A stylish and elegant house in rural Portugal

This is an amazing, stylish and elegant house designed by Arqu, which is located in the rural areas of Portugal. The background features of the house are narrow roads and handmade stone walls in the forest. It includes orchards and small farms where residents can live. This is a single-storey house and every corner of the house is used wisely. A variety of local materials are incorporated into the building, and they largely have a unique and elegant look.

In interior design, the overall style is warmer because of the large amount of wood material. The sofas and rugs are soft beige, which adds to the softness of the space to a certain extent, making people feel comfortable and relaxed. In the kitchen, there is an orange accent color to highlight the background color, giving a lively and cheerful atmosphere. In the bathroom, a large piece of frosted glass is used to give a sly beauty, and a small window makes the bathroom look less dark. In short, all of this is based on the premise of elegant fashion, which is a great design.

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