A common working space tribute to the 1920s

In recent years, WeWork has been primarily responsible for creating collaborative spaces. They transform buildings and spaces, turn them into a creative environment of networking and collaboration, and be a comfortable and inspiring workplace. Just recently, they opened a location in Paris, WeWork La Fayette, in a historic building.

WeWorks designer worked with Axel Schoenert Architectes to renovate 12,000 square meters of space, including Art Deco details and a huge glass roof. Across the 11th floor, the new office retains the charm of the old world while modernizing it. They incorporated the style of the 1920s and paid tribute to the rich history of the city.

Colorful textiles enhance the interior space and provide a vibrant atmosphere for an efficient work space.

All types of seats are provided to ensure a lot of work points.

The original glass ceiling atrium filters natural light to create a large open workspace.

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