A military plane in Libya crashed in Tunisia. All 11 people on board were killed.

China News Service, Beijing, February 21st Tunis City News: A military aircraft in Libya crashed in the southern part of the Tunisian capital on the 21st, and all 11 people on board were killed.

According to Reuters, the Tunisian authorities confirmed the news to the media on the 21st. According to the report, the military plane was loaded with patients and went to Tunisia for treatment. When he was about to land, he suddenly lost control and fell, and finally fell.

Radio Libya said the accident occurred in the Grombalia region of Tunisia, about 40 kilometers south of the Tunisian capital. AFP said that there were three doctors, two patients and six crew members on board. All 11 people on board were killed.

The BBC quoted a spokesman for the Tunisian emergency department as saying that the crashed aircraft had been completely burned. The emergency department in Tunisia has now rushed to the scene of the accident to confirm the identity of the victims.

The cause of the accident has not been announced, but the Tunisian authorities initially believe that the accident may be caused by an engine failure of the military aircraft. (End)

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