American 15-year-old student mischief brewing tragedy shot by classmate father

Playing a mischievous lost life! The 15-year-old cheerleader captain was shot and killed by his classmate father _ Figure 1-1

People’s Daily on February 19th According to the American Chinese website, Yahoo reported that on the 16th, local time, a cheerleader captain in Arkansas, USA. The father was shot and killed by the classmate’s father. The reason was that the father was crazy about the children’s mischief, so he madly shot at the car full of children.

On the 16th, local time, seven children between the ages of 14 and 18 were huddled in a car and headed to the classmate’s home to throw leaves, mayonnaise and eggs on the man’s car. The local police said that this is obviously a child’s mischief.

It is reported that the man who shot the gun is Willi Nobel, 48 years old. His children had teased the children last Halloween. In retaliation, these children decided to mischief against the Nobel family. However, Willie was obviously very upset about this. He opened the door and fired at the car. After the gunshot, several children hurriedly drove away.

But unfortunately, 15-year-old Adrian Adrian Broadway has already shot in the head. Some other children were slightly injured.

Nobel is currently facing murder charges, and he told the police “just want to scare the children”.

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