A small plane crashed into a residential area in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two people on board were killed and many others were injured.

China News Service, Sao Paulo, November 30 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) On the afternoon of November 30, local time, a small plane crashed in the northern part of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. The accident killed two people on board and injured many people on the ground. .

The São Paulo Fire Department informed that at 3:55 pm, a single-engined C-210 aircraft took off from Campo de Marte airport in São Paulo. That was, it crashed into a nearby residential area, and the fire burned down a three-story house on the ground and several cars on the street.

After the incident, 16 local fire engines and 56 firefighters were put into rescue work. Firefighters rescued five people from the crashed houses and they were not injured. Subsequently, two victims were found from the wreckage of the aircraft. The identity of the victims is still unknown.

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