A Indonesian warship was “blocked” by Singapore and insisted on not changing its name.

Original title: Indonesian warship was slain by Singapore 

According to Xinhua News Agency, a warship between Singapore and Indonesia has not yet calmed down . After the Indonesian military officials boycotted the Singapore Air Show, Singapore said on the 18th that it would ban the ship from coming to visit and conduct joint exercises with the New Navy.

Sinners and Heroes Debate

Singapore’s Defense Minister Huang Yonghong said in Congress on the 18th: “Even (in Indonesia) there is no malice, with two explosions How can the attacker name the ship develop good relations and enhance mutual respect?” This ship is the former Special Forces of the Indonesian Navy, Osman · Haji · Muhammad · Ali and Harlan &middot Named after Saeed. In March 1965, the two soldiers made an explosion in a commercial building in downtown Singapore, killing three civilians and injuring 33 others.

At that time, Indonesian President Sukarno was adopting a “confrontation” strategy against Malaysia. Singapore was part of Malaysia and was independent in August 1965.

The Singapore court found Osman and Harlan guilty. The two were executed in 1968, and Indonesia buried them as national heroes.

Indonesia insists on not changing its name

Issued a “shelter order” in Singapore, Indonesia’s Political, Legal and Security Coordinator Zoko · Su Yang Do not take it for granted. “This ship has not arrived yet (Indonesia), so it is so big to do? And, who said it will travel to Singapore?” This British-made second-hand warship is undergoing conversion in the UK.

This is a resurgence of the name of the ship between the two countries. Earlier this month, Singapore decided to cancel the invitation to the Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff and about 100 low-level officers to participate in the Singapore Air Show. In response, the remaining senior military officials in Indonesia canceled their attendance at the air show.

Singapore Defense Minister Huang Yonghong said in a speech in Congress that “Ottoman · Harlan” sailing on the sea will make the Singapore side “remember” & nbsp; both of them “military aggression and brutality” Crimes”.

Singapore’s name for this warship is “deeply concerned”. Including Huang Yonghong, three Singapore cabinet ministers called Indonesia and asked the other party to change their decision.

The Indonesian side insisted on not changing the name of the ship.

Indonesian National Army Commander Murdoko said on the 10th, “(renamed) impossible … … I will not accept Osman and Harlan as being declared terrorists. & rdquo; his statement was supported by Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo & middot; Yusgi Antoro, who insisted that the two soldiers are heroes.

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