A serious car accident occurred on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, causing 1 death and 6 injuries

China News Service, New York, November 21st According to US media reports, local time on November 21st, New York City’s famous landmark Brooklyn Bridge occurred a serial collision of vehicles, causing one death and six injuries.

According to The New York Times, the accident occurred around 7:15 in the morning, and four cars collided on the Brooklyn Bridge, three of which caught fire. The firefighters who arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm took more than an hour to completely extinguish the fire, during which the two-way traffic of the Brooklyn Bridge was blocked. New York local media PIX11 reported that the deceased in the accident died of a fire, and other injured people were slightly injured. The police are still investigating the specific causes of the accident.

Witnesses posted videos and photos of car fires on social media. The video shows that three cars burning in front and end are connected end to end, completely blocking the carriageway; another silver SUV is parked in the position of about one and a half of the body in front of the fire car, and the front of the car is damaged. Photographs taken after FDNY fire suppression showed that the fired car was almost burnt into an empty shell.

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