B.LUX designed knee stool

David AbadLap BenchDo double task for your courtyard space. It not only provides seating, but also a built-in light. B.LUXDesign, the bulb is added to the stool, in case it may require extra light, you can even put it indoors if you like.

Stools are available in grey or rust-colored colors,Lap Bench The seats are covered with tropical wood. It is equipped with LEDor fluorescent light.
It also has an extended bench that can provide more seats.

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A 900 square foot Tribec Loft

LYNCH / EISINGER / DESIGNRenovated one900Square-footed loft apartment located near the Tribec area of ​​New York, named Hubert Street House. The loft was designed for a young Columbia University medical school student who needed a break at school. The final product is an open space with public and private areas, with plenty of storage and functionality.
All partitions have been removed to make the loft wide open, helping to maintain the view of the north and west. The architect skillfully placed all the functional requirements of the day in a plywood cabinet. The plywood cabinets are slightly below the ceiling of the apartment, allowing daylight to pass through and enter the private sector. It also provides a transition between public and private spaces.
in the main area, they install A long white lacquer cabinet, hiding a work area, a Murphybed and wardrobe. When the door of the cabinet is closed, the white area can be used as a projection screen.

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WRK-SHP table from WORKOF

WorkOf is an independent manufacturer engaged in the sale of original furniture, lighting and decoration. Their philosophy is to encourage independent designers and help them grow while providing a good place to shop.

Design MilkWorked with them to launch a beautiful and unique table. wrk-shpTable is an architectRyan Uptonand designerAiri Isodacommended.
Table made of beautiful maple, steel and glass to make. This is a perfect design presentation, wrk-shpUses classic building materials and transforms them into modern products that are both clever and practical.

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Modern sustainable chairs and tables

Sydney, AustraliaCummins DesignDesigned this horned portfolio, including PSA2 armchair and collocationPSCTcoffee table. Each piece is handcrafted from Australian sustainable materials, including sturdy Tasmanian blackwood, sturdy thin black wood and Kenning Araucaria plywood.

PSA2chair is2013Designed for the yearPat SprattAn updated version of the armchair. With its original ergonomic design, the pressurized plywood seat floats between the bold polygonal armrests to form the structure.
The coffee table complements the tilting nature of the armchair and its sophisticated joinery.

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Sao Paulo apartment decorated with shades of gray

DT estúdioRenovated one1130Square-footed apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The original layout of the house was not suitable for the owner, so they decided to remove one bedroom and add much needed space to other rooms.

The kitchen and living room are connected to create a longer view and bring much-needed light to the narrow kitchen.
When dismantled, they found that concrete beams helped to stimulate the new urban design of the apartment. A long countertop for TV and other items is made of concrete that helps to show the existing concrete details. They also brought concrete structures to the walls. Together with all the grey concrete, they painted the walls in different shades of gray to create cohesion.
In order to balance all the cool concrete, they placed warm wooden floors and textured furniture.

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Two apartments combined into a modern New York residence

TirmiziCampbell, a New York-based architecture and design firm recently completed a renovation in Alberta, New York. The scope of the project consists of combining two adjacent apartments into a single residence for a young couple. The finished product is a bright and spacious home filled with modern elements.

The wooden surface gives the white wall some warmth, including some original bricks.
The kitchen is custom made, mainly composed of white. The bright red tableware decorates the built-in shelf.
Modern works with traditional and classical elements create a comfortable and refined atmosphere.

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Two detached apartments sharing a piece of land

SteelHouse1and2It took a few years to plan and challenge to design two unique independents on a piece of land. Apartment, but still keep your own individual. There is only one piece of 25foot-wide land, two houses occupy most of the area, and Share a common garden together.

New SteelHouse1occupies a large part of the front of the land, with a bold modern look, covering Colton Steel , fiber cement wallboard and stucco. 1518square feet townhouse consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open, light-filled living area.
Warm wood floors and walnut cabinets with white walls and lines. The master bedroom has its own private terrace with sun exposure to the west.
The first floor has a parking lot and a private space office space.
occupies a large part of the back of the land, is a newly renovated two-storey townhouse,1515square feetDistributed in two levels of living space.
Entertainment space is on the top floor, making the most of the sun. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the lower level, while the third bedroom and bathroom are on the upper level.

Open stairs connect two floors while providing extra storage and built-in bookshelves.
The bookshelf extends to the second floor, creating a semi-open barrier between the living space and the stairs.
floor-standing bookshelves provide privacy for the bedroom.

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Suspended homes provide a quiet view of the Chilean seaside

You can be at MiradorSee land and sea, a steep cliff on the coast of Chile Hanging houses on the top. ByGubbins ArquitectosDesign, it will keep you away from the bustling environment near San Diego. Here, residents can fully bathe in a peaceful atmosphere.

1450square feetThe building has a slope that leads to the main floor of the house. Once inside, you will see a large living space connecting two outdoor terraces: a view with the ocean and a view with the land. The main floor also has a spiral staircase leading to the roof terrace, which offers more incredible views and is perfect for sunrise and sunset.

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Great mysterious eyes created by artists

Milan ArtistsStefano PrinaUse his dogLuchino expressive eyes as an inspiration to design handmade works . Using his construction experience as an architect,Prinacreates incredible detail The sculptural eyes, including colorful reptiles, fish, monsters and animals, are named Little Shop of Monsters. Each piece of work shows the complex composition of the iris, including colors, shapes and pigments It adds a very realistic texture to the fine art.

This talented sculptor paints each delicate eye pattern on the base of the wooden shell and wraps his work with smooth acrylic. When PrinaWhen building bridges and architectural models, he became a professional researcher and builder, which helped it to portray real and fictional eyes.

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Dripping murals on the walls of the Miami International Airport

Walking at Miami International Airport, you may just encounter a novelty that is the ceiling and walls of the airport. Paper artist Jen Stark has taken a colorful style of painting-drip murals and applied it to this brand new mural. Permanently installed, located on the third floor, near the sidewalk. Ren Stark shared some of the “in progress” of her work, many of which were filmed by photographer Peter · Wahan. Of course, the murals were done with the help of a few good friends. When she wrote on her personal blog, “I got a friendship and helped draw this airport mural”.

As you may recall, Miami International Airport has also had Christopher · Gianni’s artistic fusion, in the same Beautiful rainbow walkway.

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