American woman born naturally, born a rare identical quadruplet

The US media reported on the 16th that a 41-year-old Mississippi woman gave birth naturally in the hospital more than a week ago, giving birth to rare identical quadruplets instead of the hospital’s previously anticipated “tricts”.

Maternal Kimberly · Fugate was in the medical center of the University of Mississippi, and many ultrasound examinations in the hospital showed that she had triplets in her womb.

In an interview with ABC, Fuguet recalled that the process of giving birth to multiple births was long and painful. When the three children she had expected had come out, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. She did not expect the midwife to exclaim and “next”.

“ Three children have already come out, they (midwife) said, & lsquo; and feet & rsquo;, & quoquo; Fugate said, & ldquo; & lsquo; and feet & rsquo; … … I said, ‘No!’”

Because he was born more than 12 weeks earlier than the expected date of birth, Fugett’s quadruplets are now undergoing medical observation at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

James &middot, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the medical center, said that, in general, a quadruplet will occur in every 729,000 births, and the odds of identical quadruplets “ Almost difficult to calculate & rdquo;. Given that Fugett did not rely on drugs and medical help, the odds of identical quadruplets are extremely rare. (Xinhua News Agency)

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