2018 Most Influential Brand Design Company Rankings

In 2018, the end of the game came to an end, and there were many eye-catching things in the design industry. It was a year of progress for the entire industry. At the end of the year, take a look at the top five companies in the design industry that are most influential in 2018.

TOP 1靳Liu Gao Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

靳Li Gao Design KL&K DESIGN is an internationally renowned design consultancy company, Dr. Qiang Qiang and Mr. Liu Xiaokang Mr. Gao Shaokang is a partnership. The company leads the Chinese brand design with an international perspective and local experience, combining culture and commerce.

Reluctant Design Award

The Responsible Design Award for the 2018 Global Chinese Design Competition is dedicated A major event in the development of the design industry. The competition is dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese art design education with international advanced design and creative ideas and original and local design works. It is committed to inspiring and guiding the design thinking and ideas of college students with high standards of participation. To recruit talents for the entire design industry, and to shoulder the responsibility of the development of the design industry, we will make every effort to make it admire.

TOP 2 Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Guge Dynasty is a professional enterprise brand image original customization, CSTP original brand industry model creation, forward-looking development The laboratory is designed and researched in one. In the past 10 years, Guge Dynasty has always adhered to the original spirit and professional attitude, with the core of Chinese Millennium culture as the core of the brand, creative interpretation of corporate brand.

Panda Cover Bowl

The Guge Dynasty focused on design in 2018, with multiple The brand has cooperated to make packaging design for the new products of Arowana rice, and to empower the Peach Blossom Water Squid brand, and cooperate with Liao Tianlang, the founder of the fire marks and firewood brand, to design the panda cover bowl. Not only strive to make progress in brand design, but also delve into the design of Wenchuang, and put forward a unique design concept for Wenchuang Design, to make a contribution to the design industry.

TOP 3 Hangzhou Heatwave Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.

 Hot Wave Design is one of the most international, most creative and influential design companies. Active and innovative design and strict management have made “Hot Wave Design” have won a good reputation in the same industry. “Dry Wave Design has established in-depth cooperation with companies from different fields and backgrounds. After years of efforts, it is moving towards first-class design services and consulting companies with its own advantages and characteristics.

Travel Hangers

Heat Wave with Portable Folding Hangers, Hand-Drawn Vegetable Chopper Won the 2018 Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award, which was named by the media as “the top design award in the global Chinese market,” the Golden Horse Award in the design world. Although it is two small products, it has given the product a great value through design empowerment, demonstrating the strength of the heat wave design.

TOP 4 Panhu Packaging Design Lab

Pan Hu and his 12 small partners, Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab, assist customers in conceptual innovation and original design The commercial retail market has created billions of net worth, confirming the capabilities of the laboratory.

UN Year of the Dog Stamp

2018 is the year of the 18th year of the dog, the United Nations this year The stamp for the Year of the Dog was designed by Pan Hu, the chief designer of Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab. The United Nations stamps are created by artists from all over the world. Its circulation is very small compared to Chinese stamps. It usually does not exceed 50,000 editions. It is a precious stamp with special significance.

TOP 5 Shanghai Huahua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.

Huahehua is a unique strategic marketing brand consulting company in China. Since its founding 13 years ago, it has continued to create a series of original works for the Chinese market. Brand marketing success stories. Huahehua is “Super Symbol is the core of Huahua and China’s method of doing top-level design for the brand, creating a unique strategy and creative service of corporate strategy, product strategy, brand strategy.

List of 10 well-known marketing planners for the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up

2018 It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. For this reason, the well-known marketing planning company of China’s 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was selected. It took three months to form this list. The list was selected by Huahua Marketing Consulting Company, Suoxiang Marketing Planning Group, and Shenzhen Adoption Marketing. Planning 10 outstanding marketing planning companies, this list is highly recognized by the industry insiders. Everyone thinks that all the evaluation data of this selection is fully quantified and the evaluation rules are completely unified. It is the most authoritative and fairest selection in the marketing industry in the past decade.

2018 is coming to an end. In the last month, reviewing this year, there are so many design companies that are focused on the design field to lead the industry. Looking ahead to 2019, the industry development is bound to become more prosperous. Thanks to the talents in each industry for making a huge contribution to the entire industry.

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