing after-sales service is “street vendors” grade, the whole industry consumer environment is destroyed, complained repeatedly upgrade. According to sources appliance repair, after outsourcing company obtain special authorization, most services are layers of subcontractors, and finally the actual service delivery is only three to five people in the repair shop.

service overcharged reduce brand trust

In recent years, many household electrical appliance enterprises because Repairs profit margins narrow, view them as a burden, to reduce operating costs, have the outsourcing, however, profit-driven service companies have earned bowl full scoop round.

According to “Information Times” reported earlier, previously, a home appliance company executives said, to build a service station in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, a year operating costs need 500,000 to 800,000 yuan, the three four cities have more than 20 million. However, if the operator an outsourced service station, just 50000-100000 yuan every year.

It is known to washing machines, for example, many manufacturers of maintenance in the washing machine after clutch spring broken face, so he called specified by the manufacturer only to replace the entire clutch, clutch and offer at least a few hundred dollars. In fact, the cost of a spring at most 20 yuan, about maintenance costs 30 yuan, 50 yuan will be able to solve the problem, outsourcing designated repair outlets or manufacturers are required to spend 10 times the price.

In 2006 implementation of the “home appliancesService price marking “clearly requires appliance repair service operators must post the public service prices. Article VI, appliance repair service price tag content should include: services (including inspection, repairs and maintenance, require on-site repair service on-site service fees charged), fees; repair materials, spare parts name, origin ( domestic label Province, or import standard country names), specifications, price units, retail price and the price of telephone hotlines.

a growing market share of brand manufacturers appear in the service of the control lag, but does not have the affiliation between household electrical appliance enterprises and outsourcing businesses, manufacturers promise of quality service, fell repair outlets has become “duplicity”. In addition, the greatest criticism after-sales service outsourcing is all sorts of excuses arbitrary charges on the charge, replacement parts under various pretexts wild speculations, appliance service become occupied areas.

Industry analysts believe that the rapid development of China’s home appliance industry, after some shuffling, will play to serve to win the brand, service quality, and will directly reflect the impact of major brands core competitiveness of enterprises . Faced with chaos phenomena after-sales service, to accelerate the appliance service industry will be the next trend.

Guide the further development of water purification industry from the service to start

[ is With the domestic water pollution incident entered a phase of high frequency, people are increasingly concerned about drinking water safety issues, and is recognized as the best home terminal [123 ] water purifier, our family is very large demand for water purifier. However, due to water purification products have their own characteristics, the requirements for the service is relatively high. Many industry insiders said: There is an important factor restricting the development of the industry is the service can not keep up.

from the service start guide further development (Photo from Internet)

An excellent not only to provide consumers with a high quality product, and more importantly a excellent friendly service team to ensure that consumers can enjoy a comfortable life after installing the product. In order to bring better service to consumers secure, we should start from the four details:

1, pre-sales to be patient, detailed product knowledge to explain fully communicate with consumers

[123 ] terminal shopping guide home water purifier and its services and consumer services staff first approached Purchasing Guide is different from general home appliances. Household water purifiers appear relatively late in China, its understanding of consumers is unclear, the level of awareness for water purification equipment will have a variety of concerns. Be sure to arrange an experienced salesperson for everyone to do targeted, detailed product knowledge to explain.

need to design, to do different configurations depending on the consumer’s home water environment, according to consumer demand, to provide him suitable for his home environment and economic level products. For this reason, communication with consumers, understand their water environment and matching purposes is very important. To accomplish this, we need the consumer to contact the business personnel with specialized knowledge. For example, China is more complex water quality, water quality in different regions is different. Some groundwater, some municipal water. High-rise residential water pressure problems, and old Residential aging pipes and other problems there. Individual needs require customized solutions, we must put forward solutions to a scientific system for customers. Some consumer income in general, only concerned with drinking water, then do not let him buy expensive water softeners. Some consumers seeking quality of life, it would have to consider the source from the start, three-dimensional solve the problems of their household water. While high-income families may also have the hot water boiler installation requirements. Although the heating and hot water furnaceProduct is not a water purifier, but you can still make their own professional insights for consumers.

In short, before the product is not installed, products and programs have room for negotiation, we should all try to problems that may occur thoughtful. Service installation should pay attention to quality loss, water purifiers and heating equipment bathing accidents caused to a family is very large, do not have luck psychological.

2, before the design carefully examine the scene

not just buy water purification products can be used immediately, professional installation is very important for future use. Engineering and technical personnel to conduct on-site installation visits, to determine whether the installation or retrofitting what needs to be done before customers to install products for customers. For the new house decoration, installation difficulty which the product is not great, but when the old building, but also to examine the original user’s water network

pipeline, the suitability of transformation, as well as other issues such as the transformation brought about by the .

3. The installation should be carefully prepared meticulous service explain in place

before departure engineers to do careful preparation and timely communication with customers, carefully check the product and preparation tools, absolutely can not wait to the scene only to find what omissions consumer waste time. No such professionalism is difficult to become a good service provider. Dressed in tooling construction workers on site attitude rigorous, meticulous, must not have the slightest omission. After construction, the technician will do a careful debugging at the scene to ensure the smooth comfort of consumers for future use.

4, after-sales management is the key to a return visit to monitor attentive service

for all products sold, consumers should pay a return visit on a regular basis, tracking the quality of products, users understand the use of service personnel assessment.

