Aiming at metal doors and windows, is it possible for companies to cross the border?

After the successful listing of the customized home listed company, a series of capital operation actions were launched, the most obvious of which was the cross-border industry. The customized home-listed enterprises represented by Europa and Haolai were the first to focus on the metal doors and windows. Cross-border people are coming to the forefront, causing a wave of uproar in the door and window industry. How much is the odds of custom home furnishing companies entering the door and window industry?
Giants have entered the door and window industry

In order to further improve the product matching system of the big home, after the traditional category cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom and wooden door business, Ou Pai Furniture Group has entered the door and window industry. Opalney metal doors and windows. As the overlord of the custom industry, Opaloni metal doors and windows adhering to the European manufacturing genes, attaches great importance to product development and quality. Relying on the twenty-four years of deep-rooted layout of the Ou Pai Group in the custom home industry, the advantages of the group’s capital, customers, channels, brands, and information technology are aggregated, and “take advantage of the trend” in production, R&D, manufacturing, and service. Through technology and market innovation, we will create a new industrial chain closed-loop, and fully meet the needs of consumers to customize windows and doors for “window-new windows”.

Good Lai Ke and Lei Tuo established a joint venture company. Also in 2018, Hao Laike invested 40 million yuan in cooperation with Zhejiang Leituo Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. to establish Qianlong Door and Window Company, which is a metal door and window processing manufacturing business.

In 2004, Shi Niman Home invested 40 million yuan to build an international standard production line for doors and windows. It is the first company in the domestic aluminum alloy door and window industry to introduce a full set of advanced door and window system production equipment in Germany, mainly used in high-end aluminum. The design, research and development and production of alloy doors and windows, sun room and ecological interior door, Shi Niman’s home has entered the era of overall home development.

Why do custom homes enter the door and window industry?

Benefit from the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the arrival of the era of consumption upgrading. Consumers have changed from coping with life to operating life and enjoying life. The mentality of buying doors and windows has also changed from “willing” to “paying attention”, the high-performance demand for smart, silent, airtight and watertight windows and doors, as well as appearance and color. More aesthetic and personalized integration needs, so that the door and window industry is ushered in a period of sustained high growth.

As we all know, “capital, customers, channels, brands, informationization” is the “innate” strength of customized home-listed companies, and the accumulation of experience in custom industry will help promote metals. The rapid development of door and window business. Customized home has a mature business model. It has formed an absolute advantage in the construction of information technology and the creation of customized products. The high growth of the door and window industry and the lack of competition have attracted the attention of the highly customized industry. And actively participate in participation. Of course, more importantly, this will greatly expand the terminal market capacity, promote omnichannel drainage and sales, and thus expand the wealth of terminal stores. It can be said that this may become an opportunity for custom home listed companies to get rid of the slowdown in growth.

Customized home cross-border doors and windows, how to win?

Of course, the current home building market in cross-border is not a new thing, because the same “cross-border looters” are no longer a minority. Due to market competition and the needs of enterprise development, cross-border to other fields have long existed, and cross-border is also expected to become an important topic in the home industry in the next decade. Among them, metal doors and windows as a small branch of the home building materials industry, it is not surprising that it is able to attract people from all walks of life while having the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly.

Customer home relative to the custom door and window industry’s competitive advantage in:

1, custom home’s highly informational, personalized customization, strong brand promotion, etc. From manufacturing to brand marketing, they are all ahead of the door and window industry.

2, the custom-made home enterprise is far ahead, the brand of more than one billion yuan has already reached a considerable scale, the tens of billions of brands have appeared, the concentration of the industry has increased, and the billion-level brands of the door and window industry are few The development of the industry is extremely non-standard, and the profits of competing players are relatively considerable.

3, marketing model and terminal performance, custom home has entered a diversified, large home and corporate operation mode, billion-level dealers are not new, but the door and window industry terminal construction is still very long The way to go, the single store returns low, the store configuration is basically the mainstay store, the good and the bad. A company that claims to be the first brand in the door and window industry has more than 800 stores, and its annual sales are only about 500 million yuan. The average return of the store is only 600,000 yuan.

From the information construction, the application of Internet tools, the promotion of terminals, the deep training of dealers, etc., there is a big gap between doors and windows and custom homes. But one thing is certain. As a highly customized industry, the history of custom home development is a glorious struggle for past self-denial, end-to-end research, and peer-to-peer transcendence. Today’s custom home is the future of the door and window industry for 5 years or even 10 years.

In this case, we can make bold judgments, and the full involvement of the home head enterprise in the door and window industry will inevitably lead to the rewriting of the industry pattern, which is determined by the characteristics of the customized home industry. The custom home needs to complete the research on the door and window products, the integration of the industry, the adjustment of the internal process, etc. It is believed that in the near future, the “customized rivers and lakes” will be unified.

The cross-border has swarmed in. In the face of this increasingly complex and turbulent world, the boundaries of the industry are gradually disappearing. Don’t forget that the custom home industry is still inherently in control of some of the real estate traffic. Faster access to target users than the door and window industry. The so-called tossing people are obviously more likely to succeed. In less than ten years, the custom home industry has completely surpassed the leading brands in the traditional home building materials industry, such as Marco Polo in the ceramic industry, Jiu Mu in the sanitary industry, Wrigley, the nature of the flooring industry, the icon,These traditional home shackles, which used to be much larger than the custom home volume, now have to look at each other. With mature brand operation routines, high-quality management team, leading O2O business model and other factors, the custom home industry coordinating doors and windows should be just around the corner!
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