Desert Ironwood provides shade for desert buildings okorder

Desert Ironwood is a member of the pea family, whose flowers are similar in shape to sweet peas. Like many desert trees, Ironwood can easily resist the drought, high temperatures and direct sunlight, providing green shade throughout the year.

The density of iron wood is very high, and like its name, it can even sink in the water. Ironwood is an evergreen tree, but the temperature cannot be lower than 20degree. It grows slowly and is one of the longest-lived trees in the desert. Some trees are estimated to have 800The history of the year.

Plant name:Olneya Tesota

Common Name: Ironwood

Place of Origin: The Sonoran Desert in Southeastern California, Arizona and Mexico, and the Peninsula Region of Mexico can also be found

Growing Area: Fahrenheit 20More than

Moisture Requirements: Once planted is very cold-resistant, Survive by natural rainfall, water once a month in the summer

Light requirements: sunny

Mature after maturity:30FootHigh30FootWide

planting time: fall and spring

Because the branches of iron trees are large and beautiful, they are often used as landscape decorations. You can plant it in the front yard and put a few boulder beside it to create a huge structural contrast.

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Amazing frozen bubbles like glassware okorder

Every winter, when the temperature drops to 0 below, Washington PhotographerAngela KellyStarting to take advantage of the cold weather and Blow out the bubbles to make beautiful ice crystals. She took photos for the “Life in Bubbles” series, and the beautiful snowballs and Christmas tree decorations look just like glass, and the effect is amazing.

KellyUsing homemade soap solution,Syrup and water create bubbles. Although some of the smaller bubbles smashed on the ground after freezing in midair, the other crystals retained the original shape. No bubble looks the same ,Everyone has a different pattern. Use elegant swirls and scallops,Feather etching, snowflake design decoration,These crystal spheres look so pleasing on a cold winter day.

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Several design solutions for Asian-style bathrooms okorder

The Asian-style bathroom gives you the perfect place to rest and relax and restore a quiet space every day.

1. A color that makes people feel comfortable. Soothing shades, such as crisp white, earthy brown and warm neutral colors, are often used to decorate Asian bathrooms because they provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Black is also another color that often appears in Asian-style bathrooms, including this luxurious bathing area.

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Casa contemporary architecture design okorder

This is Casa, a beautiful home. The house was designed by the Italian architect Scaramellini Architetto. Although this is just a one bedroom house, it is a very ethereal, spacious home. Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, the house is a famous tourist area for winter sports. In fact, the house was built because the house has been aging over time and the old straight needs to be rebuilt. So I rebuilt this old house.

The team was asked to respect the original layout but also tried to connect with modernity. So they divided the structure of the original house into two layers. The first floor consists of a large space divided into three rooms. The house has a large entrance to the east. Architects face several challenges when working on this project. They must respect the original structure and build a contemporary building. What they still need to do is not to make a comparison. In the end, they are still beautifully finished.

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Elegant and fresh chandelier made of metal okorder

For most designers, every product needs to be improved again and again. In the design style, the function, color, etc. of the product may need to be changed. In the same way, the layout of the room also requires continuous improvement.

chandelier” width=”400″ height=”454″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQ screenshot 20141219092830.jpg” />

This is a classic luminaire that combines traditional and contemporary features to create an elegant, fresh and simple metal chandelier. The chandelier is surrounded by a straight metal tube with a hang on each end. The small light bulb, when opened, is like a burning candle at both ends. This chandelier is suitable for use in the bedroom and living room to enhance the style of the room, elegant and simple.

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Amazing modern apartment design in London okorder

This beautiful loft that you will never forget will redefine your luxury living standards. It is located in London and has been completely refurbished under the design of architect Amos. Just look at these pictures and you can feel the fresh air filling your lungs.

The structure of the apartment is a very effective way to enter the private terrace where you can enjoy the magnificent view. The main attraction inside is the spiral staircase of the sculpture. Not only does it bring personality and elegance, it also makes the apartment look completely different. With its seductive styling, this spiral staircase seems to be your ticket to heaven, in fact, it connects the main residential area of ​​the roof terrace.

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An interesting combination style apartment in Poland okorder

This apartment is located in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. This is a spacious apartment and has a very interesting combination style. Some areas are very modern, with clean and simple lines, while others are more elegant, more gorgeous, and have a more classic look.

The apartment houses the Palace of Culture, one of the most important and famous buildings in Poland. But this is not the only detail that makes this space special. The apartment has a spacious living and dining area, complemented by a red kitchen. The kitchen is the highlight of this space. The red walls contrast with the white surface, and the blue furniture in the living area balances them well.
The bedroom is a rather unusual space. It doesn’t really share the same apartment style. It is more fascinating here, it has a rich decoration. The golden interior contrasts with the elegant black to create a very outstanding atmosphere.

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a bathroom at the Park Hyatt New York okorder

The Park Hyatt Hotel in New York is a globally recognized luxury hotel and a symbol of Manhattan. Park Hyatt is built in an skyscraper, architect Chris Christian · Paul Sambak, with 210 deluxe rooms, including 92 superior suites.

This is a bathroom design at Park Hyatt. The walls of the bathroom are made of yellow-brown tiles that look like wood and look quaint and atmospheric. The floor is also paved with light tan. A large bathtub is placed near the wall to let people relax their fatigue. There are also shower heads, hooks, etc. on the wall to facilitate people to place clothes and wash.

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Seaside house beautiful and interesting okorder

The beach house is always fun and beautiful. Being close to the ocean is already amazing, regardless of design or appearance. But when the house is as beautiful as the surrounding landscape, the result is incredible. Here is an example that reflects this idea.

The Altamira Residence is a beautiful building located on the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This is a very impressive structure because it covers 15,500 square feet, which is equivalent to being as large as 20 acres. But the area is not the only reason that impressed me. It also has a very beautiful design with many windows and modern structures that allow the user to look at the outside landscape from different angles. You can see the Pacific Ocean from your bed, it’s so cool, isn’t it?
Another interesting detail is the roof of the house. It has an unusual shape that reproduces the undulations of the waves, making it a nice looking structure. The roof has natural lines and beautiful curved shapes. This is a perfect house near the sea.

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Pak Fuk Restaurant in Toronto, Canada okorder

A new Pak Fuk restaurant was opened in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The chef of the restaurant is Korean-American David Chang. The Baifu Restaurant has a total of three floors, the first floor is pasta, the second floor is a bar and lounge, the third floor is cooking, and only 22 people eat at the same time. Give everyone a feeling of being rare and expensive, and improve the grade of Baifu Restaurant.

The overall building materials of Pak Fuk Restaurant are mainly made of concrete, sand, white oak and glass. The floors, ceilings and tables and chairs in the dining room are made of white oak and decorated with a touch of black granite to give the guests a fresh, natural and beautiful experience.

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