Anti-radiation curtains, find out

With the increasing number of curtain brands, the categories will be more and more, and the functions will be more diverse. Many people will choose radiation-proof curtains when they decorate, but many owners choose such curtains, but they don’t know. The role of radiation protection curtains, so many owners will be curious to know. Then the next series will take everyone to understand the function of the radiation protection curtains and the maintenance methods of the radiation protection curtains.

Anti-radiation curtains

First, the function of radiation protection curtains

1. Anti-electromagnetic radiation damage: radiation curtains can be effective Shield high-voltage lines, substations, TV and radio towers, cell phone base stations, radars and other electromagnetic radiation generated by the surrounding environment to provide safe and healthy living and working environment for the owners.

2. Anti-electromagnetic radiation interference: Effectively resists electromagnetic wave signal interference from the surrounding of the working environment, providing a very effective guarantee for protecting the normal operation of electronic instruments and equipment systems.

3. Anti-information leakage: Effective shielding suppresses electromagnetic signals passing through the window, which can help prevent information leakage and stealing.

4. Anti-infrared imaging: This type of curtain has significant anti-infrared sneak and thermal imaging functions, effectively preventing the need for confidential work scenarios and home life scenarios from being stolen and candid Imaging.

5. Shading function: It has multiple functions such as anti-ultraviolet radiation, heat insulation, warmth, environmental protection and energy saving, and is the first choice for families.

Anti-radiation curtains

II. Maintenance methods for radiation protection curtains

1 The radiant fabric can also be washed, but it should not be washed regularly, it will affect its anti-radiation function. And if it is the curtain, the metal fiber inside will be broken, the anti-radiation effect will be worse. So keep at home. Clean it, don’t let the dust get too much on the curtains.

2, it is recommended to add a layer of blackout cloth between such curtains and doors and windows, do not let the radiation curtain It is often exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise it will affect its effect, especially the radiation-proof fabric made of silver fiber will oxidize.

3 Generally speaking, this type of curtain is generally more In order to choose the fabric of metal fiber, if the material is light-colored fabric, it is easy to see a black line with poor coloring. Unlike cotton fabric, it can be dyed into a lot of colors, a little gray, don’t black. The line mistakenly thinks it is dirty and washes and washes. If you want beautiful curtains, you can put beautiful ordinary curtain cloth hanging, and the radiation protection curtains are placed behind the ordinary curtain cloth. .
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