Americana Awards to honor Pat and Roberta O’Toole

Jenelle Bader, Chair of the 2015 Cypress College Foundation Americana Awards, announced at the Jan. 12 Cypress City Council meeting, the selection of Pat and Roberta O’Toole as the Cypress 2015 Citizens of the Year and recipients of the Americana Award.Long-time Cypress residents, Pat and Roberta O’Toole are well-known throughout the community. Pat served as commissioner on the city’s Recreation & Community Services commission from 2009 – 2013. Roberta is the on-site manager of the Tanglewood North Homeowners Association.Serving as a member of the Cypress Woman’s Club, each year she coordinates a project called the Buddy Boxes that are provided to the veterans at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. For several years Pat and Roberta were known as the PR team for the Cypress Community Festival Association.They took hundreds of pictures and wrote many articles that appeared in the Event News and the News Enterprise papers, in addition to coordinating the festival‘s printed programs. As a result of their public relations talents, the event became more popular and increased in attendance. Membership in CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) requires members to attend informative training sessions and to pass the required exams.Both Pat and Roberta are CERT members and have assisted with various county disasters such as seasonal fires.The 40th annual Cypress College Americana Awards presentation will be held on Saturday, Feb. 28, in the grand ballroom of the Disneyland Hotel. On this date Pat and Roberta O’Toole will be recognized as the Cypress 2015 Citizens of the Year, an award of the highest merit for these two extraordinary Cypress residents.

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