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If a spectacular home is not enough, is it on your own island? The 63-acre Darien is an island property – worth $175 million. The property consists of a stone building and a horse stall. It is private and secluded, but it is easily accessible to Manhattan.

Since the turn of the last century, the property on this island has been a descendant of the industrialist William Ziegler. The island is connected to the mainland through the man-made zone in Long Island Bay. There is a main house, a few extra homes, a polo field, a private beach and pier, and a houseboat. There is also a natural bay on the island that is ideal for sheltering boats. Commuting and Interstate 95 are also just a mile away.

200 stonemasons were hired to build the structure here. The main house has 10 bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, two and a half bathrooms and four fireplaces. It is said that this stable has a brick ceiling in Guastavino, just like the lobby of Central Station in New York City. The property also includes a detention center house, a concierge, several small houses, a marina with marina, beach villas and an 1800-year-old antique house.

Although the seller has cut $30 million from the asking price, Gemini is still the most expensive home in Florida, with a market price of $165 million. The property is more than just a house, but a true blend of land between the inland and the Atlantic Ocean, between Palm Beach and Delray Beach, on 15 acres. The privileged location gives it 2,500 feet of waterfront – 1,200 feet along the beach and 1,300 feet along Lake Worth.

The estate is the residence of the late tycoon William B. Ziff Jr. who died in 2006. According to BusinessInsider, Ziff sold Ziff-Davis’ publishing department for $1.4 billion more than a decade ago. This mansion built in the 1940s was once home to the 20th century-style Gloria Guinness.

The 33 bedroom compound covers 63,000 square feet and has a staggering 47 bathrooms. It includes a 12 bedroom main residence, a seven bedroom guest house, a North and South Ocean Villa, a manager’s house and a manager’s office. Described as “elegant and relaxed”, the house is designed with warm tropical woods and stone. Many rooms have their own hidden beachfront terraces. The indoor/outdoor pool leads to an orchid veranda and a grotto-style pool terrace with a fountain and lots of tropical plants.

Hampton has always been known for expensive real estate, but Southampton’s MeadowLane is now the most expensive property in Hampton. On the $150 million of land, more than 14 acres of land on more than 14 acres of land directly in three batches. It also has an extra bay. Formerly the home of entrepreneur Robert Sillerman, whose sales in 2016 were $38 million.

The main building was built in 1994 and has a large number of large glass windows with 360 degree water features. It has 12,000 square feet of living space including 12 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms and an indoor pool. Other facilities include an outdoor pool, pool house, tennis courts, tennis courts, two golf greens and a golf course. The property also has three private walkways leading to the ocean.

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