Aisworth’s 2017 “Don’t Forget the Heart of the Heart” brand annual meeting was a complete success

Aiswo was held in Sanya on March 24-26, 2018. “I don’t forget the initial heart crossing the peak brand annual meeting. The event was hosted by well-known host Chen Yalei and was sent to senior distributors from all over the country. After attending the event, everyone gathered to experience the charm of the annual meeting of Aiswo.

This is a rare event. Aiswo has always been committed to success, and must choose the industry. , choose the right trend, and entrepreneurs must be capable of starting a business. Therefore, in the Aiswo Venture Nuclear Energy Training Camp, professional teachers from domestic excellent service companies were invited to conduct practical training on the core competence of entrepreneurship. As a veteran of the nine-year career, Chairman Cheng Quan also personally shared the industry trends of beauty, and jointly emphasized how to cultivate the core competence of the enterprise, how to continue the brand, how to continue to successfully start business, face-to-face teaching, let everyone team up Recognize yourself together, there is no white lunch in the world. To do a good job, you must learn the ability, do not live up to the trust of customers, the trust of the society and the trust of the team, thus solving the difficulties and pain points of the team. Under the team, ecology, empowerment and sharing of the eight-character strategy, Aiswo will usher in a new stage.

Mr. Cheng Quan, Chairman of the Annual Meeting Ceremony, made the Aiswo 2017 brand summary and 2018 strategic release, which determined the company’s development direction and strategy. At the same time, it also held a signing ceremony with 12 major TV channels, and continued to promote the brand. Mr. Mao Shiyun, CEO of Marketing and Marketing, together with Yin Xuelian, Qi Qiuju and Peng Mingming, members of the decision-making committee of Aiswo, jointly launched the launching ceremony of the preparatory office of Aiswo Overseas Company, officially announced to everyone that Aiswo will go abroad and go to the world. .

The company has many excellent partners and contributed a lot to the company’s development. Therefore, it also rewards outstanding agents at the annual meeting. For outstanding agents, it is not only honored. Material rewards, also invited a professional shooting team to shoot for them, there are sports cars, beaches, yachts, etc., multi-scene shooting, multi-faceted publicity, so that more people can recognize them, can open up the market and earn enough attention. At the same time, the World Tourism Miss China runner-up Zhao Danyang was invited to shoot the brand advertisement.

Each event is full of variety and content, and shows the brand’s style. The same is true of the Aiswo brand annual meeting. There are not only special training camp training, product model show, awards ceremony, etc., but also wonderful programs to help out, the band’s forgotten singing, the graceful dance of outstanding dancers, and the surprise of Aiswo’s partners. Joining the show, etc., all brought the festival to a climax, so that everyone can feel the perfect experience of visual and auditory.

In the colorful and colorful activities, Aiswo 2017 “do not forget the initial heart crossing the peak brand annual meeting The successful conclusion, I believe that after continuous struggle and hard work, Aiswo will also become a representative of China’s outstanding national brands and become a representative of international big names!

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