In order to ensure the quality and use of water purifiers effect, there should be a full-time staff according to the system prompts the user for machine maintenance may be required for reminding a user service, lifting customer worries. In order to solve the problem of demand for personalized service, enhanced management, allowing the user to select their own staff to provide services. In this way, the service warm and attentive staff will become everyone’s favorite objects, users need to be sure that the direction and power service efforts, has positive significance to enhance the quality of services.

to promote the development of the water industry,Technological breakthrough is the main force, customer service is the purpose. As the saying goes “Gold silver cup as word of mouth”, has won a good reputation and quality service is a prerequisite for a better start to bring clean water to the consumer experience from the service, at the same time to win the reputation of himself and better development.

To solve the water industry needs to develop a large platform differentiation of consciousness demand

[ is ] because there is no uniform industry standard specifications and price, water purifier of varying quality, the price disparity is widespread. In addition, after-sales service is also lagging one of the main bottlenecks in the development of our country, some enterprises simply sell products regardless of service, consumers can not guarantee safety of drinking water, but also to some extent, also dragged down the credibility of the water industry.

To address the needs of the water industry needs to develop a large platform differentiation of consciousness (Photo from Internet)

consumer awareness of water purification in its infancy

Although China water purifier market is booming, maintained a rapid growth rate, but compared to more than 70% penetration rate in developed countries is concerned, only about 5 percent, household penetration is still very low in China. Hence, there is the vast number of consumers of water industry leading technology and mainstream products general lack of awareness, often do not know how to start in the purchase process, thus enhancing water purification products industry, science and technology education is necessary.

a lack of consumer awareness, the demand for differentiation is the water industry to be solved

In fact, the use of safe drinking water purifier does not mean worry-free use in the consumer process, filters, replacement of pipes, maintenance aspect of the problem is likely to cause secondary pollution. If the device does not perform to a certain time after maintenance, replacement, or user of unsafe drinking water. Business sense of service is not in place, will affect the quality of the sense of consumer goods, thus affecting the commodity markets.

to establish a sound service system imminent sense of service, but the vast Chinese market, different regions there are different issues. Related survey, urban retail market, consumers often encounter logistics, installation, waste water than other issues.

water purification industry development needs of a large platform integration awareness

problems encountered in urban markets focused on the level of goods and services, can be resolved through energy-saving products, intelligent means. The problem is actually in the township market access problems, can be improved through innovative sales models and channels services. Haier water purification Deputy General Manager Chen Peng said, including waste water, noise, ease of service, user reminders and other problems, can be solved by building big data platform approach.

However, netQualification water scale is uneven, and there is no service capabilities as most of the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises. In the rural market is not mature, the ability of water purification companies to develop service network is not necessarily strong, but also face greater financial pressure. Chen Peng believes, based on this situation, water companies can hold together the way to build a joint, shared service system.

Water purifier sales service to become a breakthrough brand promotion

[ is With continues to mature water purification products, various water purification products are basically meet the needs of consumers, in this case, water purifier sale services to be made a breakthrough branding victory. How do water purifier sales work? There are several key aspects.

water purifier brand promotion to become a breakthrough in service (Photo from Internet)

Service detail is match point

because the service is dealing with customers, and will focus on skills dealing with people, and say to win in the details, often seemingly insignificant place can to impress customers. In this respect, after-sales service is the double-edged sword, as do, put it well. This requires sales staff should do a good job every detail, such as the client’s home to replace the shoes, such as cleaning after the sale is completed, collecting refuse, and so on. On the other hand, when companies in the publicity, this service also involves attention to detail, the consumer must not have to worry about. In other words, only water purifier manufacturers to seize the details in the process of brand building, brand success to glory.

dealing with service mentality to change, there is no peace of mind, is doing well after sales, because customers are what kind of character, what kind of mood there; if the last is subject to the customer complaints, to more peace of mind to deal with, first of all to reassure customers, customer emotions calm down, and listen to customer dissatisfaction, so that, even if the customer’s grievances or grievances will be eased, and finally if we can successfully solve customer problems, complaints such sale would be a bad thing, with the user may be able to increase the sale of water purifier manufacturers trust to some extent, a sense of belonging to the water purifier brand.

aftermarket awareness of the most important

What is consciousness sale, namely water purifier manufacturers need to put into the service water purifier water purifier brand building must be clear water purifier sales work importance, so that it can be properly positioned to ensure that the water purifier brand aftermarket falling into a vicious circle; another aspect is, service personnel must have a positive attitude, although the customer is God does not hold, but in any certain aspects of humility customers will pay off.

When the purpose of the sale of the development, we should get started preparing. Water purifier manufacturers of aftermarket key is to always do the training of sales staff, which includes after-sales service awareness training, basic knowledge, basic skills, including on-site training for customer communication should be put in place. Because, for now, the service is generally are carried out together by the installer, it will conduct a series of maintenance work by the appropriate personnel. Good training enables service employees with professional product knowledge, positive attitude and a serious and dedicated spirit of service, to provide more and better quality services to customers at work, to win customer satisfaction.

In this era of consumer-oriented services, water purifier companies want to expand their brand influence, we must pay attention to after-sales service, improve service skills and service concept, safeguard existing customer base, in order to a place in the ever-changing market.