About the special paint for flue desulfurization

Special paint for flue desulfurization is made up of anti-corrosion resin and anti-rust pigment, powder, filler, etc. The agent is a two-component coating which is widely used and has excellent properties and high-performance anticorrosive coatings.

Special paint for flue desulfurization is a paint with good water and acid resistance and good rust resistance. The special paint for flue desulfurization is a special paint resistant to high temperature and acid and alkali. In fact, high temperature corrosion of water wall tube The mechanism of wear and tear is very complicated. The flame temperature in the flue is relatively high. The special paint for flue desulfurization can withstand the test of high temperature for a long time. In order to prevent the flue from being corroded and rusted, the special paint for flue desulfurization is the first choice for protection. .
Construction reference: No matter how good the paint is, it must be operated strictly according to the construction requirements, otherwise the effect will be unsatisfactory. The special paint like flue desulfurization should be on the surface of the object when using it. The rust stains and oil stains are cleaned up, respectively, using sandblasting and detergent cleaning methods, and then the two components of the paint and curing agent are prepared according to the specified blending ratio, the stirring is continued slowly during the process, and the mixture is evenly stirred for 10 minutes. Use it later to ensure sufficient ripening time. According to the size of the operation surface, the amount of use is estimated. The dosage is the dose to be configured. The prepared paint is completely used within 6 hours, because it can avoid waste after gelation; Applying and brushing method, if the viscosity is exceeded in the use, you can use a special thinner to reduce the viscosity to the normal value.
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